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Greatest Cars In Hollywood

Did you ever want wonder how the coolest and wackiest vehicles in movies and television stood up when put through a normal car review? Well…this infographic says it all! Credit goes to the creative minds at

The Greatest Cars In Hollywood

Created by AutoInsurance.US


SUV Brand Jeep Touches All Time High!

The year 2012 was the golden period for Jeep, as the company broke its lifetime best sales records. Before 2012, the company used to look behind to 1999 when it sold 675,494 units. The year’s end provided the company with the boost that it needed before the expansion processes that it plans to carry out in 2013. The extensive make over projects that the company underwent in in 2009 and the following years have indeed made the company a new darling among customers!

The Jeep brand broke the record of selling 675,494 units in the 1999 by selling 701,626 units in 2012. The company gained amazing sales records at the right time because the company plans of making two major expansions. Firstly, the SUV world will be gifted with two new beautiful Jeep SUVs – the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee and a new mid-sized SUV! Secondly, 2013 will be seeing the launch of the Jeep brand in the country of India. The amazing rise in sales will definitely provide Jeep with the optimism they need!

Mr Mike Manley, the President and CEO of Jeep was quoted as saying “In late 2009, we set out on a course to quickly renew our entire vehicle line-up, with a focus on legendary Jeep capability combined with improved on-road driving dynamics, fuel efficiency and world-class craftsmanship.” Clearly, the intense efforts have proved to be of immense benefits for the company. Customers worldwide have accepted and appreciated the changes, resulting to the huge rise in the sales of the SUVs.

The year of 2012 was certainly the best period that the Jeep brand has ever lived. Each and every sector of the company’s market grew. The company is back again on the top position in the SUV sector of the United States of America. The largest growth was recorded in the large country of China, where the sales rose with a 107 percent growth as compared to the sales in 2011. Sales in the Asian and the Oceanic region saw a rise of 94 percent, while the sales in Europe increased by 29 percent. Latin America saw a rise of 18 percent in the sales. Individual models of the Jeep’s SUVs also broke many past records of both the USA as well as globally. For instance, Jeep recorded the highest sales of the Jeep Grand Cherokee in the US since 2005. A total of 154,734 units of the model were sold alone in the US. Jeep Patriot’s sales in the US increased to 62,010 units, and 103,321 units of the Jeep Compass were sold globally. These are the respective models’ best lifetime statistics. The sales of the Jeep Wrangler rose both globally and in the US – 194,142 units globally and 141,669 units in the US.

The company’s officials, especially Mr Manley are very ecstatic about the company’s growth. “The Jeep brand has achieved double-digit percentage sales increases in each of the past three years, both globally and in the U.S. market,” proclaimed Mr Manley. He also added that “We expect to continue our sales momentum in 2013 with the introduction of an all-new mid-size Jeep SUV, as well as the new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which will be available with a new, clean-diesel engine.”


Rolls Royce and Bentley to Get in an SUV Fight!

Yes, it’s true! We will soon be blessed with SUVs made and designed by two of the world’s classiest car makers – Rolls Royce and Bentley. Both of these brands are always counted among the best car makers of the world, but haven’t really contributed much to the SUV world. They usually produce luxury or super cars which include the very famous Rolls Royce Phantom and the Bentley Continental GT. However, the two are now all set to engage in the SUV world, and guess what!? The two companies would be facing the strongest competition from each other!

It was after the time when Bentley EXP 9 F Concept SUV had gained attention when an anonymous Bentley employee revealed that the company was preparing with full force for the production of the SUV. However, the name of the SUV would perhaps be changed. Minor changes in looks and design of the vehicle are also expected. We hope of seeing the elegant circular head lamps and the beautiful front grill in the vehicle. One must keep in mind that the SUV would undoubtedly be impeccable; it’s a Bentley we’re talking about after all!

