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2015 BMW X1

BMW is all set to bring its 2015 BMW X1 as a latest entrant for the futuristic SUV market.  If you compare the current model of BMW X1 with its predecessors, you will find that it is smaller and lighter, wherein the overall dimension of the new vehicle playing important role in widening the gap between the two variants, also the new version comes with sportier look and feel. However, the platform, engine and interior fittings will remain the same as the previous BMW X1 model, but will be powerful with enhanced performance dynamics. This compact luxury SUV from BMW will be highly fuel efficient with its turbo charged motors and will come with an automatic maintenance reminder feature, to keep it stay abreast with the latest improvements and performance dynamics.

The aggressive redesigning of 2015 BMW X1 has made it look refreshed and it has also been updated with the use of enhanced quality material wherein the classy chrome touch is also added for extra elegance. The overall design of BMW X1 2015 is expected to be modern and luxurious with the addition of interesting features like iDrive interface and automatic transmission joystick. If you measure it you will find that 2015 BMW X1 is till the date the smallest crossover that BMW has come up with and its rear seats are quite small in size. The foldable rear seat backs can provide enough space for keeping luggage easily. The redesigned crossover looks different because of its small size and some of its designing elements are clearly copied from X3 and X5.

The car maker has invested a lot of time and energy in redesigning its 2015 BMW X1 just to make it look improved for their new UKL platform. Nevertheless, the hard work has paid well and the new BMW X1 looks new, fresh and special. The redesigned and reshaped front portion of 2015 BMW X1 has captivating headlights and a new grille, which has a unique kidney shape a trademark for BMW making it look aggressive and sportier from front. A sharp look at its front and you will notice a big air intake beside headlight and grille. The redesigning of rear eng has added longer wheel base to BMW X1. Automatic climate control system, five climate control modes, AUX-IN connection, professional navigation system, USB interface system, sensor equipped system parking distance control and standard audio system are some of the interesting features to look forward in BMW X1.

The interior of latest BMW X1 has enough space, headroom and legroom to make it a comfortable SUV. The car offers excellent comfort for families willing to enjoy long drives and to make it all interesting the interior is equipped with fine quality material and advanced technology. The 2015 BMW X1 comes with the engine option of both gasoline and Diesel and will most probably have three cylinder and four cylinder inline engines along with V6 engine option. 9 speed automatic transmission will be the latest addition and the base option will come with front wheel drive feature to make it even more interesting. So just wait for the little giant to hit the market.

Powerful 2015 Subaru Outback

The 2015 Subaru Outback seems more like an improved version of its predecessor than actually being categorized as the futuristic SUV for 2015. To make it more compelling, the company has tried to make it more efficient, spacious, powerful and quiet as compared to its previous models, which seems like a legit decision to keep its stronghold in the market. The inclusion of grille in the front section, which is hexagonal in shape makes it template look more corporate and also goes well with the lower grille. Streamlined headlights and raked front windshield are also something to watch out for along with the tail lamps at the end of the vehicle which make considerable improvements in its width but don’t make any change in its height. The rocker panel comes with toothed mold and is doubled in order to keep things manageable in the roof rack. Inclusion of many exciting features like plush exteriors and noticeable interiors have surely make 2015 Subaru Outback stand amongst the most anticipated SUVS for 2015. The interiors of Subaru Outback are quite upscale with the use of soft to touch plastic material giving the entire cabin a more adventurous look. Sophisticated entertainment system is another good thing about 2015 Subaru Outback. Shift paddles at the back of its three spoke steering wheel are receiving appreciation from one and all equally.

The improved version of 2015 Subaru Outback outback comes with several enhanced features like eye sight driver assist system that helps drivers while going on long trips. The off road capabilities of this SUV are also remarkable along with its passenger attributes that make it a perfect family hauler. The new and improved version of active torque split and all wheel drive made makes it an outdoor oriented can that can be used efficiently for all purposes.

