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Amazing New Jeep Moab Concept Line!

Making its way through the SUV world is the amazing new concept that Jeep has just released. Mercedes might have shown what it is capable of by showing of its gorgeous 6 x 6 G63 AMG, but Jeep has done a fantastic job if it wanted to flaunt how awesome it plans to become in the recent future. With one of the most powerful engines that SUVs are seldom blessed with, the Jeep Wrangler Mopar Recon is all set to give the Mercedes G63 AMG a very strong competition!

We pretty much covered every important aspect about the Mercedes 6 x 6 G63 AMG off road SUV in one of our previous articles. We also stated that the G63 AMG might be the best SUV that might ever be produced. Here we are, stating that the Jeep Wrangler Mopar Recon might threaten the G63 AMG’s legacy quite vigorously. As far as off road experience is considered, the SUV boasts of truck sized 39 inch tyres which can possibly crush sedans with as much ease as we crush a mosquito with. And if you thought that is all that makes the Jeep so amazing, then wait till you check out the engine related specs of the insane beast!

Jeep certainly wished to be crazy this time while designing the Wrangler Mopar Recon’s engine. Note that when we say crazy, we mean really nastily crazy! What other adjective can be used to best describe the 6400cc HEMI V-8 crate engine which is supposed to power the huge sized tyres? Yes, it will be a 6400cc V8 engine, coupled with mammoth sized 39 inch tyres. You name the terrain, and the Jeep will cruise on it as if it is a lonesome highway. What’s more is that the massive engine is capable of deliver an exasperating power of over 470 horsepower, giving the machine the push that it would require for climbing any kind of terrain. If you are still saying “Come on man that could have been better”, then the fact that this engine is combined by a five-speed automatic transmission and a pair of Dana 60 front and rear axles might make you ponder for quite some time!

Wait till you set your eyes upon the vehicle. There can be no doubt in the fact that you won’t be able to take off your eyes from the relentless brutality that the beast would bestow upon you. With the massive wheels as well as rear and front off-road bumpers, the new Wrangler imparts its off-road image quite well. The stock vehicle doesn’t feature any windows, but you can enhance your vehicle with the rear and front window kit add-ons. You can also add LED lights to your headlamps. As far as the interiors are concerned, you will be sitting on beautiful seats made up of a very strong and comfortable material. You can also add a canvas top, if you wish to. We cannot possibly explain how badly we want this machine to go into production. Keeping our fingers crossed is all that we can do!



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Dodge Durango to get Futuristic!

Looks like the New York Auto Show will be raining new SUVs this time. With the large number of new SUVs as well as older SUVs being redesigned and launched here, the show will be a real treat to any SUV lover. Count Dodge’s new 2014 Durango in the huge number of redesigned SUVs. The company will be showing off its new version of the Durango, which has been among the most popular SUVs of the markets internationally. Moreover, while other companies have stuck their new ideas to their chests, Dodge has released a striking trailer praising the might beast!

As mentioned in the press release, Dodge stated that the new 2014 remake of the Durango will feature quite a lot of amazing futuristic technologies which will make it the most stylish and modern version of the Durango SUV series. Quoting the words as stated in the press release, “Building upon its best-in-class attributes, Durango adds several new class-exclusive features for 2014, making it the Dodge brand’s most technologically advanced, fuel-efficient and stylish Durango ever.” Dodge seems certainly very confident about the new model!

What Dodge apparently wanted to reveal from the trailers was that the new Durango features some of the most stylish headlamps and tail lamps that any Dodge SUV has ever flaunted. The headlamps have been reformed into more contemporary style lamps which certainly make the beast look mightier than ever. A beautiful LED strip lines the lower edge of the lamps, underlining the central units and giving a very stylish look to the frontal side of the SUV. The tail lamps, on the other hand, are really wide and are said to be full racetrack style LED lights.

We can also assure you that your new 2014 Dodge Durango SUV will come with a mighty 8 speed automatic transmission mode. Consequently, expecting highly improved performance as well as an impressive fuel economy is obvious. Further, Dodge has plans of improving the interiors, and taking them to an entirely new level. As can be said by quoting Dodge’s statement from the official press release once again, “Built on the Dodge brand’s pillars of style, performance and innovation, the new 2014 Dodge Durango will deliver state-of-the-art technology in both form and function.”

