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2013 SRT Viper – Fast and Mean Looking!

To start the fifth generation with blazing fury, the 2013 SRT Viper dropped the Dodge name and also shed around 100 pounds. That is a lot of baggage it didn’t need, so now it is better than ever.

A brand new design language is obvious on the exterior, and although still as aggressive as ever, it is also quite graceful.


  • Carbon fiber hood, deck lid and roof, and aluminum panel doors help with weight reduction
  • Rear quarters kick out even more to reduce tail-end drag more efficiently
  • Modified front air intake
  • New side-exit exhaust system with sill-mounted, cast aluminum bezels
  • Forged aluminum, five-spoke wheels standard; split six-spoke “Venom” wheel design optional in three finishes


Premium materials, superior craftsmanship and performance-oriented technology can all be appreciated in the passenger cabin, which is quite a change from the shell design it once had.


  • Sabelt high-performance racing seats
  • Adjustable pedals and seats
  • Surprisingly spacious trunk offers 14 cubic feet


Performance is nothing short of phenomenal. It is more confident than ever before with precise steering and superior cornering prowess.


  • 8.4-liter V10 produces 640 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque
  • Six-speed manual transmission
  • Zero to 60 mph is accomplished in 3.7 seconds
  • Two stability control modes
  • SLA suspension system


Viper once offered nothing more than a cassette deck; my how times have changed. This is now a luxury supercar.


  • Customizable instrument cluster displays on 7-inch LED screen
  • Steering wheel mounted controls
  • 8.4-inch color touch screen controls audio, Chrysler Uconnect system and other features
  • Optional 18-spaker Harman Kardon® Logic 7® surround sound


When braking is put to the test, the 2013 SRT Viper manages to come to a halt from 60 mph in 101 feet; an impressive number indeed.


  • Uconnect system offers emergency services and roadside assistance
  • Rearview camera
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Post collision safety system
  • Dusk sensing headlamps
  • Emergency braking assist


The old Viper was fun to drive, but it was a lot to handle. The new 2013 SRT Viper manages to deliver a more controlled and confident ride, without compromising performance. It even throws in a comfortable cabin with all the amenities you could want, in case you feel like driving it more than once a year.

2014 Mercedes Benz GLK – The New Luxury Crossover!

We usually come across affordable SUVs meant for families when we wander around in the crossover sections. However, if you thought that the high end companies would not take their shots in the crossover market, then you were wrong. We are talking about the gorgeous new SUV that Mercedes has launched in the market – 2014 Mercedes Benz GLK. The new Mercedes Benz GLK is a complete yet small package. Although it is small in size, it can deliver almost every kind of performance under any kind of circumstances that you might want to test the vehicle on!

The new GLK crossover SUV will undoubtedly be a darling as a performer when considered under on-road conditions. However, the question is that will the GLK be able to perform as amazingly off-road? Well, with the stock fittings, no. But if you consider switching to the Offroad Engineering Package, which can be installed on the chassis, then you might even beat off-road oriented SUVs that companies like Jeep produce without putting in any effort at all!

Whether you are a diesel user or a gasoline one, Mercedes has made the GLK available in both options. The diesel model, also known as the GLK 250 features a 2100cc engine which produces a net output of over 190 horsepower. It is capable of sending a torque 0f 369 lb. ft. to the wheels. On the other hand, the gasoline version is named the Mercedes Benz GLK 350, which boasts of a 3500cc V6 engine. The V6 is capable of producing a power output of 302 horsepower and a torque of 273 lb. ft. What makes the GLK 250 (diesel version) a much sought after beast is that it will feature the company’s highly famous and successful 4MATIC all-wheel drive, which will further be combined with a seven-speed automatic gearbox. Believe us when we say it, you will absolutely be mesmerised how quiet the cabin is, as Benz themselves stated that the drivetrain is much softer and quieter. Talking about the GLK 350, you will be getting a seven-speed automatic gearbox as well. Choice between the types of wheel drive system is on you. Mercedes will also incorporate the new engine stop/start system in the GLK 350, which is to stay exclusive to the company’s forthcoming new AMG vehicles and hybrid concepts.

