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Review & Ratings of the 2012 Cadillac SRX Crossover SUV

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Those who want a stylish and luxury SUV will find their needs are met quickly and effectively with the Cadillac SRX SUV Crossover. Not only will the buyer get a vehicle that turns heads with its styling and design, they will also have more power which leads to more fun behind the wheel. Though there are some ways that this luxury SUV lacks behind the competition, mainly in size and weight, those who want to be true to Cadillac will find that it measures up to far past their own expectations in a luxury crossover.

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With the Cadillac SRX SUV Crossover it may very well be love at first sight. It doesn't take getting inside this vehicle to see how impressive it is or what it has to offer. In fact, the exterior design and styling can easily turn heads around in almost any crowd. The excess size and weight that comes with this crossover are not evident from the outside looking in. All that one will see is a dynamic machine made with quality and designed to make everyone who sees it take a second look.

Those who were already struck by the exterior of the Cadillac SRX SUV Crossover will not know what hit them when they step inside. The appearance in the cabin is one of luxury and class that everyone who owns a Cadillac expects to find. Only the best quality materials are used to design the cabin and the controls give drivers plenty to enjoy as they head out on the highway. Plenty of space for both passengers and cargo add to the benefit of the SRX. That is not to say that all is perfect. There are so many controls that it can be difficult to know what to use and some customers have had problems with not enough head room in the rear. Otherwise, the inside is just as impressive as the outside.

One of the things that drivers like about the Cadillac SRX SUV Crossover is the way it performs. This is not a vehicle that was designed merely for showing off in beauty. The powerful engine ensures that from start to finish this vehicle is able to defy the odds. Fast acceleration, powerful performance, spot-on handling and the ability to steer easily make it a optimal choice for those who find their enthusiasm on the open roads.

One of the reasons that the Cadillac SRX SUV Crossover performs so well is because it has such a powerful engine. The 3.6 liter 308 horsepower V6 is strong enough to handle a number of tasks that can be thrown at it. When paired with a six speed automatic transmission it becomes able to not only accelerate, but also drive with maximum efficiency. In fact, it only takes the SRX about seven seconds to reach sixty miles per hour and that is considered quite fast given its size and weight. The downside is that it doesn't get the best gas mileage out of the crossover market. With 17 mpg for the city and 24 mpg for the highway it fares along on the low end of the spectrum.

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Rating: 2.6/5
538 users voted