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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Cadillac’s upcoming Increases the Heat in the Car Market

There are no doubts, considering the Alpha-based ATS and CTS, the ELR and the due-in 2015 Escalade, Cadillac’s offering is like a whiff of fresh air. It is worthy of successfully battling its contenders and emerge a winner in the cutthroat competition that prevails in the luxury vehicle segment. However, it is being said that the brand will have to give it, its best shot and strategize constantly to give other vehicles in the market a tough competition. Well, if we know anything at all about the Upcoming Cadillac SUV, it shouldn’t be a problem at all!

So, we have the word that the highly awaited CTS-V avatar of the SUV will hit the roads some time in 2016. From what we have heard about this model, it is expected to have the super efficient 650 horsepower supercharged 6.2-liter V8. We have heard that it is supposedly the same giant that will also run the 2015 Corvette Z06. There are speculations in the vehicle world that the motor will be geared with a twin-turbo V8 and perhaps, it won’t be near 650 ponies. It has been heard that the standard CTS isn’t going to receive any drastic facelift until 2019. Well, for all those waiting for the Upcoming Cadillac SUV 2016, even the smallest bit of information triggers a round of discussion, as you will read.

So the news is that the ATS Coupe will arrive in the market without keeping its fans waiting for long. However, a fresh version of the sedan is all set to hit the roads in mid-2015. The ELR plug-in hybrid, however, is going to be out after a fabulous facelift, only in the year 2017. We must admit that we haven’t heard much on the Cadillac variant of the next-generation Chevrolet Volt. Even though there were some reports from some trustworthy sources in the motor world, nothing can be stated for sure.

What we do know for sure is that Cadillac’s upcoming SUV, the Escalade, is going to flaunt General Motors’ revolutionary rear-wheel drive 10-speed transmission. News reports point that it is the same transmission that it is set to develop with Ford’s contribution in 2017. Going by that, one can imagine that it will be given the styling tweaks at almost the same time. It has also been predicted that the mid-size SRX will be revamped in 2016 and will be fixed with the nine-speed front-wheel drive gearbox. Speculations are that a grand crossover is also on its way but is going to keep motor enthusiasts waiting till 2018.

There is more than just the news of the Cadillac’s upcoming SUV. So, lastly and most importantly, the much-awaited LTS rear-wheel drive full-size sedan will be launched in 2015 or perhaps 2016. Industry experts are sure the car will have the same 3.6-liter twin-turbocharged V6 and Aisin-sourced eight-speed transmission that grace the CTS Vsport. Chances are that it will ultimately get the 10-speed transmission after a year, some time in 2017. To add icing to the cake, an all-wheel drive will also be available for its takers!


Double Excitement with 2020 Audi SUV

Audi never rests. Really. Even when it comes to the world of rumors, Audi keeps us all busy. This time too, what has come floating our way is an excellent piece of news. Or should we say double the piece of news. We will tell you why we are saying so. Well, vehicle experts have heard from some very credible sources that Audi is planning or actually deciding to throw the world a double treat! Yes, that’s right. So, if the above-mentioned piece of story is to be believed, Audi has in store for us a double line up, meaning double the number of SUVs are going to double by the end of the decade. So, get ready to embrace a double doze of upcoming 2020 Audi SUVs.

The experts are seeing a full-fledged strategy in the German company’s decision to offer double the excitement. The brand is already developing Q2,Q4, and Q6 models to bulk up its current SUV offerings which includes Q3, Q5,and Q7. Industry experts are seeing more in this double treat than just double the thrill! They are thinking that it comes as a well-thought move in an attempt to cater to a wider segment of the market. While definitely Audi will stay a style statement of the rich, the upcoming 2020 Audi SUV will, to a slight extent, be more achievable.

Some are also of the view that the pressure for 2020 Audi SUV lineup is a result of Volkswagen’s goal to become the planet’s largest automaker by 2018. Imagine this with another piece of news that Audi had accounted for 48 per cent of Volkswagen profit in first nine months of 2012! This indeed is a mind-blowing figure now, isn’t it? Who would have imagined such a great digit, keeping in mind that it only sold 14 per cent of the group’s vehicles! Now with the upcoming 2020 Audi SUVs, one can only imagine how much profit lies in its way.

