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Buicks of past generations have often been looked at as rather dull vehicular offerings that did nothing to invoke a feeling of excitement or vigor in their drivers. They were often relegated to the doldrums of those folks in their later years in life who were simply content to mosey around town in a tank on wheels that made them feel safe and secure due to the immense bulk of the car. This kind of stereotype can be difficult for an automobile manufacturer to shake but the newer offerings from Buick have certainly done their fair share to turn the car company's image around. The 2012 Buick Enclave is a big crossover SUV that can competently take the entire family everywhere they need to go both in style and safety. This is exactly the type of luxury vehicle this manufacturer counts on to seriously overhaul its public perception.

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The 2012 Enclave did not change very much from the previous year and that is not necessarily a bad thing. It already had an attractive streamlined covering of sheet metal that covers a truly lavish cabin that is very well appointed. The ride is smooth as silk and conversations will never be encroached upon by road noise because it is pleasantly muffled due to high quality sound dampening materials. The V6 engine is gutsy and refined which allows the driver to motor the SUV down the road with confidence and ease. For those regular trips to the store there is an enormous amount of cargo space that reaches cavernous proportions to accommodate virtually any of your purchases. The Enclave has you covered when it comes to cabin space as well luxury since it can seat eight people comfortably. Not many competitors can match Buick in this aspect.

Despite the modern features that are found in the 2012 Buick Enclave, there are a few drawbacks that can turn buyers off right from the start. The turning radius of the Enclave SUV is somewhat limited due to its bulky size and this can be an issue for some. Others may simply feel a bit uneasy about barreling down the road in such a large vehicle especially if they are used to something smaller. Buick's reputation might also cause it to lose customers from a younger demographic since they have been known as an older person's car company for so many decades. Fortunately the quality and style of the Enclave will most likely help it win over the doubters out there.

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Rating: 2.3/5
183 users voted