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2014 Jeep Cherokee Delayed!

Jeep’s impudent Cherokee 2014 is rescheduled to launch with a delay of one month than pre-planned because of ‘a wide range of issues’ as cited by Mark Chernoby, Chrysler’s VP. The 2014 Cherokee which was initially set to roll out in May is now been put forward to mid-June as some issues need to be revamped, Chernoby mentioned assuring they have adequate inventory till the fall.

The new Cherokee houses options for both front-wheel and all-drive versions and becomes the first mid-size crossover SUV to achieve Cherokee’s cutting-edge ZF nine-speed transmission which needs to be recalibrated pre-launch while refining tasks at assembly line for making the process more efficient is another essential motive for the delay. For European markets a Fiat sources 2.0L engine will be worn by the 2014 beast while Chinese version, Ziyou Guan will boast a smaller 1.4L turbocharged engine and the production will commence late in 2014. The sales in Europe are believed to kick off by September.

The last jeep product bearing the Cherokee plaque was adorable enough to survive a long ownership changes and culmination of similar competitors until its sad demise at the expanses of Diamler in 2001. Cherokee since its launch in 1984 had maintained an ardent reputation and superior boxy looks, known traditionally as XJ. Now, after a renowned run of first Cherokee in the name of Liberty, Jeep is set to bring back the name Cherokee to the US.

Chrysler’s 2.4L, 184 hp four cylindered “Tigershark” is standard variant on board and is available with engines in base sport. The Limited, Latitude and Trailhawk can be elevated to a 3.2 litre V-6 Pantesar with a power of 271 hp. Whilst all version are premade with a default front-wheel drive system, Cherokee offers a set of three distinct 4X4 driveline experience that negate its suburban looks, hiding enormous power under the hood. Jeep Active Drive I which is facilitated on Limited, Latitude and Sports models is fully automatic which provides a Power-Takeoff Unit (PTU) system which is meant to enhance both over and under-steer conditions and yield balanced torque distribution by braking systems. Jeep Active Drive II is also available on Limited, Latitude and Sports models and also offers a two-speed PTU.

SelecTerrain traction-control orientations with allowable configurations optimize driveline operations for prevalent conditions. Settings incorporate Snow, Sport, Sand/Mud, Auto or Rock modes for stability electronic breaking, hill descent and ascent and required safety.

Contrary to the traditional Liberty housing, which was horrible with both design and execution, Cherokee appears with contemporary details and materials. Heated and ventilated power-adjustable seats are available   which come wrapped in leather or premium clothing. Soft touch items are replacements for Liberty’s low grade plastics while 60/40 split folding of rear seat serves comfort and loading ideals. Rendering a heated steering, with standard mounted controls, as well as wireless charging make rides more joyous and convenient.

The compact SUV crossover segment globally has been a heated sphere and Jeep’s entry was much apprehended. The Cherokee is believed to invite huge public interaction and dwindle the popularity of other competitors with its effective brand image and a much loved nameplate.



2014 Subaru Forester Review and Highlights

Known for being a decent choice among the crossovers of the modern days, the amazing Subaru Forester has now received a complete makeover! The company has released the 2014 version of the vehicle recently. There have been extensive changes made to the SUV, and one can easily notice the gorgeous new interiors and the spacious cabins. The exterior looks have also been enhanced significantly. However, the major changes that have been made include amazing performance and safety statistics. The vehicle now features a much improved fuel economy and impressive safety features!

Subaru apparently focused on increasing the fuel economy of the vehicle quite strongly, as the poor fuel economy of the old version of the Forester was perhaps the most hated feature among SUV lovers and critics. The company has now incorporated new transmission systems in the 2014 version of the SUV, which have led to the significant rise in the fuel economy. The older version featured a manual transmission of five gears while the models with automatic transmissions came with ancient four speed transmissions. The 2014 version makes use of six gears for the models with manual transmissions. The models with automatic transmissions sport the company’s new “Lineartronic” continuously variable transmission.

Also, the designing on the new Forester is quite efficient, as the company has used much better packaging options in the new version. The length of the vehicle has been increased by an inch, and hence the distance between the front and rear seats has been increased by an inch as well. However, the cramped up leg space for the rear passengers has been increased by 3 inches as the rear seats have been elevated a bit. Further, the new version is higher than the older ones, and the all-wheel drive system has been packed under the floor, increasing the foot space as well. The vehicle also features an impressive cargo space.

