Used 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML350 SUV Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings of the 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML350 SUV

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When you have a good thing it is best to leave it alone. That is why there have been few alterations to the Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML350 SUV. This does not mean that the vehicle has not been refined, it merely means that Mercedes has opted to let a good thing ride the wave its own. This has left the SUV as a memorable vehicle in the M-Class and as such has prompted easy recognition. Part of the reason that the SUV garners such attention is the overall style that it offers. Inside and out the ML350 is designed with quality. Top this off with a high performance engine and the result is a vehicle that offers exactly what buyers want.

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When it comes to the Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML350 SUV, not much has changed in the outward appearance. The new materials used on the outside have made it lighter and easier to maneuver. A few stylish alterations, such as new taillights, are reminiscent of the E-Class line of luxury sedans. Aside from these minor improvements the outer layer of the SUV looks much like it always has.

Regardless of updates, stepping inside the Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML350 SUV is much like stepping inside any other Benz. In fact, this five-seater vehicle is a picture perfect example of the luxury and class that the automaker is most famous for. The round edges along the cabin are far removed from standard Mercedes fare. Most importantly, space is ample throughout the cabin. Room for heads, legs and cargo mean that no one feels uncomfortable on the journey. The downside is that, unlike most of the competition, there is no third row seating option in this SUV. Still, there is adequate room for most families.

Driving the Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML350 SUV is much like driving another SUV with the exception of the interior comfort and quality. Drivers won't find acceleration that blows their mind, but the overall power and speed is more than adequate. Performance is nothing off the charts, but it won't leave drivers disappointed either. Handling is adequate for most driving, but drivers can't expect to take corners like a sports car. More power can be found with different trims and handling and steering can be improved with optional packages. All in all the drive quality of the SUV will keep the average driver satisfied.

Under the hood is where buyers will find the heart of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML350 SUV. It boasts a 3.5 liter 302 horsepower V6. While not the fastest engine on the block, this is considered good for SUVs in the class. Paired with a seven speed automatic and all wheel drive the SUV can reach sixty in a little less than seven seconds. This isn't anything spectacular but it also isn't dismal for the vehicle. The fuel economy is one of the best assets. Unlike many SUVs the ML350 gets 17 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway.

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Rating: 2.3/5
147 users voted