As is apparent from the company’s actions, Rolls Royce has been thinking about its own SUV after the confirmation of the Bentley’s EXP 9 F Concept. The company’s brand director Harald Kreuger revealed the news to us SUV lovers. We all love it when we see amazing SUVs boasting of beast like 4000cc or 5000cc engines. But when it comes to Rolls Royce we are free to expect more. A 6600cc twin turbo V12 engine can be anticipated with this SUV, if it inherits the Rolls Royce Ghost’s engine. Also, Rolls Royce is famous for incorporating the most top notch facilities and luxuries available out there, and we can assure you the same for this SUV. However, one can be very sure about the immensely high price tags that these beautiful Rolls Royce cars come with!

Easily distinguishable from the rest of the herd, Bentley and Rolls Royce are certainly preparing for setting new bars for the rest of the SUV makers. After the first round of success that high end companies like Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, etc. gained with their respective SUVs like the Cayenne, Touareg and the Q7, we hope of seeing a second round with these amazing new SUVs that are coming up. Also notable are the companies Lamborghini and Aston Martin, who are planning of launching their SUVs in the market sometime in the future. While Lamborghini’s Urus’ production has been put on a pause, Aston Martin is working with full vigor on the design and production of its new SUV. Rumors have it that this SUV will be based on the Mercedes GL-Class pattern, and will be powered by a heart clenching V12 6000cc engine!

Commute through Snow with the Volkswagen Snowareg!

Volkswagen has launched a new and amazing model for the SUV lovers of cold countries. This new model is called the ‘Snowareg’, and can be said to be the Touareg designed for extreme winter situations for countries like Sweden, Norway, Russia, etc. The Snowareg was essentially designed for Sweden in 2011, but Volkswagen is now ready to extend the sales to other countries as well.


The new Volkswagen Snowareg is a modified version of the highly popular Touareg which, as Volkswagen claims, is capable of functioning in the harshest of colds and it can run efficiently on any terrain. Volkswagen expects serious competition from cars like the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster and the Mercedes SLS AMG. Both of these are supercars, making the Snowareg one of the very few SUVs designed for such climates.

Snowareg is set to come with a dazzling V8 engine of 4200cc. Other models of the SUV may or may not be introduced later. The engine is strong enough to produce power of 340 HP and torque of 590 lb. ft. The Snowareg is capable of reaching 100 kilometres per hour from rest in the only 5.8 seconds. But, these acceleration statistics are capable only if the Snowwareg is running on wheels. Yes, it uses another set of tires as well! The Snowareg features a technology called the Rubber Track Conversion System which is designed by the Minnesota based company Mattracks. This system makes the Snowareg capable of running on almost all the extreme and rugged terrains of the world. However, the top speed of the beast falls to a mere 64 kilometres per hour when using this system.


As far as the interiors of the vehicle go, one should note that this is a Volkswagen we are talking about. Snowareg, like all of its sister vehicles, features classy interiors and futuristic technologies. The Dual Zone Climate Control and the Dynaudio System are just some of the amazing features in this highly luxurious car. You will also get a beautiful panoramic moonroof!

If you are worried about the economy and emissions of such a vehicle, then there is nothing that should perturb you as the Snowareg features a good mileage as well as low carbon emissions. You will be enjoying a fuel economy of around 25.8 miles per gallon (9.1 litres for every 100 kilometres), which is pretty good if compared to many other vehicles of the same segment. Carbon dioxide emission is around 239 grams per kilometre.

With the introduction of the new Snowareg, Volkswagen has opened up a completely new segment with new customers in the ever growing SUV market but specifically focused on cold climate countries. The Snowareg, even though being the first one of its kind, is perfect for the harsh conditions that the extreme winters of countries like Sweden and Norway offer. Let’s see what new innovations do the other car makers bring in the field!

The All New Range Rover Sport!

Land Rover Range Rover Sport lovers have always felt disappointed when it came to seven seater SUVs. But not anymore as the company is now working on one such model! Rumors have it that Land Rover is designing a 7 seater model with some major changes to the exterior looks, making the vehicle look more brutal yet stylish! The purpose behind these changes is to distinguish the sport model from the regular Range Rover models. The new 2014 model is going to be sleeker and sportier, and will also feature a number of different highly efficient engines!