Subaru has decided to use the same engine in the new version as is in the older one. The 2500cc flat four engine produces a total power output of 170 horsepower and sends a torque of 174 lb. – ft. to the wheels. This engine is rated at 22 miles per gallon for city and 29 miles per gallon for highways. However, add in the continuously variable transmission system and enjoy a fuel economy of 24 and 32 miles per gallon respectively! If you wish for more power, then you can go for the turbocharged 2000cc flat four engine, which is capable of producing a power output of 250 horsepower and a torque of 258 lb. – ft. The engine is capable of pushing the vehicle from rest to 60 miles an hour in just 6.2 seconds, and boasts of fuel economies of 23 and 28 miles per gallon for city and highway respectively.

The 2014 Subaru Forester was also given the ‘Top Safety Pick +’ designation by the IIHS recently as it scored the highest among all the crossovers in a new test recently incorporated in the protocols. Who knows, the SUV might just have become the best crossover out there!


Lincoln Plans To Make It Big With the MKC Concept SUV!

As is apparent from the company’s recent actions and plans, the United States based motor company Lincoln plans to make a fresh start with its amazing new concept hybrid SUV, the Lincoln MKC Concept. The company’s officials have said that they plan to target a younger customer segment with its new concept SUV, and have also stated that they wish to reach to the particular segment of people which can be best classified as ‘anti-brand’ people!

Lincoln also claims that the amount of driver customization that the MKC Concept SUV offers is much more than any other similar vehicle as ever produced. Also, they say that the designers and technicians have done an incredible job and have made quite a ‘creative use of technology’. If these claims are to be believed, then the MKC Concept is surely going to do the trick that Lincoln needs!

We currently do not have a lot of information about what will the hybrid SUV feature under its hood. However, having the Ford Escape as its near kin, we are assuming that you will get to choose from a 1600cc and 2000cc EcoBoost four cylinder engine, as is in the Escape. Of course, there will be some impressive electricity driver power train providing torque to the wheels as well. Lincoln has been quiet about its new product, so we cannot really say what kind of powertrain this would be.

Coming to the beautiful exteriors that the SUV flaunts, we can surely say that the designers of the company have done an incredible job! The first thing that you’ll notice is the huge panoramic glass roof, which certainly adds an immense sense of luxury to the vehicle’s interiors. Also, the split Lincoln front grille that the SUV features has won many hearts of customers as well as critics. It certainly adds the aggressiveness and sportiness that it needs to have in order to attract young customers. The head lamps are also swept back a bit, making the front side look much more stylish. The rear side is also equally beautiful and features gorgeous tail lamps and exhausts.

The interiors, although equipped with modern features, hosts quite a retro kind of atmosphere. The first thing that we would like to mention is that Lincoln has decided ti incorporate the push button transmission system in the SUV Yes, the same kind that was in use in the 1950s. The passengers and driver will also get to enjoy the comfort of extraordinarily soft leather seats that the company plans to use in the interiors. The chrome parts that the interiors use are quite shiny and well-polished, adding another retro touch to the cabin.

Rumours have it that Lincoln plans to increase its sales in China, and also wishes to establish its legacy here. The company will be carrying out the required operations in the country from 2014. The new MKC Concept SUV will certainly play a significant role in the company’s history, both in the US as well as China. The SUV will definitely face a lot of competition from other big shot automakers!

Will Hummer Make a Come Back With the 2013 H4 SUV?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Hummer’? Definitely it will be nothing but a huge and bold SUV that might just run over any other vehicle leaving it a complete piece of trash! Well, you might need to feed some new data into your mind as the brand will now be bringing a new smaller SUV, which looks and performs as brutally as its elder brothers do!

Realizing the fact that the world has started to prefer compact SUVs and crossovers over the larger ones, the company has finally decided to bring in some products which are not as huge as boulders. Yes, we are talking about the beautiful Hummer H4 concept SUV, which is nothing less than an extreme beast!