The new Subaru has been improvised in almost every department but has increased by only 0.7 inches. Under the hood it’s all aluminum and what you find is a 2.5 liter four cylinder engine with the ability produce 175 horsepower 174 pound feet torque, to bring an option for its buyers, Subaru has also kept an optional 3.6 liter six cylinder engine which is capable of producing 256 horsepower and 247 lb ft torque. The cargo room has been increased marginally by 1.2 cubic feet when back seats are up and 2.0 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded completely.

The load floor for 2015 Subaru Outback is flat which makes your vehicle easily accessible due to its memory height function on the tailgate. Release handles have been introduced for rear seats making them look unique. The acoustic windshield makes cabin look more enhanced, thick panels and use of foam keeps insulating noises away. The floor dampening material used in Subaru reduces noises that disturb passengers while travelling. The 2015 Subaru Outback is manufactured with 6 speakers audio system and 7 inch touchscreen display to provide complete entertainment. The luxurious vehicle is technically very sound, thus making in a top list of 2015 SUVs.

2015 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

For 2015, Mitsubishi has played safe and has entered the market with its 2015 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport SUV to take on the new players of SUV segment. This year Mitsubishi has given prime importance to safety and for that they have made Pajero in two toned metal body making it capable to take any land without facing any kind of glitch. The advanced technology Mitsubishi has introduced in the engine for its 2015 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport enables it to deliver excellent acceleration and torque while on road. The four cylinder injection engine is powerful enough to generate 118.5bhp with the amazing rate of 4000 mp. Most beneficial for this 2015 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is its transmission and suspension technology which is meant to handle all kinds of road terrains along with its classy features like leather upholstery, sporty cockpit and adjustable cushion seats for comfortable riding.

If you take a brief look at the exterior of 2015 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, you will be completely mesmerized by its modified handles, view mirrors, dazzling color selection and its well garnished chrome doors which make it completely irresistible. The diesel engine of Pajero Sport has the power to generate 11 bhp without blink. It is fitted with the most extraordinary safety fittings which are powered by its 4X4 pioneering technology, which enables it to protect against collisions with its enhanced safety equipments that have the capacity to absorb strong collision impacts. The rigid and secure cabin has been designed in such a manner that the chances of head injuries after any accident have decreased to much extent. Also, the car makes has placed its fuel tank so impressively that if the car collides with something the chances of fuel leakage are very minimal.

Mitsubishi is planning to make 2015 Pajero Sport available for its customers in town kinds which are mostly expected to be 3.2 DID. The benefit that is surely going to reap positive results for Pajero in the long run is use of advanced technology especially in rail which allows he heavy duty vehicle to reach all kinds of places smoothly and that too in a fast paced mood. Apart from being unique in its modeling and style, 2015 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is also safe and secure making it rank high on the safety assurance segment which has become quite an important factor these days for SUV buyers.

Additional features that make 2015 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport an every inch worthwhile car includes its ASTC technology which is directly responsible for its remarkable safety features and also provides assistance in regulating force when the driver applies brake to each and every wheel, thus guaranteeing complete safety. ASTC also reduces the risk factors which eventually lead to the slippery tire surface. So, my take is you should definitely go and steal a look at 2015 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport whenever its going to hit the market because it will be among the SUVs that will benefit its buyers the most. So, just wait and watch for the real storm to hit the market with 2105 Mitsubishi sport.

2015 BMW X4: Synonymous to Performance and Power

If we go by the claims made by BMW, their 2015 BMW X4 is a stupendous vehicle with the ability to elevate ride height along with the all wheel drive capability of a SUV, which has been enhanced using coupe striking metal sheet. But if we go by the words of other reviewers, it is being said that the design for X4 has been lifted directly from X3, we are not saying that it’s a bad thing because with this design, the all new X4 will come with attractive dashboard, premium quality material upholstery and comfortable driving positions to make it a hit among the drivers. There are also several other features that have been added to X4 like iDrive system, Google’s point of interest tool for navigation and traffic information, redundant controlling with buttons and knobs for access with a touch pad mounted on the knobs that allows users to make note of phone numbers, contact details and destinations while driving. Additional features like premium sound system with 600 watts 16 speakers, panoramic sunroof and BMW navigation app makes its cabin more enhanced and luxurious.

