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Review & Ratings of the 2011 GMC Acadia SUV

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The GMC Acadia SUV is a large crossover that teeters on the line between an actual crossover and an SUV. It is the car-like design that keeps it in the crossover class even though it boasts the roomy interior that is common in SUVs. In fact, the ability to seat as many as eight people is almost unheard of in the crossover market. Space is not the only thing this vehicle has going for it. It also offers a stylish and fun ride. Drivers will enjoy how simply it handles the roads as well as how much friendlier it is to the budget than a traditional SUV.

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Much of the benefit from the GMC Acadia SUV comes from the outward design. Because it is crafted like a car instead of a truck, it is lighter than a traditional SUV. This gives it better handling, a more pleasing drive and even increased gas mileage. Of course this design also lends itself to a more efficient use of the passenger and cargo space. While the Acadia is not the only crossover on the market, it is considered one of the top based on the style, design and space that it offers.

One of the biggest benefits of the GMC Acadia SUV is the space allotted inside the cabin. This vehicle has the capacity to seat eight people comfortably and offering that room did not inhibit the quality inside in any way. In fact, the interior is just as attractive as the exterior. Chrome trim and a well laid out cockpit made of better quality materials work together to showcase the best of this crossover. Even the cargo space is astounding compared to other crossovers of this caliber. Whether the rear seats are up or down, the allotted space for hauling luggage and other items is much more in the Acadia than in competing models.

If buyers want a ride that is effortless and the space of an SUV then a crossover is the way to go. While the GMC Acadia SUV does provide a much more stable and relaxing experience behind the wheel than a traditional SUV, it is still important to remember that the vehicle is large and doesn't maneuver as easily as a car. That being said, the Acadia offers handling and comfort that is far superior to SUVs even if it lacks when compared to other large crossover. Much of that comes from the sheer size and weight of the vehicle.

There is only one engine on the GMC Acadia SUV and it is plenty big enough to handle the task at hand. The 3.6 liter, 288 horsepower V6 is blended with a six speed automatic transmission to offer the maximum power available. It won't have the same gusto that can be found with the large truck-based SUVs, but it has plenty of get up and go to handle the daily grind. Front wheel drive is a standard feature, but buyers can choose all wheel drive if they prefer. There is very little difference in the gas mileage with this selection.

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Rating: 2.5/5
153 users voted