Mercedes suffered a huge downfall in reputation regarding the last model of the GLK as the gasoline version of the SUV could manage to deliver a fuel economy of just 16 miles per gallon in city to 22 miles per gallon on highway. The diesel version wasn’t very impressive other. The 2014 version tackled this problem by incorporating the amazing Blue TEC engine in the GLK 250. The new engine manages to pull off a fuel economy of over 45 miles per gallon on highway. Expect a rise of a few thousand dollars if you want the BlueTEC engine though. Also, the petrol version’s efficiency has been increased by many folds. Among many other changes are the changed looks. While the previous GLK was quite sturdy looking, the 2014 version looks much more sporty and elegant. Headlights and tail lamps have been redesigned as well.



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Land Rover Plans of a Baby SUV, Discards Convertible Plans

Have you been a hard core Land Rover fan all your life but just couldn’t afford buying one of those amazing yet highly expensive babies all along? Well, we have just the perfect news for you. Let the shine of hope get to you, as Land Rover is ruined to have been planning of introducing an all-new SUV, which will be placed below all of the company’s products, right at the entry level. If Land Rover does give a nod to the production of the entry level ‘Baby SUV’, then it will be the next one to join other automobile giants like Porsche and BMW in the small entry level SUV race. These companies already have their respective products, Porsche Macan and BMW X1 competing in the same segment.

Mr John Edwards, global brand director for Land Rover, has confirmed that the product planning time at Land Rover is currently thinking about the feasibility of a baby SUV, and the members are presently fighting mixed reactions. According to Edwards, a baby SUV from the entry level would certainly compete well and would cater a very large fraction of population. However, the company needs to evaluate estimate profits and other factors before allowing the new SUV to see the light of the day.

Officials at Autocar also confirmed the news, and believe that the baby SUV would most likely take up design patterns from the Land Rover DC100 concept. They also estimated that the SUV would come with a price tag of around $27500 USD in the United States of America (roughly 18000 pounds in the United Kingdom) which is fairly low than the company’s current popular models.

While the company is thinking of adding up new SUVs to the current line-up, contrarily to the rumours that surfaced some time back, Land Rover is giving no green signal to the production of a convertible Range Rover Evoque.

Many of the company’s fans had turned ecstatic as the rumours of a convertible Range Rover spread up recently. Further, as the much desired darling flaunted itself at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, many were found with dumb founded looks on their faces. Everyone associated with the SUV world might have asked, “Is the convertible Range Rover really happening?” It isn’t. The company’s recent actions and proceedings have made it quite clear that we are not to be blessed with such a gorgeous beauty and the convenience and fun of driving a Range Rover while enjoying a clear blue sky anytime soon.

Land Rover has been making quite a number of changes to its fleet of SUVs that it sells under the Range Rover segment. Expecting a full and opening panoramic roof is okay, but the company is not venturing into the possibilities of a convertible SUV anytime soon. It might be worthy to mention the fact here that among the more prestigious SUV makers, only the Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet is the only convertible that comes close to a convertible SUV. However, the possibility of a convertible Range Rover causes a mouth-watering reaction that no other SUV possibly can!



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Citroën Flaunts Off the New Wild Rubis Hybrid SUV Concept

French car maker Citroën has a new jewel in its pocket to show off to the world, and it is not stepping back from doing so already! The company is all set to unveil a beautiful new concept, the Wild Rubis at the Shanghai Motor Show, which is to be hosted on the 20th of April. However, the officials at Citroën apparently cannot seem to sit back and wait, as the car was spotted near a famous wine growing estate located in Saint-Emillion, France. The company’s official photographers were seen shooting videos and pictures. Citroën went ahead posted the pictures right before the Shanghai Motor Show.

