2012 Hyundai Veracruz SUV Crossover User Review

Written by fishingsocprof

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Hyundai Veracruz SUV Crossover User Reviews

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fishingsocprof's Review:

October 8, 2011, 11:34 am

we have had our veracruz for one year now and have 20,000 trouble free miles on it. this is our second hyundai, the first being a 2006 azera. the azera was faster, even with essentially the same motor as the veracruz but it weighed less. however, the veracruz is much easier to enter and exit than the lower azera. we average about 20mpg which i suppose is not too bad for what the car is. as an american, i feel less guilty about buying a hyundai than a japanese car. at least we never went to war agains the south koreans like we did against the japanese and the south koreans have been our allies in more recent conflicts like viet nam and the middle east. i have had excellent service from our local dealer and he honors the warranty. i had a couple of the led lights burn out on the tail light cluster of the azera at 57k miles and they replaced the whole cluster, no charge, no hassle under warranty.