Among the expected add-ons that the new Durango will be given, the most prominent one is perhaps the Uconnect Access via Mobile Technology, which was introduced by the Chrysler Group. The technology incorporates the Aha, iHeart Radio, Pandora Internet Radio/Slacker Radio apps, and content can be transferred from the user’s smartphone via an internet connection. The technology is also used in other amazing cars like the Dodge Ram 1500 and the SRT Viper.

Dodge has apparently taken the Jeep Grand Cherokee as a reference while designing the new Durango. We say so because the 8 speed automatic transmission mentioned above is also present in the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. Also, you can send text messages, just like the Jeep, using voice recognition with natural speech, and not to be crammed codes!

Lexus Hybrid SUV – A New Plan in the Making

The problems related to excessive emissions rising from the large and ever rising numbers of vehicles has made automobile makers aware of the environmental problems caused by them. It is a well-known fact that SUVs can potentially be a hazardous threat to the environment than other cars, mostly due to the sizes of the body and strong engines that they require. In such a situation, the SUV world has been quite lucky to see the recent upsurge in the number of hybrid concepts which cause much less pollution, without any appreciable loss in performance. Almost all of the leading SUV makers of the world have come up with their own versions of hybrid vehicles like hydrogen hybridised, electricity hybridised and even water driven engines. Lexus decided not to stay away from this, and has been thinking about launching their very own new series of hybrid vehicles, the NX series.

Enjoying the heavy success of its RX series in the United States of America, Lexus has made it clear that it has no intentions of taking actions that might pamper with the sales of the RX models, and hence the United States might not get to see the NX models cruising its streets anytime soon. Anyway, Lexus has made sure that the models of the NX series do not fall behind in terms of performance. Featuring hybridised turbocharged engines, these models would certainly feed the appetites of many speed freaks with ease! However, how much power would these turbocharged engines produce, is not a known fact yet.

Rumours suggest that Lexus has designed two different models of the SUV. The lower model is called Lexus NX200t while the one step superior version is called Lexus NX300h. Lexus hasn’t provided much details about the fine line that divides these two models. All that we know is that the lower model, that is, the NX200t would feature a hybridised 2000cc turbocharged engine, while the NX300h would feature a 3000cc turbocharged engine, also hybridised. As mentioned above, the power outputs of these turbocharged engines are unknown as for now, but one thing that we can say for sure is that it will be more than just enough for amazing values of acceleration and speed! Also, after being hybridised with alternative fuel technologies, these models of the NX series would take hybrid driving experience to an all-new level!

What is the point of discussing about a hybrid car, if we do not disclose the statistics about how much environmental impact does it have? Well, it must be well understood by now that the new NX series does have lesser impact while maintaining the quality of the driving experience. But does the usage of the hybrid engine make it sufficiently eco-friendly? Yes, it does. Expecting dramatically reduced levels of pollutant gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide will be worthy. Also, it is estimated that you will be able to get a fuel economy of over a 40 miles per gallon. Compare this to the traditional SUVs of the same category, and you will see why the NX series is going to be so awesome!

Honda Urban SUV – Tiny, Yet Awesome!

We might call it a coincidence, but Honda and Volkswagen are playing on similar notes. While Volkswagen launched its mid-sized SUV Concept, Cross Blue, Honda also released the amazing compact Urban SUV Concept. Just like the Volkswagen Cross Blue was named the little brother of the Touareg, the Urban SUV Concept also gained the title of being the little brother of the highly popular and amazing Honda CR-V. Want another similarity? Well, both the concepts were launched by the respective companies at the 2013 North American International Auto Show!

As mentioned above, the Honda Urban SUV Concept is supposed to be the little brother of the Honda CR-V, both in terms of price as well as size. Measuring precisely 169.3 inches in length, the Urban SUV Concept is 9 inches shorter than the CR-V. Honda reportedly says that they consider this size perfect for driving a vehicle conveniently in cities as well as on highways without compromising with the comfort and spaciousness that a SUV ought to have. We cannot agree more. The Urban SUV certainly features an optimum size without having any notable and adverse effects on the space inside.