From what appears from the pictures, the Wild Rubis seems to have taken its name from the very colour that it was pictured in. ‘Rubis’ is the French of ‘Ruby’. A purplish-red colour makes the resemblance to the colours of rubies more than just clear. A very interesting thing about this colour is that it seems to change drastically with the amount and intensity of light falling on the vehicle’s body.

Although Citroën didn’t hesitate in posting pictures showing the beautiful vehicle, they have kept all other information close to their chest and haven’t allowed it to leak at all. To further enhance the curiosity that they have induced, Citroën went ahed and released a statement that says that the Wild Rubis is a “subtle combination of power and refinement, packed with technological innovations.” As far as we know, the Wild Rubis will be featuring a pug-in hybrid system. It will be quite worthy to mention here that the company used a plug-in hybrid system in the Numero 9 concept that it unveiled last year. If the Wild Rubis is to feature a similar system, then be prepared to ride in a SUV which runs on a 300 horsepower combustion engine, hybridised with an electric motor. It must also be noted that the system was capable of thrusting the Numero 9 concept from rest to 62 miles per hour in a time interval of just 5.4 seconds. Also, it featured a beautiful all-wheel drive system. If the Wild Rubis Concept is to feature similar specifications, then we surely hope that it goes under production as soon as possible!

The Wild Rubis appears to be very close to the BMW X5 in size, and there is something about the SUV that might remind you of the Infiniti FX50. Further, you get full LED headlamps, which are known to be more than just stylish. Also, the rear tail lamps are fully enclosed by a hard chrome enclosure. Also, a very interesting thing to note here is that instead of featuring a “Citroën” logo in the front, the SUV features a beautiful “DS” logo. Sitting right in the centre of the aggressive front grill, the logo looks pretty stylish! We must say from what the pictures show us, the designing team at Citroën has indeed done a great job! Companies like Porsche, BMW and Audi must seriously be considering the Wild Rubis a great competition! And, they actually should!



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The new BMW 2 Series is a Great Spin-Off

2014 BMW 2-Series

As a spin-off from the 1-Series, BMW will add a new member to its family in 2014. The 2014 2-Series will be available as a coupe and convertible, and will most certainly be turning heads for all the right reasons. It will use the rear-wheel drive platform of the 1-Series and similar underpinnings of the 3-Series; you really can have the best of both worlds.

Although the 2-Series will be inspired by the design of its 1-Series sibling, it will offer a sportier overall look.


  • Powerful shape with short rear deck
  • L-shaped tail lights with LED light rods
  • Adaptive xenon headlights that can illuminate the most important part of the road for increased visibility and safety
  • Iconic BMW grille


BMW is typically very competitive with rivals, when it comes to design and material quality. This should hold true in the 2-Series.


  • Convertible should have sun-reflective leather
  • Technically a four-passenger vehicle, but rear seat is more practical for small children
  • Suggested to be optional wood or aluminum trims


The engine lineup in the 2-Series should consist of turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines.


  • Choice of a four-cylinder and inline-6, when opting for a gasoline option
  • M Performance model rumors to deliver 360 horsepower
  • Choice of six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmissions, but there may be a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic available
  • Should offer the responsive steering and sporty ride of the 1-Series


Don’t expect BMW to reveal all its secrets quite yet, but there are a few features that are being seen pretty standard across the line.


  • Navigation system should integrate seamlessly with Google™ Services to provide the latest information at all times
  • BMW ConnectedDrive lets you and your passengers surf the internet from your car as it acts as a mobile hotspot
  • BMW Assist gives you an intelligent navigation system, reliable information service and personal emergency switchboard
  • Possible Harman Kardon® sound system


BMW has thought of everything to keep you safe on the road.


  • Pop-up rollover hoops on convertibles
  • Park distance control
  • Self-leveling headlights
  • Emergency interior trunk release


If the 2-Series is not exciting enough for you on its own, there is also rumor that BMW may be planning a Gran Coupe to watch for, with a longer platform and sport-short overhangs in the front and rear.