To make it even more  delectable for the BMW lovers, the car maker is offering its latest vehicle 2015 BMW X4 in two engine choices, wherein the first one is fitted with  a standard motor under the hood with specification od xDrive28i and a turbocharged 2.0 liter four cylinder engine that can generate up to 240 hp and 260 lb-ft torque. Those who wish to have more output and looking for a more performance oriented vehicle there second engine choice of xDrive35i of X4 packed of 3.0ltr turbocharged engine with the inline six cylinder capacity of producing up to 300 hp and 300 lb-ft torque is an ideal one. The performance oriented 2015 BMW X4 is available with automatic transmission of eight speed setting that ensure quick, safe and smooth ride, all wheel drive feature comes as a standard in all trim levels. The steering system for X4 is directly variable, which offers standard performance control to maintain torque split from rear to make the response sportier. You can also go for the optional Dynamic Damper Control feature that helps in tightening adaptive shocks to ensure smooth running and also reducing the chances of body roll.

The xDrive28i 2015 BMW X4 is the standard version which will be available in the market at first will have four turbo cylinder motor and leatherette upholstery complimented by 12 speaker audio system with HD quality, AUV and USB support. Automatic climate control, Bluetooth, automatic windshield wiper, power liftgate, headlight auto on and off of Xenon, fog lights with LED, 18 inch alloy wheels, ambiance lighting feature, universal garage door opener, full power accessories and auto dimming mirrors to make it a worth it purchase.

You can also have optional features like metal bumper, imitation under body guards, satin aluminum cladding, unique leather upholstery and 19 inch trim strip wheel option to get it customized. M sport trim level for X4 will come with aggressive body kit, sporty front seat, anthracite headliner sport tuned steering and suspension and  a lot more. The expected price for 2015 BMW X4 can be anywhere near $50,000. So start making your savings now.

2015 Chevrolet Traverse

If you are also among those who are looking for a complete family SUV in the futuristic crossover segment then surely Chevy has come to your rescue. To meet the needs of big families Chevrolet has introduced its all new 2015 Chevrolet Traverse that has several enhance changes that differentiate it from its predecessors. Chevy has not only redesigned it completely, but has also made several commendable changes to it that has made the vehicle even more flexible for the SUV lovers. The availability of new version in several paint colors is sure to make it a hit among the young drivers as these days people love to experiment with colors even when it comes to buying their favorite four wheeler. The company has come up with such vibrant colors that are sure to attract people even if they are hooked to their classic blacks and whites.

Exterior of 2015 Chevrolet Traverse has been revamped completely to make it look stunning and luxurious; many of the reviewers are taking 2015 Traverse as an alternative to minivan designed specifically for large families. Inclusion of several high tech gadgets surely makes it a well equipped vehicle with refreshing redesigning and styling that makes it a delight. Expectations are quite high with 2015 Chevrolet Traverse as it is set to emerge as the most feasible option for large SUV crossovers which has ample of space and luxury. The 3.6 liter engine of 2015 Chevy Traverse has the ability to produce 281 horsepower along with 266 lb ft torque output. If you choose to have dual exhaust option, the output can go up by 288 horsepower and 270 lb ft torque, with such numbers there is no need to mention that Traverse doesn’t need any more powerful engine, still it will be available with four cylinder turbocharged engine to make it worth of every penny spent on it.

The major contribution that the newly introduced for cylinder engine will do to performance is to improve its figure from 17 miles per gallon on road and 24 miles per gallon off road, which is actually an economical feature. Apart from that there are other options in 2015 Chevrolet Traverse like start-stop automatic option and cylinder deactivation option that help in improving fuel economy to a large extent. All these features have only added feathers to the already economical hat of 2015 Traverse.

Chevy has kept its 2015 Traverse light in weight and has the ability to tow up to 5200 pounds. The spacious interior of Traverse along with its luxurious look and additional extraordinary features make it a potential hit among buyers. Even though the company has kept interior of 2015 Chevrolet Traverse simple style wise, still they have managed to make it look rich with excellent stitching of upholstery, proper lightning and amazing instrument panel. The car is available with 7 to 8 people seat capability depending on its trim level. Ride is soothing, but you surely cannot expect it to float on the road. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity and 6.5 inch touchscreen panel are the major highlights for entertainment.