Rumours have it that the company intends to bring the Urban SUV in the markets with its Earth Dreams Engine and Transmission Technology. As the names of this technology suggests, the SUV will produce much less emissions as compared to a regular SUV of the same size. It is highly likely that the Urban SUV would feature a 1500cc I4 engine, which is a characteristic part of the Earth Dreams technology. This engine will further be twinned with a continuously variable transmission technology, and together, these two comprise the entire technology. One can expect a dramatic decrease in the carbon dioxide emission levels of the SUV while the fuel economy of the vehicle will be increased by many folds.

Being a family SUV, the Urban SUV is definitely supposed to offer features that make riding experience comfortable. And that is exactly how it is. Honda has incorporated a number of its original and innovative ideas in the Urban SUV to ensure that the vehicle remains unbeatable. One of our favourite ones among these features is the Centre tank Layout technology. This technology helps in keeping the interior space to a maximum value, and is one of the primary reasons that make the Urban SUV a comfortable choice despite its size. Another such feature is the excellent Magic Seat feature, which allows passengers to configure the seats of the vehicle in many different configurations as is best suited to them depending on the number of passengers and luggage that is to be carried. Honda certainly wants the Urban SUV to be largely comfortable!

Besides these comfort ensuring technologies, the Honda Urban will also include the Next generation Telematics and a much more modernised interior. Not only will the SUV be comfortable, but it will be luxurious as well. Priced below the CR-V, the Urban SUV concept features quite a number of amazing technologies that one might expect only in an expensive vehicle!

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG | An Absolute 6×6 Beast!

What else can a SUV intended for off road purposes have, besides an insanely powerful engine and an impeccable strong body? Six wheels, maybe? Ask Mercedes the same question, and you will get a ‘yes’ as your answer! Mercedes has introduced a 6 x 6 SUV, which has been welcomed to the SUV world very warmly by SUV lovers as well as critics. Any SUV lover would love the unique 6-wheeled beast once he or she acknowledges the advantages that the vehicle possesses. Accompanied by a crazier than ever engine, this beast can deliver flawless performance in almost every terrain that you can think of!

They named it Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6. We think that this is a pretty cool name for such a monstrous vehicle. Anyway, needless to say, the G63 AMG is perhaps the best off road SUV that has ever been produced. It might even end, and of course, conquer the battle of the best off road SUV once and for all. However, being an off road vehicle doesn’t make it a bad on road choice. Take your monster out of your garage and go on a cruise on a highway. You might turn quite a number of eyes towards yourself. Maybe more than that you will possibly be able to pull off with a Lamborghini!

We mentioned an insanely powerful engine above. What other adjective would you use for a twin-turbocharged 5500cc V8 engine? Yes, you read it right. Capable of providing the six wheels with a power of around 536 horsepower, the engine thrusts the machine from rest to a speed of 62 miles an hour (100 kilometres per hour) with a flabbergasting acceleration in barely six seconds! Speaking of the highest attainable speed, the G63 AMG can touch the mark of 100 miles per hour (160 kilometres per hour). It might seem less if you go on comparing statistics with Lamborghinis or Porsches, but don’t skip on the fact that these supercars don’t have to carry a 3.8 tonne machine on six wheels. Also, put your Porsche off road and its half dead. The G63 AMG wouldn’t lose traction on any possible surface!

Another monstrosity that the G63 AMG boasts of is the size of the wheels. The beast comes with mammoth sized 37 inch wheels. Stuck in traffic? Consider crushing the tiny vehicles in front of you! The clearance from the ground is also quite large, and you will be able to confront any obstacles while driving off road!

Amazing things lose their charm if present in large numbers, and Mercedes knows it. Henceforth, only 30 or so models of the G63 AMG will be made. If you are lucky, and yes, rich enough to ever lay your hands upon the beast, you might be one of the lucky people who will ever get the chance to feel the monstrosity that Mercedes has offered. It will be quite interesting to see how other SUV makers respond! What if the idea of an 8 x 8 SUV comes up next? Only time will tell.