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SsangYong Tends to Give Strong Competition With Its LIV-1 Concept!

The South Korean motor company SsangYong has been showing great potential and trying to give some great competition to the largest automobile giants like Audi, BMW, etc. Lately, the company has been planning to release a series of SUVs which it has named the LIV series. The acronym LIV expands to Limitless Interface Vehicle. The SsangYong Motor Company has now planned to transfer the status of the first LIV, the LIV-1 from a ‘concept’ to ‘under production’. Reportedly, the company plans to place the LIV-1 between the Rodius and Rexton, which are the company’s one of the bestselling and famous SUVs.

You might be wondering that what ‘Limitless Interface Vehicle’ means. Apparently, the South Korean automaker thinks that a SUV featuring a full hoard of visual interfaces for its luxurious operations is cool. Well, we can’t agree more. Imagine what it would be like to enter a SUV and find a handful of touch screen and other display interfaces ready to serve you! The LIV 1 features five different displays intended for different purposes. The first and the largest one is a 10 inch display, which cerves as the central console of the vehicle. There are two more displays, both measuring 7 inches each. These are placed in the headrests of the front seats, and are intended to provide seamless entertainment to the passengers sitting in the rear seats. Among the many amazing futuristic technologies, one is the arrangeable metre cluster which features a Special Sense Technology. This enables the driver to place the gauges the way it pleases him.

SsangYong unveiled its LIV-1 concept at the Seoul Motor Show in 2013. The company’s employers have now confirmed that the SUV will be going under production very soon. The LIV-1 is essentially a large SUV, and hence doesn’t face competition from the large number of compact SUVs that are entering the SUV world. Not much is known about the technical specifications of the SUV. All we know currently is that the SUV features an all-wheel drive system.

In brief about the company

As mentioned above SsangYong is a South Korean Automobile maker. The company was founded in 1954 and is sometimes counted among the country’s top five largest automobile manufacturers. However, on a global level, it had been kept in dark until now because most of its products couldn’t match the international class SUVs that high end companies produced. In April 2010, the company announced that a few companies, both from local and foreign origins were interested in buying the company.  As a result, the shares of the company rose by 15 percent. In February 2011, the Indian automobile giant Mahindra & Mahindra Limited bought 70% of the company’s shares, and is now regarded as the parent company. SsangYong, in an attempt to mend its broken image in the global market, has renovated almost all of its products, and now promises a very bright future.  It is certainly good to see new companies coming up and giving strong competition to the automobile giants that rule the markets. We wish the Asian company luck and a bright future!



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2014 Range Rover Sport Gets a Makeover!

What can be better than a SUV that no one can seem to dislike, no matter what? Yes, the same darling SUV being renovated into an even better and mightier one! Same is the case with the already amazing Land Rover Range Rover Sport. The new 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport is all set to get a makeover, which will surely help it maintain the great prestige and position that it flaunts of in the SUV world. Now one thing that we would like to mention is that when we say that the SUV is being renovated, we mean that it is being changed to quite a great extent! What else would the incorporation of a power operated third row of seats mean?

Yes, you read it right! Among the changes being made to the Range Rover Sport, our favourite one is the third row of seats that is being added to the cabin. In case you might ever need to travel with a larger number of passengers than you thought you will be travelling with, this feature will be best friend. The power operated third row is perfect for such cases! Now the question that arises is that will the engine be able to provide enough thrust for the added number of passengers? Well, wait till we tell you how powerful of an engine does the beast boast of!

