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10 Best SUVs to Buy

With the immense growth in the SUV market, more and more people have started buying SUVs instead of hatchbacks or sedans. Moreover, the sales of these SUVs have gained a huge boost since the introduction of compact SUVs in the market. Now people can choose from a good variety of different features blended in different models. But it is now hard for a major proportion of buyers to choose from the large number of models now available. This article provides you with the five most desired and deserving SUV models that are available in the market with a nice discount.

2012 Nissan Armada SV: Nissan came forward with its amazing and mighty 2012 Armada SUV. If insane power is what you desire, then there is no other SUV better than the Armada for you. It features a powerful 5600cc V8 engine, which ensures a very high acceleration for the huge vehicle. The Armada is also very comfortable and spacious, with elegant interiors. Although the fuel economy isn’t very satisfying, the other excellent features of the car will surely win your heart!

Nissan Armada SUV 2012

2012 BMX X5: BMW’s elegant X5 is the one SUV that you can buy without putting much thought into it! The car isn’t very flashy, but is quite bold in looks, and features all the amazing things that BMW is famous for! The 4800cc engine is more than enough for a SUV of this size. Accompanied by fantastic interiors equipped with modern technology and great feel, the BMW X5 is surely one of the best SUVs out there!

2012 BMX X5 SUV

2012 Lincoln MKX: Another great SUV available in the current market is the Lincoln’s 2012 model of the MKX. Known for its huge front grill, the MKX is a darling among all those who aren’t offended by the peculiar looks. It features futuristic facilities in the interiors, making the driving experience quite pleasant. You will also find an efficient voice-activated navigation system. The interiors are excellent, and the exteriors are bold! The engine that this SUV features is 3700cc V6 engine, which is quite satisfying!

2012 Lincoln MKX SUV

2012 Jeep Liberty: Known for its excellent four while drive SUVs, Jeep has continued its legacy with its 2012 Liberty. The Liberty is perfect for those who are looking for rough off-road usage as its built is very sturdy, so is the driving. The 3700cc V6 engine makes a good engine for the machine. However, the Jeep doesn’t offer a great driving experience on road. The mileage of the SUV isn’t very impressive, but it is quite spacious and comfortable, which dominates over the fuel economy factor. Also, the enormous sun-roof is something not all SUVs boast of!

2012 Jeep Liberty SUV

2012 Ford Edge: Ford’s 2012 Edge is the perfect SUV for any general user. With the amazing interiors and the much desired MyFord Touch System, the Edge boasts of a very pleasant driving experience. The handling is great and the car makes very low noise. A 3500cc V6 engine thrusts the SUV quite efficiently and makes the throttle very responsive. Unlike most of the other SUVs of its class, the Ford Edge is quite comfortable, especially the rear seats!

2012 Ford Edge SUV


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