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2014 Lexus GX 460: Luxury Redefined

Searching for an SUV which is refined and rugged at the same time, then the all new 2014 Lexus GX 460 can very well fit your bill, because this beautiful car is blessed with just about every single thing which one can expect from a luxury car brand like Lexus. Luxury equipment playbook backed with proved off-road hardware, the new 2014 Lexus GX 460 provides smooth and quiet ride while travelling up towards the mountains. But, you might get in dilemma over the 2014 Lexus GX 460’s utility because of its off road capabilities and may not choose it over other midsize luxury SUVs offering seven passenger seat option at the same price band. So let’s take a look at its tech specs and see what actually carries under the luxury hood is.

Sophistically speaking, the new 2014 Lexus GX 460 comes with a seven passenger interior and plethora of desirable features which are also standard in almost every Lexus you see in the market and are beautifully complimented by some advanced technology solutions which make GX 460 even more desirable. The beefy body on frame construction of GX 460 is top notch followed by four wheel drive and crawl control system which comes as an optional feature. When used together these features make GX work remarkably in short and rough trails, but hard core off roaders should also make not of the fact that this Lexus has less ground clearance if compared to Toyota 4 Runner and can also not go as far as beating it in the path results. Moreover, the GX’s 301 horsepower V8 engine of 2014 Lexus GX 460 provides enough power to accelerate in traffic and has the ability to tow load up to 6,500 pounds effortlessly. The adaptive air suspension feature allows GX 460 to balance comfortable ride and secure handling smoothly.

For 2014, Lexus has introduced new exterior styling, LED headlights in front and rear along with LED foglights, introduction of 8 inch touchscreen interface, NuLuxe leatherette upholstery and trailer sway control have now become standard features. The advanced safety features section primarily includes blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic warning system which can be availed as optional features. The company has kept the price tag of their base model a bit low so that they can make some real money with their top line luxury trim levels, which will also hit the market soon.

Undoubtedly, in the market there are only a handful of luxurious SUVs that can offer dual use capability which comes handy with 2014 Lexus GX 460. The most obvious and nearest competition for this new Lexus is 2014 Land River LR4, which stands equally strong in terms of luxury and capability. The LR4 also comes with the advantage of having ample interior space which might look a drawback in GX 460, but LR4 still has to go long way to compete with Lexus’s reliability reputation. Other considerable options include 2014 Acura MDX, 2014 BMW X5 and 2014 Infiniti QX60, which are good in performance, handling, fuel economy and space but lack the luxury of a Lexus.

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