If you are looking for a comfortable family hauler that can make your long drives smooth, 2015 Chevrolet Traverse must be in your checklist.

2015 Toyota Venza: It’s All About Safety, Comfort and Design

Taking a big leap in 2015, Toyota is all set to launch its 2015 Toyota Venza, which is loosely based on its FT SX concept introduced long back in 2006. Japanese automaker Toyota produced this concept and gained momentum in market as one of the most prestigious auto maker. The car maker has taken a step ahead with its innovation and is going to launch the upgraded version of Toyota Venza during its premier this year. 2015 Toyota Venza is basically a midsized four wheeler SUV designed specifically to meet the requirements of a family. While upgrading this car for 2015 market, the company has kept all its stakes in improving its comfort, safety, design and efficiency.

Talking about the specifications of 2015 Toyota Venza, the first thing that we noticed about this newly redesigned SUV is its availability in variety of engines depending on individual requirements. The first type of engine that we came across is a utility based 2.7 liter 4 cylinder engine with the ability to provide 181 to 268 horse power of energy. The second type of engine is a V6 program version 3.5 liter engine and has the ability to provide power efficient for a midsized SUV. It completely a customers’ choice which engine they wish to buy but going by the experience, it is usually said that the second engine version is the restricted edition from the organization rest it’s your choice.

The outer body of 2015 Toyota Venza has been completely redesigned and has become more attractive and thinner if compared to its previous versions. The new version comes with Firefox facility and the changed light design to give an improved cabin look to the insides. The company has paid great attention to passenger comfort and has designed seats by maintaining proper spaces to make them comfortable for all. The redesigned interior adds to the comfort level of its cabin. The Japanese car maker has introduced 2015 Toyota Venza in market in three color options namely Cypress pearl, Cosmic Gray Mica and Attitude Black, all are considered to be classic for Toyota and look highly aesthetic for an SUV of this class. Safety has also been given the top priority and with that company has managed to fill the loopholes of its previous versions.

The expected price of 2015 Toyota Venza can be approximately $30000 and is also expected to launch by the end of the year. So if you are on a budget of $30000 and is constant search for comfortable family SUV car, then there can be no better option than 2015 Toyota Venza as it is the best available bet in the market at this price range. It will be a complete waste if you buy an outdated version SUV with moderate variation in price because the price you will pay for its features and specifications is worth of every penny you spend on it. Still the final choice is yours and it depends on your preferences what kind of family SUV you wish to spend on.

2015 BMW X6: the Next Generation SUV

2015 is supposedly to be the year of BMW because to make it large in the futuristic SUV segment, the company is all geared up to hit the bull’s eye with its second generation 2015 BMW X6, which is being stipulated as the new version of its 2014 X6. After its arrival is Moscow Motor Show, the vehicle is expected to hit the market soon. To keep the design simple for X6, BMW has kept it roots on new generation X5 model and the dimensions for X6 are also same 4900/ 1980/1700mm – l/w/h. the only change you will notice will be in its wheel base, which is expected to be a little higher. The company has proclaimed that they have reduced the weight of X6 by using light weight materials for its construction. The distinct line of X6 will remain same, but minute design details have the potential to give this 2015 vehicle more aggressive look and feel.

It is quite evident that the increased wheel base will also increase the space inside the car making it more spacious. The only noticeable difference between the current model and the new 2015 BMW X6 model is the latter ones slanted front end along with protruding front grille which is placed vertically in the newly designed X6. In rear also you can find some noticeable changes like bumper appearance, quad pipe exhaust system and light clusters, which are all a welcome relief from rather mundane designing of current version.