Range-Rover-7-Seater SUV

With the aim of designing a seven seater SUV which is supposed to feature sporty looks, the designers of the company have quite a tedious job of in front of them! The designing director of Land Rover even considers it a challenge to design a car which can look sporty and carry seven people comfortably at the same time. To make the physical construction and driving experience sleeker, Land Rover has planned to incorporate its highly successful and popular PLA (Premium Lightweight Architecture) Technology. This technology makes intelligent usage of aluminum, which in turn helps reduce the weight of the body. The New 2014 Range Rover Sport will weigh around 660 lbs. less with the PLA Technology. Another possibility is that the company’s designers may use the amazing design features of the highly popular Range Rover Evoque.

The 2014 Range Rover Sport might also target an all-new segment of customers who are willing to buy a 4-cylinder version. Never in its history has Range Rover launched a model with a 4 cylinder engine. This model would weigh much lower than the others. However, the other models which may include extremely powerful engines like a V6 diesel engine which would produce 255 HP of power as well as an impressive twin-turbo V8 engine capable of producing 334 HP power. The best model of the SUV will feature an insane supercharged V8 gasoline engine boasting an enormous power output of more than 510 HP! Another model of the SUV features a diesel engine hybridised with electric motors. The combined output of the hybrid system would be somewhere near 330 Hp. This hybrid model would produce a very low emission of Carbon dioxide gas, and will be capable of reaching a speed of 62 miles per hour in around 7.4 seconds. For a hybrid engine installed in a SUV of this size, these statistics are pretty impressive!

The new Range Rover Sport will certainly be a very sought after SUV. The car is supposed to be unveiled sometime in 2013, and it will be available for sales in markets in the end of the same year. With the new sportier profile and much more efficient performance, the company hopes to see sell a good amount of the new model.

GM Truck and SUV Models Get Stingier with Styling Attributes

American automaker General Motors is known for shared pickup and SUV interiors and exterior stylings, but in the future, according to Chris Hilts, Creative Manager of Interior Design for the company, this will no longer being the case beginning with the 2014 model year. From this point on, new GM SUVs and pickup trucks will boast rather unique styles.


Impacted models will include such vehicles as the 2014 Chevy Silverado and 2014 GMC Sierra pickup trucks, as well SUVs like the Yukon, Cadillac Escalade, Suburban, and Tahoe, which all all due for redesigns. Particular edits will include unique consoles, instrument panels, materials, knobs, and more for each model.

So, how big of an impact will this really make? Well, for example, previously the Yukon and the Escalade shared rather similar door panels. However, it doesn’t necessarily make a lot of sense to market similar materials to two different types of buyers and two different price ranges of vehicles. With different materials used for these models in the future, they will better cater to their particular drivers’ needs and desires. In another example, while the Tahoe and Silverado have always shared some rather obvious design cues, they’ll be completely unique vehicles in the future. That leaves a lot of room for some incredible improvements!

The changes are being put into place due to the wishes of General Motors fans. In clinics, the auto giant learned that buyers waned their vehicles to be more unique. New SUV owners desired their vehicles to feel more like conventional passenger vehicles, while truck owners stated rather specifically that they wanted a more “truck-like” interior.

Perhaps even more influential, however, is the fact that GM hopes to further differentiate its brands overall. To be specific, the company would like to make its luxury brand Cadillac stand out as providing a higher level of refinement, while also giving traditional American Chevy truck owners the experience they desire when stepping into their rugged, work-ready vehicles.

Let’s focus for a moment on the 2014 Cadillac Escalade luxury SUV. The four-generation Escalade will be outfitted with a much cleaner style. It keeps its rather bold Cadillac grille, but it also receives a new headlight style and character line to give it a more refined aesthetic. It will feature an all-new glasshouse, with a blacked-out C-pillar that has a Cadillac emblem positioned near its base. Though specific styling cues for the premiere SUV’s interior have yet to be released, we expect it to get a lot more luxurious!