Well, profit or not, the popularity and the cheer that Audi draws from the world is truly unmatched. So, even keeping the profits aside, the brand is going to continue riding high on its global demand!

Want to know more about upcoming 2020 Audi SUVs. It has been heard from trustworthy sources, of course, that the compact Q2 is going to be based on the cross lane concept. It has even been spotted by some fortunate spectators at Paris last year. What a spectacle it made, they said! They treated their eyes to the beauty of this one and just when they thought they were fascinated with it, the brand presented Q6! News is that Q6 is going to be manufactured in Audi’s Mexico plant, alongside Q5. The brand lovers are exclaiming that they are not so bothered with where that beauties are being produced as much as the WHEN part of it!

With the double dose strategy, the brand is sure to boost its sales by 40 % – 15 % higher than their current sales! It sure is a win-win for Audi as well as its lovers!

2016 Maserati Levante: Unmatched and Unstoppable

The motor world is always abuzz with rumors. So, it is hard to really differentiate between what is to be believed and what is to be discarded as only hearsay. In this fickle environment, we have got fresh reports about Maserati Levante. Yes, it is true. We have got some news that is worth its weight in gold or more. From what we have heard 2016 Maserati Levante SUV, is going to share its platform with Maserati Ghibli and not Jeep Grand Cherokee! This comes as a shock to all those who were familiar with the original plan that were chalked for this model. Catching motor enthusiasts off guard, there is more that is being circulated in the motor world.

Let’s read on to find out what recent spy shots have revealed.

It is always great to take a sneak peek at something gorgeous, especially when you never know for sure what will a beauty turn out to be. Same holds true for upcoming 2016 Maserati Levante SUV. Now, if there is any thing believable in spy shots, what has been pointed out is that soon to appear model looks like a distant reflection of Ghilbi. At least, that is what was spotted, racing on test grounds. Now it is up to us whether to believe what we are seeing or wait for the final model to be released. For now, we are curious as well as a tad confused!

From internal sources, we have found out that the Upcoming 2016 Maserati Levante SUV is aiming at selling at least, 20,000 units per year. That, in deed, appears to be a very phenomenal figure and we can imagine the confidence that the brand has bestowed in its model that is going to be available in early 2016 for the US market. This news has spread like wild fire among motor enthusiasts in the US. One can imagine them counting days on their fingertips before 2016 Maserati Levante hits the market. Going by the looks and the features that are expected to grace this vehicle, it is only understandable!

Well, talking about features of 2016 Maserati Levante, nothing much has been stated or promised. Whatever little we have heard could very well just be unverified stories.  It is heard that the upcoming Levante SUV will have at least 3 engines. Possibly in multiple states of tune for some of them. The petrol variant will comprise of a twin-turbo V8 with 560 hp, as well as a twin-turbo V6 that will have the capacity to deliver 350 or 425 hp.

What we do know for sure is that it is pinning many hopes on this one! This ‘special creature’ as has been stated by the company, can’t or shouldn’t be compared to any Bentley SUV. The fact that 2016 Maserati Levante SUV is going to be plush and yet expected to help the company reach its massive annual sales target of 50,000 just sets it apart.

Now we are sure that no parallel can be drawn between this one and any other contemporary creation!

McLaren SUV 2020: The Future is Here

Nothing drives car lovers crazy as much as the very mention of future cars. It is this very word and the sound of it that gets their hearts racing like super powerful engines coming to life. Some times, car lovers go to the extent of fantasizing about their future cars and have all kinds of incredible features in their minds. They constantly imagine their future car with these features and hope that one day, their imagination will come to life. Well, McLaren SUV 2020 is one such car that has been designed in Turin, Italy.

Hold your breath for this one. This is exceptionally swanky and no kidding about that. There have been some images that are making rounds in the motor lover circles. There are some fortunate people who have set their eyes on the concept images. Those images were enough to drive them crazy. Some stated that the upcoming McLaren SUV 2020 is like a winged creature. Its structure gives it the agility that has only been imagined but never seen! After all, it is truly a dream machine, something that has been designed to drive the world insane with its futuristic body design, its wing-like doors and its overall appearance.

