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Whether or not the Honda Element SUV is the right crossover will depend on a variety of factors, most notably the expectation of the buyer. The Element is not as large as many of today's top crossovers with the capacity to only seat four people. However, unless more room is needed that will not detract from what it does do well. It serves as an easy to use and maneuver crossover SUV that can haul its fair share of luggage or groceries. While not likely to be considered top in its class, there are a distinct number of people that will find just what they behind the wheel of this vehicle.

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What one might consider a flaw, there are others that appreciate. Such is the case with the Honda Element SUV and the fact that it still closely resembles the look it debuted with. There simply have not been many updates to the design or style of the crossover that alter it by much. This hasn't hurt the capabilities and hasn't caused the SUV to move far in the standings of compact crossovers. In fact, it is this design that makes it simple to zip around from place to place regardless of the tight spaces and corners that must be handled.

The biggest flaw on the interior of the Honda Element SUV is going to be space. Most crossover SUVs have the ability to seat at least five passengers, with some going higher. The Element can only hold four and there are a number of people that will simply not be satisfied with that. That is followed by a close second in the list of flaws by the fact that the rear doors can be really frustrating. Getting in and out is simply not an easy task and that alone can steer people in another direction. That said, there is ample cargo space and those that do fit inside will have more than enough head and leg room.

When it comes to driving the Honda Element SUV there won't be any fireworks out on the road. It provides the necessary power and speed to get from point A to point B, but the engine included is lightweight compared to the average crossover. That said, there is a smooth quality to driving the Element that drivers will appreciate. It responds well on the road and offers better handling than one might expect.

The reason the Honda Element SUV lacks power is as simple as what is under the hood. While most crossovers offer a powerful engine, the Element only boasts a 2.4 liter 166 horsepower four cylinder. It is combined with a five speed automatic to provide what little get up and go the Element has. Front wheel drive is standard, but all wheel drive is optional on some trims. The lack of a V6 option puts the Element behind the competition. Between the small engine and the weight of the vehicle it isn't a surprise that it takes ten seconds to reach sixty on acceleration. It also lacks in the fuel economy that other crossovers have, coming in at only 20 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway.

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Rating: 2.5/5
231 users voted