Land Rover apparently plans of heading to insane levels of power and acceleration. Why? Well, the 2014 Range Rover Sport will be available with two different kinds of engines. The lower model will come with a 3000cc supercharged V6 engine, which will be able of delivering a power of 340 horsepower. And if this isn’t insane enough for you, then Land Rover has a crazy 5000cc supercharged V8 engine in stock for you! A 5000cc V8 engine. Supercharged! This mighty machine will deliver 510 horsepower, and is capable of possibly launching the vehicle into space. Now, both of the engines are paired with a ZF eight-speed transmission. Either a single-speed Torsen differential or an optional two-speed transfer case with low range will be incorporated to send the power to the roads. Also, the Terrain Response 2 system that the SUV boasts of enhances the off road riding experience by many folds!

Another important thing to note is that the new 2014 Range Rover Sport will weigh 800 pounds lesser! The extensive usage of aluminium in the new model has helped chopping the weight down significantly. Also, in order to make it faster and agiler, Land Rover has incorporated a sleeker widescreen front glass, which makes the vehicle more aerodynamic. Another significant change that you will find in the new Range Rover is the larger wheelbase. Land Rover has added an extra seven inches to the SUV’s wheelbase. Coming to the interiors, you will find a subtler and more responsive yet smaller and thicker steering wheel. You will also find comfortable and heavily padded seats, accompanied by a much larger interior space. The luxurious features that the SUV will feature will make it an absolute delight to travel in!



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2014 Jeep Cherokee All Set to Rule the Market!

2014 Jeep Cherokee All Set to Rule the Market!

A bit more than a month ago, revealing photos of the amazing new 2014 Jeep Cherokee were leaked online. Jeep acted quite diligently and launched some of the official pictures of the SUV which they had been keeping in store for the official launch. This helped keeping the leaked pictures to a low as the official pictures suppressed them. Now after the SUV has been released in New York, Jeep released many other pictures of the Cherokee, revealing the exteriors completely. Some of the snaps even show how gorgeous the interiors are! Read along and discover more about the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee SUV!

Talking about the exteriors and the pictures, we can assure you that no matter how aggressive and mighty looking of an SUV you might have dreamt of, the 2014 Jeep Cherokee will blow you off. With amazingly stylish headlights, the Cherokee will probably be the most aggressive looking SUV out there. The front of the vehicle is carved into an extremely aerodynamic design. Moreover, the front look of the vehicle is enhanced by the iconic and gorgeous Jeep styled seven slotted grill. The rear exteriors are equally elegant and complement the fronts quite well.  The tail lamps are also very stylish and the symmetrical setting of the exhausts makes up quite a bold look!

The 2014 Jeep Cherokee will be available in four different models – Sport, Latitude, Limited, and Trailhawk. Jeep will possibly be offering options among all wheel drive and front wheel drive systems. Buyers can choose on the basis of their engine requirements as well, as their will be a choice between a 2400cc four cylinder engine and a 3200cc Pentastar V6 engine. The latter one is a newer feature and is clearly the stronger one of the two. The 2400cc engine will provide the wheels with a power of 184 horsepower while the 3200cc V6 will impart 271 horsepower power. Hence, you have a diverse variety ranging from a family SUV to a speed freak’s SUV to choose from! These engines will be combined with an amazing nine speed automatic transmission, which will be seen for the first time in this category of SUVs.

Jeep also claims to have incorporated over 70 different safety features in the SUV, and says that the new Cherokee will set a new level among on road SUVs. “The all-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee will be the benchmark for mid-size SUVs with a new level of on-road driving dynamics and fuel economy, while at the same time improving the 4×4 capability that customers expect from Jeep,” said Mike Manley, President and CEO – Jeep Brand, Chrysler Group. We have seen a large number of hydrogen based concepts and newer SUVs with much better fuel economies than traditional ones. The 2014 Jeep Cherokee also boasts of a hugely improvised fuel economy. Jeep claims that the new Cherokee will be able to deliver a fuel economy as high as 31 miles per gallon (13 kilometres per litre) on highways. The new Cherokee will be assembled in Toledo Ohio, and is set to hit the roads somewhere later in this year.