Since it is a vehicle of the future, it is nothing like you have seen in the longest time. No, there is no exaggeration involved here. Yes, we like to tease the motor lover in you but this one has caught us by a surprise too! It has surpassed all the machines that we have seen so far or expect to see in the future. We really had to hold our horses for all we had was some concept images. However, if there is even an iota of truth in what we have seen, there is every reason for us to look forward to 2020 McLaren SUV.

This dream machine or should we say that the concept images of this dream machine have got a response that says it all. While it is expected to be a 2-seater, powered by a hybrid powertrain, there is only so much that we know for sure. Therefore, we are keeping ourselved busy in drawing analogies that are interesting, quirky, funny and grand. Just like the vehicle in question. While some fans exclaimed and called it an ‘escape’ in true sense, there are others who called it god-sent! One can definitely say that it has got all it takes to get car lovers talking. And that too, with such fury and thrill, that we guess, can only be matched by McLaren SUV 2020.

The pictures have revealed the expected colour combinations too, in addition to the magnificent exteriors! There is certainly a satanic black one, our all time favorite! There is one in blue with hints of orange. Tis one looks absolutely fiery. There is a rich, luscious red, too. It is downright life taking!

Can you wait for McLaren SUV 2020 to hit the roads? We can’t!

Watch Out for Upcoming Holden SUV 2022!

We haven’t heard it from any little birdie this time. Nor are we attributing thie piece of news to any credible source. The internal sources at Holden have stated that it will build two cars, solely for the Australian market, in the second half of the decade. This has caused a wave of excitement in the motor enthusiasts of the continent. After all, it truly is an offering exclusively meant for them. So, the upcoming Holden SUVs 2022 are definitely highly awaited. This high power announcement was followed by a confirmation that the company had successfully secured a $275 million co-investment sum with federal and state government. It is a double bonanza in every aspect, we say!

There is more that the company has revealed as far as the upcoming Holden SUVs 2022 are concerned. There have been hints that the impressive new models will be inspired from the creations available in the global market. It has also been confirmed that they will share platforms from within parent company General Motors. Now this revelation has given way to many questions, as well. A huge question against the future of the soon-to-come cars has been raised. There are many experts who are of the view that putting upcoming Holden on the same platform as General Motors, will restrict them to small export numbers, that to only in the US and Middle East.

We have heard something more about the swanky local carmaker that might interest car enthusiasts. It has been heard that the company has been seeking financial assistance ever since intensive discussions happened between parent company General Motors and representatives of the Gillard government. The discussions, apparently, took place at January’s Detroit motor show. Well, we have nothing to establish the veracity of this news story or reject it. The only thing we know for sure is the company is determined to give us two SUVs by 2022, that too, every year. From what is expected, the upcoming Holden SUVs are sure to keep the rumor-mongers busy for a while!

If you thought upcoming Holden is done with revelations, well, you are in for some more surprising news. It has been confirmed that the company has declared it is all set to commit $1 billion to the next-generation development and manufacturing program. This gigantic budget has been set aside for the next 10 years. This also tells the car lovers that there are more delights in store for them!

To get the car enthusiasts even more excited, Holden boss has said that, “The two new Australian-made cars will be world class,”! He added, with pride, that “They will be underpinned by global architectures from within General Motors and bring new fuel-saving, connectivity and safety technologies to Holden’s portfolio.” If his words are to be believed, the are going to be way ahead of all contemporary vehicles. And we have every reason to watch out for their hyped charisma!

2016 Volvo SUV – More Luxurious than Rugged

From what Volvo has always led us to believe is that it is really not into chic designs. Look back at all the years that have gone by to know what we are saying. In fact, as a motor enthusiast, chances are that you would be familiar with the signature Volvo style when it comes to vehicle designing. From Volvo 144 to Volvo 850 Estate, talk about any creation by this Swedish company and you won’t spot any delicate curves whatsoever. They have all sported a very confident, strong look, some times even intimidating and in the I-couldn’t-care less area! So when we heard about a new Volvo SUV in 2016, we played safe and imagined it to be adventurous and not a beauty, so to say.

