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2013 Infiniti FX50 – The Next Best Crossover?

Among the list of the most impressive SUVs that were ever made to run on the streets of our land, the mightiest one is perhaps the new 2013 Infiniti FX50. Equipped with an insane engine and a number of other stylish features, the 2013 FX50 is a luxury crossover mid-sized SUV which can deliver as crazy powerful a performance as you can probably handle, no matter how hardcore of a speed freak you are. Although the 2012 FX50 was a mighty beast in itself, Infiniti has added in some minor enhancements to the SUV, pushing it closer to the ‘perfect SUV’ state!

The 2013 Infiniti FX50 will be introduced in the markets with an extremely powerful V8 engine. Infiniti also has a V6 model which comes by the name of FX37, and is a bit less powerful than its elder brother. The company is introducing revised models of both these variants this year. We shall, however, limit this article’s reach to the new 2013 FX50 only.

Infiniti offers that FX50 with a V8 engine, which is further accompanied by a highly efficient seven speed automatic transmission system. Also, you will only find an all- wheel drive system engaged with the SUV. Apparently, Infiniti left the rear wheel drive system for the FX37. The 5000cc V8 engine of the FX50 is capable of providing the vehicle with 390 horsepower and a massive torque of 369 lb. – ft. This engine is powerful enough to thrust this beast from standstill to 60 miles per hour (100 kilometres per hour) in just 5 seconds with a heart-clenching acceleration. The driving experience is made very much comfortable and rather interesting with the help of the intelligent standard seven speed automatic transmission system, which analyzes how the driver drives the vehicle and shifts as per this analysis.

It’s not just the technical specifications of the SUV that are extremely tempting, you will also be intrigued by the sheer beauty and magnificence that the FX50 imparts. The SUV looks, in one word, fabulous. The beady headlights and the sleek body cuts surely make it look sharp. The interiors are equally amazing as you get a number of luxurious features like an excellent Bose audio system, leather seats, Bluetooth connectivity, climate control, etc. The FX50 also boasts of some unique features. The SUV comes equipped with an impressive Rear Active Steer technology. This technology tilts the rear wheels slightly while turning, which enhances the turning of the vehicle. Another such unique technology enables the SUV’s suspensions to behave differently as per different road conditions.

No car is complete without adequate safety features, especially if it’s as powerful as the FX50. No worries, as the FX50 itself features some amazing safety features, which include efficient technologies like the Lane Departure Prevention System, Adaptive Cruise Control, and a forward warning system which is capable of applying brakes by itself if it predicts a collision.

Infiniti expects severe competition from other luxury crossovers like the BMW X5, Lexus RX350, etc. However, the company has certainly made a grip firm on the market with the 2013 FX50!

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