Hummer has stated that the H4 will be great choice for those who travel a lot off road. What else do the 35 inch diameter wheels yell in your face? Besides the huge wheels, the H4 also comes with an impressive array of equipment which makes it one of the best off road SUVs. It is based on the HX concept that the company unveiled back in 2008. The engine statistics that the SUV features will also make you realize why the vehicle is such a beast. We would also like to mention that the H4 is a two door SUV, and each and every inch of the vehicle shouts manliness like no other vehicle does!

We consider calling the engine that the SUV features under its hood downright insane. What other adjective do you think would fit in best for the 3600cc direct injection V6 engine that comes with the monster? Yes, this engine for a two door SUV! The engine would provide some insane power to the huge wheels. The machine features an all-time four wheel drive system with locking front and rear difference. The 35 inch wheels are also combined with a feature which can reduce vibrations to a great extent. Your ride will hence be smooth at not so smooth terrains as well. Expecting a legendary off road driving experience from this beast is obvious!

We mentioned above that every inch of the SUV stinks of manliness, and we surely mean it! You can tell by a single glance that the H4 is perhaps one of the most robust SUVs that have ever been built. The front grilles as well as the head lamps are ordinarily shaped, but there is just something about the H4 that instantly makes you fall in love with it! The interiors of the 2013 version are also quite elegant and futuristic. With cleaner and spacious interiors and the amazingly comfortable seats, you will feel like you are sitting in some luxurious sedan, just a bit more aggressive!

The SUV is being produced in China, and will be out for sale soon. Hummer has faced a very huge blow to its reputation since the rise of the compact SUVs. We certainly hope that the massive improvements accompanied by the brutality that Hummer was known for will certainly help it rise and shine once again!

Mercedes Benz Unveils the Amazing GLA Concept Crossover!

Mercedes Benz seems to be on a pretty vigorous role lately as the company has launched a number of incredible concepts and vehicles which are certainly unmatchable in their respective categories. Be it off road beasts or amazing and futurities hybrids, Mercedes has come up with quite a number of worth waiting for SUVs. The company unveiled another one of its beauty at the Shanghai Motor Show recently, and believe us when we say it; this one’s an absolute darling! Why do we call the Mercedes Benz GLA Concept Crossover SUV an absolute darling? Well, it has all the mighty engines and other stuff, but what’s most amazing about this machine is the amount of awesome futuristic and classy stuff that Mercedes has added.

We’ll get to the amazing stuff that we talk of in a bit! Talking about the technical specifications, Mercedes flaunted the concept at the Shanghai Motor Show with a decent 2000cc four cylinder turbocharged engine. The engine is capable of producing a power of 208 horsepower and a torque of 258 lb. – ft. The concept features the amazing 4Matic all-wheel drive system that Mercedes has been incorporating in its new concepts lately. Also, the engine is coupled with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission, which makes the whole thing just downright brutal. Being a compact crossover, the GLA certainly boasts of a very impressive engine!

But the amazing engine is not the thing GLA wins hearts for! Instead, it’s the awesome stuff that we mentioned before. Let’s begin with the headlamps. Now you might be wondering that what can be so amazing about a vehicle’s headlamps. Well, laser-based headlamps with video-projecting capability might be the answer to your question! Yes, the headlamps of the SUV are capable of projecting images and videos on a screen! Now the question arises that what would that be used for!? There is a pair of high definition cameras mounted on the roof rack which might explain! The cameras can be used for taking images as the vehicle cruises around. Also, the HD cameras are detachable, and can be carried along if you wish to capture images somewhere else. There are adjusting lamps fitted in each camera which ensure that the lighting is right for capturing images. Further, you can even watch movies inside the car as an alternative to the projection option! The lamps also feature a cooling system consisting of fans, which make the headlights sparkle in a pretty impressive way!

Enter the interiors and you will get to know what real class is! An example of perfect craftsmanship, the GLA features some of the most elegant interior cabins that you might have ever come across. The exteriors are equally gorgeous, making the GLA Concept a worth mentioning example of the fine German engineering that the company is known for! We certainly hope that Mercedes gives a green signal for the SUV. Equipped with so many futuristic features and awesomeness, the GLA is certainly a concept that must go under production!

Great Wall Motor Company – Expanding Fast!

You don’t have to get worried when we say that the Chinese are all set to invade the lands of the United States of America! It’s the Chinese motor company known as the Great Wall Motor Company that we are talking about. The company has solid plans to bring its vehicles to the United Nations of America.