Well, we can now put our imagination to rest, for we do know more about it. Going by that we have a clear idea as to what to expect.

The web is all flooded with the pictures of the gorgeous Volvo second generation XC90 SUV. The full details are yet to be revealed though, but it has set the tone right for what is to come. So, here is the deal. This Volvo SUV 2016 is not as adventurous as we had expected it to be. No, it is not! Surprised! Well, you will be delighted too for it is a perfect blend of the outgoing XC90’s estate-like form and enhanced muscles, not to mention some next-gen light technology. Has Volvo caught us off-guard or what? More muscles yet lighter technology? From whatever little the pictures have revealed to us, this Volvo SUV sports a more masculine, rather rugged exterior. It dons dark, dense plastic moldings that grace its bumpers, wheel arches and side skirts. All of this detailing suggests that the company has invested a significant amount of time in designing the interiors and making it look swanky and modern.

Let’s move further into the details of this mid-size luxury Volvo SUV 2016. This time, it comes with a dashboard and contains a gigantic tablet-style screen tilted towards the driver. It serves as an intelligent replacement of the buttons and controls in the center area. Well, what can we say, all the time and engineering that went into creating this one seems quite worth it all! There are more facts that make this Volvo SUV more desirable than ever before. It is the first car ever to be created according to the company’s very own Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) modular chassis, credited to the in-house team.

Earlier, the company has said that this upcoming Volvo SUV will have a powertrain lineup that will contain several four-cylinder petrol and diesel Drive-E engines. In addition, these will also flaunt a range-topping T8 Hybrid powered by a 2.0-liter supercharged gasoline unit driving the front wheels. While an 80hp electric motor will take control of the rear axle, for a combined output of 400hp, there will be a D5 twin-turbo diesel with 190hp and 225hp, too.

Volvo XC90 SUV, you have won our heart already!

A Luxurious SUV up Aston Martin’s Sleeve

Like all great news, this one might hit you as unbelievable and we totally understand. The motor world is anything but predictable. And then when some thing that appears too good to be true starts making rounds, the least we can do is lend it some ears and wait for it to really strike us. The same holds true for what we have been listening to, from Aston Martin World. The company hasn’t yet officially confirmed any production or plans but we do know some thing is cooking and all indications are that is sheer luxury! If what we have heard is to be believed, the upcoming Aston Martin SUV is an ultra plush affair. And it is going to bowl you over!

There have been a lot of predictions for this one. Of course, majorly because it comes from Aston Martin, that’s big news in its own right. Keeping that aside, there are rumors that this one is going to share the platform with the next gen Mercedes Benz GL! See, we caught you off guard, didn’t we? So even though the company maintains silence on its production, we do have a very big story lined up, already. This upcoming Aston Martin SUV, it is predicted, is going to give Mercedes Benz GL a run for its money, we hear. Well, we sure as hell hope it does!

Let’s take a look at the contender first. The GL is likely to get a facelift very soon and that is to happen well before its replacement is created in 2018. Which, we add, is not very far, considering how fast the motor world changes and evolves and surprises! Now why this news about the big contender is important is because it will really decide what course Aston Martin’s upcoming SUV will tread. Now there is a twist in the tale as well. How many of us have heard of the recent tie-up between Aston Martin and Mercedes Benz AMG? Well, it is every bit true and going by that, the two have agreed to share engines and electronics, too. So, don’t be surprised if the Aston Martin SUV gives a miss to the range-topping V12 engine in favour of a smaller AMG V8. Well, we don’t know the intricacies of the deal and what has conspired between the two parties but one thing is for sure. It is like having the best of the two worlds being served to us now, isn’t it?

Experts are of the view that Mercedes-Benz can conveniently adapt one of its twin-turbo V8 engines. It can then very easily deliver around 600 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque to suit the character and the requirement of the upcoming Aston SUV. Which would in turn mean, placing it on to the GL platform. No one knows for sure what is going to follow. What we do know is that this one is highly awaited. Aston Martin fans just can’t help but hope they get to see this magic vehicle sooner than the soonest!