The drive unit if 2015 BMW X6 is same as the new generation BMW X5 models. The X6 will be coming with 4.41 liter V8 petrol engine with the ability to generate 450hp and 650lb-ft torque. Apart from petrol engine customer can also look for 6 cylinder 3.0I twin power diesel engine with the ability to produce 285hp and 560lb-ft torque. You can also get your diesel engine supplemented by its six-cylinder of 3.0l three turbo diesel engine of 381hp and torque 740lb-ft for improved and efficient performance dynamics. In addition to its standard diesel and petrol engine, the company has also promised to introduce its hybrid plug in propulsion system for its X6. It is being speculated that the hybrid version of X6 will mostly be based on the 2015 BMW X5 model. The hybrid version of 2015 BMW X6 is expected to be available during 2015 only and not before that.

Other changes in the new design of X6 include its availability in the sports trim level which is named as 2015 BMW X6 M and is expected to be available in the market by late 2014. The sports version is expected to have significant changes from its current model. The front bumper will be replaced by large air ventilator. Also to make the front more appealing for the sports version company will install new grille in the “M” style to make it look unique. With new bumper, roof spoiler and exhaust system with four pipes, the X6 M is sure to be a winner. Go for its because of its upgraded high performance brakes, alloy wheels and modified suspension.

2015 Toyota Prado: A Delight to Drive Cruiser

In 2015 Toyota is all set to hit the SUV market in the beginning with its Toyota Prado, which belongs to its land cruiser range and is produced by the Toyota Motor Corporation. Being an upgraded version of Toyota land Cruiser series, the all new 2015 Toyota Prado is completely redesigned to shed off all the drawbacks that have hampered the sale of its predecessors. The outer body has been redesigned completely with several noticeable changes along with improvements in cabin to make it even more comfortable for the passengers. The use of modern technology has resulted in the Prado’s increased efficiency and improved strength.

The attractive exterior of 2015 Toyota Prado can surely give its current model a run for its money because in the new design company has sharpened its lines along with its front grill, which is also enflamed to make it look dapper. Hot and cold seat facility has been added in 2015 version along with food and drinks storage boxes in the car cabin. Its redesigned interior has played a great role in increasing comfort level to many notches up also its new furniture has soft edges that make seats highly pleasant.

If we talk about its under the hood features, you will find that company is offering Prado with two engine options wherein the first engine is 2.7 liter four cylinder whereas the other is one based on V6 program and is also more power efficient is compared to the first one. The car maker has designed the sitting posture of the inside cabin in such a way that it will ensure not only comfort for the passengers but also safety. LED lamps and LED lights play a major role is designing its attractive interior making it highly apprehensive. For providing entertainment to its passengers, 2015 Toyota Prado has included LED screen on the dashboard which included DVD facility making it a complete entertainer for a long trip. Because the car maker has reduced the weight of Prado almost by 60kgs for 2015, the car has become even more fuel efficient for the buyers.

To conclude the review, it can be said easily that 2015 Toyota Prado belongs to that class of SUVs, which have been redesigned specifically in 2015 to increase its efficiency if compared to their current available versions. This is among the cars that have the power to offer best driving experience on road as well as off road. The 2015 Toyota Prado is likely to hit the market by end of this year or maximum by the beginning of 2015 and is expected to price around $ 80000, the company has not announced any official date yet and the price is still speculated going by its plethora of features. No doubt 2015 Toyota Prado is a bit expensive and not meant for those looking for a futuristic SUV on a tight budget. But of you are in search of a good SUV then this surely makes a safest bet with fuel efficiency and attractive styling difficult to find in this class.

2015 Nissan Terrano: A Great Innovation

If you are in for some innovation in 2015 then you should watch the all new 2015 Nissan Terrano, which in itself is a unique presentation from the car maker in which they have kept its design strikingly similar to Renault Duster but with amazing rear quality. The structure of the car has surely progressed with sophistication added to almost every aspect of the car qualities. It is speculated that company is taking every possible step to make the front design of the car spectacular to bring a newly designed Nissan SUV in the market with a size larger than its predecessors. The sleek looking two headlamps are the most obvious additions which one notices at a first look. The car is all decked up with some very powerful features like silver painted roof rails, chrome exhaust finisher and more to make it a top notch choice for SUV lover, if you are looking for a tinted glass SUV, then this will be the best in quality as well as class.