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2014 Audi A8L TDI Spotlight

2014 Audi A8 L

The 2014 Audi A8 L is due to hit showroom floors in the United States in spring 2013. At $83,395, the base MSRP may seem high to some, but this car is loaded with more options than you could possibly want or need. If its gorgeous styling does not reel you in then perhaps its strong performance and exceptional fuel economy will.

When you look at the exterior of the A8 L, you can’t help but have an epiphany; finally you realize what luxury should look like.

  • LED headlights look like diamond necklaces perched beside a bold horizontal Singleframe® grille
  • Aerodynamic styling
  • Aggressive stance is complemented by simple and curved lines
  • Sweeping hood
  • Squared corners in the rear emphasize the wider stance

The interior of the A8 L literally echoes of sophistication.

  • 22-way multi-contour seats, including massage capabilities and front seat ventilation
  • Rear window power sun shade
  • Sweeping dashboard design with wood finish
  • Premium leather seating surfaces

It has been said that 2014 will be the year of the diesel engine; Audi agrees.

  • 3.0-liter TDI engine offers 240 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque
  • Zero to 60 mph in 6.4 seconds
  • Fuel economy yields 24 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway
  • Legendary Audi Quattro® all-wheel drive provides greater handling precision
  • Eight-speed Tiptronic® transmission

Don’t expect to add on too many bells and whistles with this car; it comes pretty loaded already.

  • Audi MMI® navigation system that touch responds to handwriting
  • Audi Connect™ can turn vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot for eight electronic devices
  • Optional 19-speaker Bang & Olufsen® advanced sound system available that offers 1,400 watts of power
  • Rear seat entertainment system available with dual 10-inch screens

Audi never disappoints, when it comes to safety features.

  • Blind spot monitoring system
  • Lane-departure warning system
  • Audi Pre-Sense Plus, which can monitor traffic and apply brakes if driver ignores its alerts

It is virtually  impossible to not get excited over Audi’s diesel-powered flagship sedan. It gives you everything you could want in a luxury sedan, plus it boasts fantastic fuel economy. Some might say it is the perfect vehicle.

2012 BMW 1-Series M Coupe

2012 BMW 1-Series M Coupe

It is said that the 2012 BMW 1-Series M Coupe is the poster child for a perfectly balanced car; this may be an understatement. From the second the commercial launched showing it doing doughnuts in a parking lot, it was easy to tell this vehicle would create quite a buzz.

Like the rest of the M line, the 1-Series is dominated by a very muscular look.

  • Honey comb structured grille
  • Overly large air intakes
  • Discreet spoiler lip
  • Quad chrome-tipped tailpipes
  • 19-inch M alloy wheels with Y-spoke design
  • Available in Valencia Orange Metallic, Alpine White and Black Sapphire Metal

The cabin takes a sporty approach yet manages to still be upscale.

  • Sport seats covered in Boston leather with an embossed M logo and orange contrasting stitching
  • Dark Alcantara with orange stitching covers gear shift, handbrake lever, dash and door panels and instrument cluster binnacle
  • Leather M multifunction steering wheel

This is a car made for the performance-minded buyer with precise handling and lightning fast acceleration.

  • 3.0-liter inline-6 delivers 335 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque
  • Zero to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds
  • Six-speed manual or automatic transmission
  • Four-wheel independent suspension delivers a smooth ride

Although nicely loaded, the 1-Series M Coupe does offer Premium and Convenience packages for a few more bells and whistles.

  • Optional Harman Kardon® sound system with 1 year subscription to satellite radio
  • Navigation system that includes BMW iDrive electronics interface
  • BMW apps to keep you connected

The 1-Series M Coupe proves that just because a car looks and handles like a sports car does not mean it can’t be as safe as a family sedan.

  • Park distance control
  • Post collision safety system
  • Brake drying
  • Cornering lights
  • Tire-pressure monitoring system

The past three decades of M cars have been described as the ultimate driving machines; the 1-Series M Coupe is no exception.



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