Volkswagen Launches Convenient Mid-Size SUV CrossBlue Concept

A large number of SUV lovers would ask you “Who doesn’t?” if asked that whether they love the Volkswagen Touareg or not! Being an insanely powerful yet a very elegant SUV at the same time, the Touareg has gained enough popularity within the years of its sale to be counted among the best SUVs that ever cruised on the surface of earth. Now Volkswagen wants more. Seeing the recent upsurge in the sales of mid-sized and compact SUVs, the company just introduced the concept of a mid-size SUV. Apparently, Volkswagen wishes to touch new skies this time. It is quite worthy of noting here that if the Cross Blue goes into production, then it will mean that Volkswagen would feature a complete fleet of highly efficient SUVs, the compact Tiguan, the mid-sized Cross Blue and the full sized Touareg.

The Volkswagen Cross Blue Mid-Sized SUV Concept was revealed at the North American International Show. Gaining popularity at its global debut, the Cross Blue Concept became one of the most celebrated concepts at the show. The fact that it can seat six passengers quite comfortably without being a huge tank sized vehicle makes it a very desirable choice among SUV lovers. Volkswagen says that the vehicle was specifically designed for North America as a good number of people can travel in it without being stuck in every corner and square.

Any company that introduces new concepts meant for cities and doesn’t incorporate a hybridised driving technology would be beaten by those who do. Apparently, Volkswagen is quite aware of this fact, and yes, the Cross Blue features a diesel driven engine hybridised with electric motors. Considering using only the electric motors? Well, make sure there’s a diesel pump within 14 miles of your route, as fully charged batteries won’t be able to take you any further. The diesel engine and the hybridised motors together produce a power of 305 horsepower. This power is used to produce a torque of 516 lb. – ft. of torque. This torque is sufficient for thrusting the vehicle from standstill to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometres per hour) in 7.2 seconds. Pretty decent for a family car meant for cities!

The Cross Blue, being a hybrid, boasts of an incredible fuel economy. Estimates by experts reveal that the vehicle can run around 35 miles on the cost of every gallon of diesel that you feed it with. Running on electricity alone, you will be gifted with an economy of 89 MPGE.

Coming to interiors and exteriors, we can assure you that there’s nothing to worry about. We’re talking about a Volkswagen after all! Just like the Touareg, the SUV looks extremely masculine and stylish from outside. You can expect the subtle boldness that you might want in a perfect SUV. However, the Cross Blue is equally elegant and comfortable on the inside. Expect many of the desirable futuristic technologies and luxuries! We just hope that the Cross Blue goes into production, and not just remains a concept, as Volkswagen has indeed done a great job keeping a family SUV in mind!

2013 Infiniti FX50 – The Next Best Crossover?

Among the list of the most impressive SUVs that were ever made to run on the streets of our land, the mightiest one is perhaps the new 2013 Infiniti FX50. Equipped with an insane engine and a number of other stylish features, the 2013 FX50 is a luxury crossover mid-sized SUV which can deliver as crazy powerful a performance as you can probably handle, no matter how hardcore of a speed freak you are. Although the 2012 FX50 was a mighty beast in itself, Infiniti has added in some minor enhancements to the SUV, pushing it closer to the ‘perfect SUV’ state!

The 2013 Infiniti FX50 will be introduced in the markets with an extremely powerful V8 engine. Infiniti also has a V6 model which comes by the name of FX37, and is a bit less powerful than its elder brother. The company is introducing revised models of both these variants this year. We shall, however, limit this article’s reach to the new 2013 FX50 only.

Infiniti offers that FX50 with a V8 engine, which is further accompanied by a highly efficient seven speed automatic transmission system. Also, you will only find an all- wheel drive system engaged with the SUV. Apparently, Infiniti left the rear wheel drive system for the FX37. The 5000cc V8 engine of the FX50 is capable of providing the vehicle with 390 horsepower and a massive torque of 369 lb. – ft. This engine is powerful enough to thrust this beast from standstill to 60 miles per hour (100 kilometres per hour) in just 5 seconds with a heart-clenching acceleration. The driving experience is made very much comfortable and rather interesting with the help of the intelligent standard seven speed automatic transmission system, which analyzes how the driver drives the vehicle and shifts as per this analysis.