If you give a close look at its exterior, you will find that no compromise has been made to make it top quality along with high end variants like rear spoiler and roof rails which as new for an upcoming SUV like this one from Nissan. The side profile of 2015 Nissan Terrano is adorned with diamond like 16 inch machined alloy wheels, which add a fresh look to it. Test driving this amazing piece of innovation with features like colored bumpers, antenna and silver finish you will feel grateful to have hands on experience with this one. Its complete profile will surely make you wonder and admire this beautiful SUV with excellent features.

The most highlighted feature of 2015 Nissan Terrano is its mileage, which makes a lot of difference for buyers and you can assure that you will not be disappointed in that department. The unbelievable mileage coverage offered by Terrano is 100 percent advantageous, which is difficult to find on any other SUV from this class. The 1.6 liter petrol engine has the power to offer 13.2kmpl of mileage and it becomes even more advantageous with its availability in petrol as well as diesel version to meet the needs of different buyers. The diesel engine of 2015 Nissan Terrano is capable of providing 83.8 to 108.5bph with its 1461cc engine. The 105 liter diesel engine has manual transmission system, whereas the 108.5bhp engine comes with six speed manual transmission.

The excellent petrol version of 2015 Nissan Terrano is well equipped with the capacity of 1.6 liter. The 1598cc capacity of its engine has the potential to generate power of 102.6bhp at 5850 rpm with the pounding of 145Nm and the torque of 3750 rpm(Highest peak). The car maker has mated its powerful engine with five speed manual transmission gear box to make it highly competitive. So, it is quite evident that in the upcoming procession of car market, Nissan group has kept all its cards strong and powerful to make its presence effective with use of best available features in its cars to make them best among others.

2015 Porsche Macan: An Ultimate Crossover

2015 Porsche Macan is a new crossover from Porsche, which has got its name from Indonesian language and the word means Tiger. Completely justifying its name, the Macan from Porsche is expected to be the best seller SUV for 2015 because of its powerful packaging and good looks. With the wheel base of 110.5 inches and length of 184.3 inches, 2015 Porsche Macan is every inch the most watchable car for 2015. The 1.3 inch wide vehicle is approx 1.7 inches longer from its predecessor and the company has kept its exteriors and wheel base quite similar to the BMW and in terms of size it is slightly large if compared to Mercedes. The world renowned car makes has used excellent quality aluminum to construct hood and hatch for 2015 Porsche Macan, whereas stainless steel is used for building its unique unibody structure. Around 6000 wields of steel are used to make the unicody structure of Macan, which also plays a great role in differentiating from the Cayenne. The blades for Macan have been placed strategically near the bottom of its side doors and are duly painted along with carbon fiber inserts to make it look unique.

Under the hood of Porsche Macan you will find a 3 liter V6 turbocharged twin engine with the power of producing top speed of up to 254km/hr. Undoubtedly driving Macan on road will be a pleasant experience and will surely never disappoint the buyer with its performance. The design of the 2015 Porsche Macan will surely make you fall in love with it because it has been designed aesthetically keeping the tough competition in mind. The grip of its tire on the highway has received appreciation from almost all the reviewers, which also gives it additional brownie points. Its driving dynamics are sure to satisfy you and you can easily avoid other vehicles when looking at this beauty.

The company has integrated the new internal vent discs as one of the key features for 2015. The six piston aluminum fixed pillars at the front make this car look like a dream and also make the driver feel superb. If you compare it with other 2015 probable cars, you will find that 2015 Porsche Macan is way ahead of them in terms of features and beauty, thus keeping the customer completely satisfied. Especially the exterior design of the Macan is simply adorable and cannot be beaten by any other hot shot in market. The exceptional seat system with standard Alcantara seats provides comfort to the passengers back along with adequate hip support.  A test drive of this car is truly an amazing experience with its sleek design and comfortable accommodation

The car is fitted with most high tech equipments all over and never makes it driver feel dull even for a second. The additional features offered by Porsche are truly an icing on the cake as they were not available with the previous version.  So, go and take a test drive of 2015 Porsche Macan for that unusually satisfying driving experience.

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