Used 2012 Infiniti FX SUV Crossover Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings of the 2012 Infiniti FX SUV Crossover

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Infiniti has two SUVs that work with some of the best performance standards around. These are the FX35 and FX50 in the Infiniti FX SUV Crossover series. These two SUVs feature some of the most impressive functions that anyone can use when finding a great SUV.

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The engine on the Infiniti FX SUV Crossover uses a combination of exhaust and dual intake to help create a unique engine sound but the big thing about it is its valve control features. The vehicle uses Variable Valve Event and Lift technology to get the engine to handle more air so it will not overheat. This is needed for the best possible acceleration power.

The fact that this works with a strong seven speed transmission helps as well. A driver can use the automatic option to use the seventh gear for a lower rpm for efficient gas usage or the user can go to the Downshift Rev Matching manual option to improve one's control of the vehicle.

The suspension is especially well controlled on the Infiniti FX SUV Crossover. The Continuous Damping Control option helps to control the suspension so it will be easier for the weight of the car to be well controlled. The suspension can be paired with many other features to help make the Infiniti FX SUV Crossover aware of its surroundings. These include monitors to review the distance between the FX and traffic and cameras on the outside to monitor blind sports and other issues that go around it.

The seats around the Infiniti FX SUV Crossover are made to create a strong feeling of luxury while still being functional for cargo needs. The leather trim on the seats is attractive. It uses fewer leather stitched lines to create a space that is smooth and easy on the body. Optional sport seats can work in the front with additional extenders.

The rear seats are especially advantageous because they can fold all the way down to create a flat bed surface. This can work to create as much as 62 cubic feet of cargo space based on what seats are down. The entertainment system in the back is especially valuable. It works in the center console in the back seats and can work with wireless headphones and even a remote. It works with DVDs and video games alike.

Rate this model Rate this Model:

Rating: 2.5/5
808 users voted