It’s not just the technical specifications of the SUV that are extremely tempting, you will also be intrigued by the sheer beauty and magnificence that the FX50 imparts. The SUV looks, in one word, fabulous. The beady headlights and the sleek body cuts surely make it look sharp. The interiors are equally amazing as you get a number of luxurious features like an excellent Bose audio system, leather seats, Bluetooth connectivity, climate control, etc. The FX50 also boasts of some unique features. The SUV comes equipped with an impressive Rear Active Steer technology. This technology tilts the rear wheels slightly while turning, which enhances the turning of the vehicle. Another such unique technology enables the SUV’s suspensions to behave differently as per different road conditions.

No car is complete without adequate safety features, especially if it’s as powerful as the FX50. No worries, as the FX50 itself features some amazing safety features, which include efficient technologies like the Lane Departure Prevention System, Adaptive Cruise Control, and a forward warning system which is capable of applying brakes by itself if it predicts a collision.

Infiniti expects severe competition from other luxury crossovers like the BMW X5, Lexus RX350, etc. However, the company has certainly made a grip firm on the market with the 2013 FX50!

Maserati to Launch Ghibli before the SUV, Levante

After being surrounded by rumors about the much awaited new models that the company is about to launch, Italian luxury car maker Maserati’s news reports indicate that the amazing new sedan Ghibli will go into production before the SUV Levante, proving previous rumous wrong. As the designs of the SUV Levante were revealed, the SUV world started anticipating its production and launch, but now it seems that the sedan Ghibli, which will be making a comeback, will go into production first. Maserati has taken many steps as it aims to raise the annual sales by 50,000 units before 2015. One of the most prominent of these steps is that the company is launching new and fresh version of its legendary model, Quattroporte on the car’s own golden anniversary!

The production as well as launching times of the Levante have been preceded by that of the Ghibli. Markets will see the launch of the Ghibli somewhere in 2014 while the Levante is expected to come out in the markets for sale somewhere in 2015. The new Ghibli will come in various models, out of which, the entry level model will feature a turbocharged V6 engine. This engine is expected to deliver a power of around 390 horsepower. A higher version is expected to boast of the Ferrari’s direct injected turbocharged V8 engine. The engine is expected to be a 3800cc engine which will be capable of delivering around 490 horsepower of power. Coupled with these engines will be the amazing eight-speed torque-converter automatic system, which will give the car the sharpness that it needs! Apparently, Maserati wanted to be a bit crazier when it came to the engine statistics of the SUV Levante. The new SUV will feature a V8 engine which will be designed and manufactured by Ferrari itself. The new Quattroporte which is to be launched on the car’s golden anniversary is also going to be equipped with the same engine. Levante will hence enjoy a power output of around 530 horsepower and its wheels will be driven by a torque of 479 lb. – ft. What’s more to the craziness is that the SUV’s engine will be accompanied by an all-new eight-speed automatic transmission, which will only enhance the performance of the beast further.

Both the new Maserati vehicles look stunning! While the Ghibli is said to have look quite similar and as sharp as the Audi A7, the Levante on the other hand features a unique look of its own kind. One can also expect that the company will install some of the best quality suspensions, brakes, etc. which the company will design and produce itself at its own plants. The Ghibli and Levante will face severe competition from cars like Adui S6, S7, Jaguar XF, Mercedes Benz E Class and Porsche Cayenne, Volkswagen Touareg, etc. respectively. Anyway, the main thing to note here is that although the company seemed quite enthusiastic with the SUV, especially when they revealed the Kubang Concept in 2011, green light has been given to the sedan Ghibli before the new and much waited SUV, Levante.


Range Rover Goes “Semi” Environment Friendly

Since the increasing awareness of the environmental problems that SUVs cause, a number of companies have come up with numerous alternatives which include innovative options like hybrid concepts as well. SUVs are known for their substantially low fuel economies, high levels of pollution causing emissions and a lot more. Under such circumstances, Range Rover has also come up with an effective plan that it will be using for its new SUVs. This alteration will lower emissions by a significant amount while causing negligible fall in power and performance.

As per the company’s new plans, the new SUVs that it will be producing will not be using the traditional V8 engine that almost all the Range Rover SUVs produced till now have featured. Range Rover plans to drop the V8 engine, replacing it with a much more efficient supercharged V6 engine. This new engine is certainly very powerful; it’s a supercharged one after all! However, the company as well as critics hope of seeing much reduced emissions from the new vehicles. Besides the new engine, the new SUVs will also feature some other changes. Range Rover seems to be getting a makeover!