The Chinese company has spent the last couple of years carrying out extensive researches so as to bring its vehicles into the states. The company has even turned stones so as to get adequate estimates about the demands that the company will be meeting. Apparently, Great Wall is happy with the results! Also, the company has established a satisfactory dealership network in the region!

If you think you have enough knowledge about the global automobile manufacturing companies and haven’t heard of The Great Wall Motor Company yet, then you might need to turn the pages of your automobile magazines again. The company is known for being one of the most successful and popular automobile making companies of China. The company even features an impressive array of models and vehicles that it produces and sells. It showed off 26 of its impressive models at the Shanghai Motor Show, which was organised recently. Also, the company’s vehicles are sold in the markets of over 76 different countries. However, Great Wall Motors has been unable to setup a similar relationship with the countries of Canada and the United States of America.

Being one of the most stable and successful companies from the country, the Great Wall Motors Company certainly has the edge of being highly experienced in exporting vehicles in other countries as well setting up new factories in foreign markets. However, it will be very interesting to see how quickly the company sets its grounds in the United States of America. If a recent study conducted by the Bernstein Research is to be believed, then the entire process might take quite a significant time! The study says that Chinese automobile manufacturers will take at least a decade of development before they can compete on a global scale. It might take some time before Americans will see the amazing SUVs cruising along with the darling Volkswagens and BMWs they see every day!

It is also very interesting to note that many of the Asian companies have been trying their luck to enter the US markets for quite some time now, but none of them have been able to achieve what they aspired for. With the lack of vigorous efforts, most of these companies failed to bring up their impressions here. The only Chinese manufactured automobiles that are currently present on the continent are Honda’s models which were manufactured in China. Also, General Motors recently thought of importing their own models which they manufactured in China. It will be very interesting to see how the Great Wall motor Company makes its mark here in the US. If it manages to do so, then it will be known as the first Asian company to make it big in the US!

Check Out The New MG CS Concept Crossover SUV!

The Shanghai Motor Show that was organised recently seemed to have been quite a big platform for all companies to show off their new products and concepts, and MG couldn’t just stay behind! The Birmingham based company unveiled its beautiful MG CS Concept SUV car that is now counted besides the company’s other legendary models like the MG 3, MG 5 and MG 6. Being an off-road compact crossover, MG CS has surely caught a lot of attention at the Shanghai Motor Show, and is said to go under production really soon!

The MG CS seems to have derived influences from the MG 5 platform, and its shape is inspired by the upcoming models that the company plans to produce. The famous octagonal MG logo sits on a very narrow strip of the front grill which emanates from the headlamps of the vehicle. This designing pattern is seen in the MG 3 and MG 5 as well. The main grill sits below the narrow one, and adds to the overall look as well as air intake needs of the vehicle.

SUV makers seem to have been obsessed with adding something different and amazing to their products’ headlamps as was seen in the case of the Mercedes GLA Concept Crossover SUV. Talking of the MG CS concept, you will find multi-faceted ‘shard’ structured headlamps. These headlamps refract the headlights in an array of colours and shapes from the sides of the lights, but the beams coalesce later to form the company’s famous octagonal logo in the front! Pretty cool, right!?

Besides the amazing headlights, MG has also incorporated a number of stylish features in the exteriors of the vehicle, primarily to attract young people. The air vents in the front wings, concave door panels and blacked out A-pillars depict that the SUV draws influence from the amazing Range Rover Sport. Also, the sides of the MG CS look quite unique and add a sporty touch to the vehicle, making it look more aggressive and youthful. Unlike the Icon SUV Concept that the company unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show of 2012, the MG CS Concept looks quite modern and sporty!

Rumours have it that the company has already given a nod to the SUV’s production as the car is expected to hit the markets and the roads in 2015. There are many expectations from the engine that the model would feature, but we estimate that the petrol version would flaunt either a 1500cc or a 2000cc turbo engine and the diesel version would come up with a decent 1900cc engine. The production model of the CS is expected to arrive before the MG 5 SUV, early in the year of 2015 and is expected to carry a price tag of £15,000. It will be worthy to mention here that the company also plans to launch the production version of last year’s MG Icon SUV Concept by 2016. However, it is unclear whether the company will produce and assemble the new SUVs at its Longbridge manufacturing plant, which already produces the MG 6.

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