Of course, the new Cadillac isn’t the only vehicle that will be hitting showrooms looking significantly different. Be sure to stay tuned here with your knowledgeable team for the latest SUV news and updates. And, remember, we also have in-depth reviews of the latest new models to help you determine which new vehicle is right for you. Search a particular model, or simply browse to find one that perfectly suits your style!

Glimpse into the Future – Mercedes Benz Ener G-Force Concept

Due to the huge outburst of future planning among major automobile makers, there are a number of different futuristic SUV concepts and models lined up for the future. All of the famous brands have designed or are still working on their ideas, which include names like Audi, Nissan, Porsche, etc. But Mercedes Benz has an edge over all others! The company is working on its 2025 model of the G-class, the Ener G-Force Concept. The concept was first revealed at the 2012 LA Show where it gained unparalleled popularity. The G-Force Concept is scheduled to be launched for the public in 2025.

Mercedes Benz G-Class Ener G Force Concept

Mercedes Ben has introduced a new concept zero pollution emission SUV which like other future concept cars, uses hydrogen as fuel with a very unique source of hydrogen. The Ener G-Force Concept will come with a Hydro-Tech Converter, which is a device capable of converting renewable and natural sources of energy into hydrogen. Therefore, the G-Force Concept makes use of hydrogen fuel cells and renewable energy sources for generating power, and doesn’t produce any pollution at all. A peculiar thing about the vehicle is that the tank where this fuel is to be stored is placed on the roof of the vehicle. The company claims that the vehicle will be able to travel more than 500 miles without producing any emissions!

Another futuristic technology that the G-Force will come with is the Terra Scan Topography Scanner. The SUV’s tires feature individual electric motors, springs and dampers each. The Terra Scan Topography Scanner is a unique device which scans a few feet of road in front of the vehicle on, and pre programmes the actions of the springs and the dampers. This feature will help a great deal in enhancing the driving experience and comfort.

Considering the looks of the vehicle, the designers at Mercedes have done an impeccable job. Featuring very bold and sharp looks, the G-Force Concept imparts brutal style and magnificence. The Ener G-Force doesn’t stray very much from its boxy G-Class brethren, and features slightly rounded edges. There is something futuristic about every minor detail that the vehicle flaunts. There is a beautiful grill in the front, on which the eye-catching Mercedes logo shines. The Ener G-Force Concept is no exception when it comes to the company’s G-Class off road driving superiority. That is why the concept features huge and strong wheels. The company’s designing director; Mr. Gorden Wagener proudly acclaims “The Ener-G-Force is the vision of an off-roader that, while reflecting tomorrow’s adventures, also invokes the genes of the Mercedes-Benz off-road icon, the G-Class. Modern and cool, it could also be a clue about a new beginning for the off-road design idiom of Mercedes-Benz”.

The Mercedes Benz G-Class has always been an excellent off road series, featuring only four wheel drive SUVs. There are no details about the performance and engine statistics of the G-Force concept yet, but there is no doubt that it would be insanely powerful. The concept is certainly one of the best SUVs of the future!

Audi Q8 For Production in 2017!

The popular automobile maker Audi has some nice surprise in line for SUV lovers.  The Q7 has always been a darling among those who are fans of the huge full size SUV. Not only does it deliver flawless performance, it is also immensely luxurious. But if you thought that this is all that the German manufacturer has to offer, then hold on! The Q7 is soon to meet its successor, the mighty Q8, which received the green light from the manufacturer and is expected to conquer the streets no sooner than 2017.

The Audi Q8 will be a full size luxury SUV which will be placed at the top of the Q series which is famous for premium luxurious SUVs. Rumour has it that the Q8 will be a crossover model of the Audi A8 sedan. Audi hopes to make the Q8 popular with the crossover design patterns as it has been one of the most desired designs among consumers. The company also expects to produce and sell over 25000 units per year.

