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Review & Ratings of the 2012 Kia Sorento SUV Crossover

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It has to be said that for many years South Korean car makers Kia Motors sold their cars by virtue of their price only, and there were always questions marks about quality. . However their reputation took a major turn for the better a few years ago when they were partially absorbed by auto giant Hyundai... The Hyundai influence is now very strong in Kia helping them to produce better cars as well as wider choice that are more than capable of passing any test not only in the medium compact sector where Kia always competed but also in the larger and highly competitive SUV crossover sector.

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A classic example of the Kia renaissance is their Sorento SUV Crossover for 2012, that adds on to the redesign that was implemented on last year's Crossover by adding an option for consumers that includes a direct fuel injection four-cylinder engine that provides a 27-mpg fuel economy on the highway and a powerful kick of power. Additionally, buyers can opt for a six-cylinder engine in one of the customization packages that Kia offers. The Crossover keeps drivers poised over windy roads however the Crossover can't handle off road driving. There is all-wheel drive, which is more than capable of enabling driving in bad weather conditions.

The 2012 Kia Crossover has managed to offer a competitive price with other top crossover vehicles offered by companies such as the Honda CR-V and the SUV Crossover's offered by Toyota. The Crossover is stylish for an SUV and gives off the impression of a sporty vehicle. Similarly, the interior is stylish for the price range as well as being comfortable and supportive. Although, the interior will approve for most consumers, some may notice the cheap-feeling material that is present in some aspects of the design of the Crossover. The base model can fit 5 adults but the second row seating may be cramped for 3 adults to sit in.

However, Kia attempted to expand the seating capacity of the Crossover SUV by adding a third row but in the process compromised passenger space and comfort levels. As a result of the third seat, the second-row seats are mounted farther forward, which minimizes legroom and comfort levels. Additionally, the third row offers claustrophobic conditions for the passengers that choose to sit there.

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Rating: 2.4/5
158 users voted