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2014 Kia Borrego

Kia Borrego, when debuted in 2009, seemed like a promising vehicle but it didn’t make success. The truck like SUV was a blend of more conventional features in order to build a traditional utility vehicle. The body-on-frame architecture of the SUV combined with a V8 engine to supply enough power to the body was undoubtedly a good attempt from the brand to produce an SUV that could traverse effortlessly on challenging terrains and would offer an impressive towing capacity. However, call it fate if you will, but 2014 Kia Borrego SUV makes much sale.

The Borrego after its debut in 2009 just stayed in for as long as a year and then vanished. Back then the SUV had two trim level options which were the LX and the EX. Each trim level provided a choice between two different engines. One could choose his Borrego to be powered by a 3.8 liter six cylinder engine that was good for 276 ponies and produced a toque that summed up at about 267 pound feet. Or, there was an alternative! One could also go for a 4.6 liter eight cylinder grunt. The massive engine had a capacity to produce 337 horsepower and 323 pound feet of twist. The transmission had to have an option considering the line of options the vehicle gave. The five speed automatic transmission was mated to the V6 engine while the V8 sported an automatic six speed transmission. Both the trim levels in their basic were two-wheel drives standard, while, a four wheel drive was optional. In all its glory, a 2014 Kia Borrego with V8 had a capacity to tow a massive 7,500 pounds.

The new Kia Borrego, which is also called the Kia Mohave is supposed to be the savior of the lineup. However, there is not much change in the appearance or the dynamics of the Borrego. It still remains the good old family SUV with traditional features. The 2014 Kia Borrego is powered by a 3.8 liter six cylinder grunt. Backed by a six speed automatic transmission the Kia Borrego 2014 is a decent SUV in its niche. The new suspension in the 2014 Borrego is one of the best additions to the SUV. This completely independent air suspension is accompanied with other additions as well. The 2014 Kia Borrego gets a bigger and better safety system. Along with the common brake assist, side and front airbags and stability control and such features, the 2014 Kia Borrego is also equipped with ABS brakes, EBD (electronic brakeforce distribution), Downhill Assist Control and Hill-Start Assist Control systems. It’s almost like the new safety system in the 2014 Kia Borrego is like an auto-driver to the vehicle.

Just like the 2009 Borrego, the 2014 model sports the low-range gearing. Also, the body-on-frame architecture and the four wheel drive base come unchanged. It still remains the old-school rugged SUV that is an off-roader at its heart. Still, whatever changes the Kia Borrego has undergone have been for the better. It will be interesting to see if it reaches out to the customers and makes great sales unlike the 2009 Borrego.

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