Audi has planned to launch the Q8 in 6 different models, one of which will feature a diesel engine hybridized with electric motors. Two of these six models are V6 petrol engines offering power outputs of 230 and 300 HP respectively. If you want a diesel engine with similar power outputs, then you can go for the V6 TDI engine which produces 250 HP power. For those who want more power, a 4200cc V8 engine is available which is capable of producing a massive power output of 400 HP. If you are one of those who can never get enough of power, then the S version, which is the top model, is perfect for you. The S version features a twin-turbo 4000cc V8 engine, which will empower you with the insane power of over 550 HP! Go for the hybrid model if the convenience of electricity and gasoline is what you want. With such a huge fleet of models lined up for the new Q8, Audi is all set to please a huge bunch of its customers!

As mentioned above, the Q8 is supposed to be the crossover counter part of the A8 sedan, which is one of the best high end sedans that the company manufactures. The Q8’s body would be carved out of steel as well as aluminum. Audi has declared that it will be using 60% steel and 40% aluminum, ensuring that the vehicle would be strong as well as light. If compared to the Q7 in terms of looks, then the Q8 is somewhat more aggressive and bold. It will have sharper features and a sturdier build. However, the traditional Audi looks definitely do no disappear, and the Audi logo shines on the beautiful front grille like always!

Opel’s Driving Assistance Systems in Compact SUV

If you were a great fan of Opel’s driving assistance systems and compact SUVs both, then we have some great news for you! Opel has never incorporated these amazing systems in its compact segment SUVs, but its all-new Mokka SUV is going to have all those amazing systems, making it one of the best SUVs available out there!

The new Opel Mokka is a compact SUV, which comes with the unique Opel Driving Assistance Systems. These systems include an Opel Eye Front Camera, which has already gained popularity and won prizes when it used to come with larger brethren of the Mokka. Besides the camera, the Mokka features the ESC technology (Electronic Stability Control Technology) as well as Hill Start Assist (HSA) and Hill Descent Control (HDC) Technologies. Opel aims to widen its customer base by introducing these technologies in the rapidly growing compact SUV segment. Read along to know what these technologies are!

Opel Eye Front Camera

The Opel Eye Front Camera is a tiny camera placed between the windshield and the reae view mirror, enabling it to see ahead quite efficiently. The camera is able to read road signs from a large distance and displays them on the driver’s panel. This technology is called the TSR (Traffic sign recognition) function. Besides this, the camera also provides the driver with two other functions – , Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Forward Collision Alert (FCA). The LDW function avoids the situation where the car might stray out of its lane without the driver’s knowledge, giving rise to dangerous situations. LDW function alerts the user in such situations by sounding an audible alarm as well as by the help of a blinking indicator on the driver’s panel. LDW can be switched off as well. The FCA function avoids head-on collisions by alerting the driver by a loud alarm as well as a visual indicator in the situations when the vehicle gets quite close to an object present in front. The sensitivity of the function can be controlled with the help of a steering mounted controller.

Hill Controlling Functions

The HSA function comes in handy when the driver needs to climb an inclined path. This function doesn’t let the vehicle roll back, even after the driver has lifted his foot of the manual braking pedal. The HDC is a very useful function in the conditions where the driver needs to maintain a constant speed. These conditions might arise during situations like driving downhill, driving on gravel roads, driving in icy situation, etc. You can easily switch the HDC on with the help of a button, adjust the speed you want manually, and then leave the rest on the HDC function, which would maintain the speed without using any manual aid!

Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL+)

The AFL+ function is also one among the many functions that the Mokka features. This function has 11 different pre-set forward lighting patterns, which ensure that others are not dazzled by your vehicles lights. Mokka uses LED lights, which are far superior and efficient! These pre-sets include patterns like motorway light, town light, pedestrian light, adverse weather light, etc. All these functions make the driving experience quite unique and convenient!

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