Technically speaking, we all know that the supercharged V6 engine is going to be somewhat slower than the beast like V8 engine, but the improved efficiency and the lower emissions are a much desired characteristic! The V8 engine that Range Rover was using till now produces an overwhelming power of 375 horsepower. This power is used to produce a torque of 375 lb. – ft. This torque is enough to thrust the SUVs from rest to a speed of 60 miles per hour in just 6.5 seconds. However, the supercharged V6 engine under consideration produces a reduced power of 340 horsepower. This means that the torque produced by the engine reduces to 332 lb. – ft. As a result, the time taken to reach the speed of 60 miles an hour from a zero is 7.1 seconds. The difference of just 0.6 seconds might sound big to you, but not when the fuel economy statistics are considered! SUVs with V8 engines boast of a mileage of 14 miles per gallon while running in cities and 20 miles per gallon on highway. The increased mileages featured by these SUVs with the new engines are expected to rise to 16 and 22 miles per gallon respectively. The combined mileage will hence rise from 16 miles per gallon to 18 miles per gallon. Not only this! The Carbon dioxide emissions are also expected to reduce by over 22%!

Among the other changes that Range Rover plans to make, one pleasant change is that they are going to reduce the prices listed on the price tags of the various features that they offer. Anticipate lower prices for features like Adaptive Cruise Control, Active Rear Locking Differential, Tow Package, etc. Also, one of the colours that were offered has been taken back, while two new variations have been added to the already magnificent fleet of SUVs!


Speedy New Audi RS Q3 SUV Will Hit European Dealerships Soon

The 2013 Geneva Motor Show is coming up rather soon, and innovative automaker Audi is bringing some impressive vehicles to show off to event visitors. One stand-out ride is the Audi RS Q3, a sports variant of its top-of-the-range Q3 SUV. About a year ago, Audi present a concept car based on its standard Audi Q3 (specifically, the Audi RS Q3, which inspired the new production model). Here are some of the incredible specs surrounding the vehicle:

2013 Audi RS Q3 SUV Features:

  • A Powerful Set of Insides: The new Audi is fitted a 2.5I TFSI engine that has been chosen as the “engine of the year” three times in its class and creates a maximum of 310 horsepower (a bit lower than what was promised with the original concept car). You can also find this powerplant in the Audi RS 3 Sportback and the Audi TT RS. It’s paired with a seven-speed S tronic dual clutch transmission, a Start/Stop system, and comes with a choices of three driving modes: dynamic, auto, and comfort.
  • Race-Ready Revs: Due to its powerful engine, the Audi RS Q3 can reach 0-62mph in a mere 5.5 seconds and has a top speed around 155 mph. It consumes an average of 8.8l/100km on the European cycle. It also features stability control tuning, a different suspension, and massive 14.3-inch perforated front disc brakes with eight-piston calipers.
  • Several New Sporty Touches: The wheels of the RS model have been fitted with ventilated perforated brake discs, while the RS sports chassis has been lowered by about an inch. The vehicle is also outfitted with a black honeycomb front grille, roof rails, large dual elliptical tailpipes, unique front and rear bumpers, and an aluminum footrest and pedals.

Drivers can take full control of their new Audi RS Q3 SUV by bringing up information about the vehicle on their dashboard computer menu, such as oil temperature and the boost pressure. Also available in terms of equipment is the Audi Parking System Plus, xenon headlights, LED taillights, and the brand’s ten-speaker 180W audio system.

As far as price is concerned, the vehicle is expected to be sold for about 55,000 euros (around $73,500). The Audi Q3 isn’t currently available in the U.S., however, so it’s unlikely that the RS Q3 will make its way to the States for the 2013 model year either. Of course, things could change for the 2014 model year, and we certainly hope for the best, as both of the stylish rides are quite impressive in terms of look and feel.

Don’t forget to check back for more information about the new vehicle surrounding the Geneva Motor Show, taking place on March 7-17th at the Geneva Palexpo.For more of the latest automobile news, stay tuned here with is a complete resource for latest information on new car models of all types, classes and sizes. We also have comprehensive, unbiased reviews of all of the newest models.

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