2016 Bentley will Make you Holler your Heart Out!

2016 Bentley is like a genie bottle right now! No kidding. It is like this mystic world where who-knows-how-many models are in the making, as you read this and we reveal this.

It is actually worth considering what we have been listening to – Bentley is not going to rest any time soon. There are many magnificent machines stuck in the company’s pipeline. This includes a new coupe, two-door and high performance variants of the Mulsanne. There is even a hard-core variant of the formidable Continental GT3-R. However, what has gotten the town talking is something that tops the list of all the upcoming models. It is this 2016 Bentley SUV that has swept some fortunate spectators off their feet, quite literally so!

So far, we have only known this machine as a prototype but from the first look what it appears to be, there are no doubts that it is quite a looker, this one! This upcoming 2016 Bentley SUV is being put through tougher tests to better prove its sturdiness. So, this one is riding closer to the ground and hasn’t disappointed, must we say! There are some revisions in terms of the cooling systems. This one has the most reliable cooling system to keep the engine revving at a speed that you desire. There is no trouble, in deed, in this paradise!

It is noteworthy that, this upcoming 2016 Bentley SUV had already been reviewed at the Geneva Motor Show, back in 2012 and we must remark that its form stays largely the same as the last time. There are alterations, though, in the front end and tailgate that are now smoother and created to pleasantly greet the eyes. They can easily be called in sync with the company’s signature style that we have drooled over, for so many years.

So, many motor enthusiasts, especially those who have always reserved a special place for Bentley in their hearts are delighted. The fact that this 2016 Bentley SUV is as close to the Bentley spirit as possible is a welcome piece of news. After all, everyone wants the Bentley flavour unchanged. They do desire their new vehicle with a twist but when out on the roads, they want their machine to scream Bentley, even from distance. This one serves all these requirements very beautifully, thus, is worthy of all the desirability and furore that it has created!

Let’s take a look at the future course and the competition that is likely to be pitched against it. So motor industry experts are of the view that since it shares much with the ERiding, it will eventually be an answer to the next Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg. While this 2016 Bentley SUV doesn’t have a name yet, there is already a lot on the expectation list like a range of hybrid engines, V8s and W12s. In hushed tones, many are adding that this British beauty can soar to 200 miles per hour in top spec and it is making us breathless!


2019 Porsche Pajun: For the Daredevil Motorist

Porsche has never been the one to set any limits in terms of creations and offerings. Why, it has diversified very impressively, especially in the recent years. Addition of some SUVs, luxury sedans and sports cars, ah, you name it and Porsche has offered it. Well, the trailblazer that it has been, there have been many hopes pinned on the upcoming Porsche SUVs. Come 2019, Porsche Pajun will take the excitement of the motorists to another level.

If one observes the recent trends that have been set by Porsche, one catches a lot of additions. There has been a luxurious inclusion of Sedans, macho inclusion of sports cars as well as SUVs. While there are bright chances that this trend of inclusions will continue, there are indications that the expansion into new segments will not carry on at full throttle. There has been news that one of the upcoming Porsche offerings – Pajun is not going to be available for sale any time before 2019. If any thing, Porsche Pajun has only gotten the motorists more excited, as their fingers are now crossed. They are constantly praying that no further delay happens, in this case.

Some insiders have shared a little about the Upcoming Porsche Pajun 2019 and the details are absolutely magnificent. This beauty is going to have a Five-door coupe. Its shape will be inspired from the shape of the Panamera and there are indications of some feature being borrowed from Panamera Sport Turismo Concept car. In fact, it is expected to be positioned as a mini-me Panamera. At the much-awaited launch, Porsche Pajun 2019 is going to feature V6 engines including the 3.0 liter V6 TDI. There are chances of the petrol units touching the 500 hp mark!

Yet another sports sedan, Porsche’s future product, is not going to hit the road any time soon. This too indicates a major hold up from the company’s end. It seems like there have been drastic changes at the company’s end in regard to new Porsche Pajun 2019. The company had initially lined up at least seven different cars, including sports cars, sedans and SUVs. However, due to some unidentified reasons, the internal plan of the company seems to have gone through a major change, which is surprisingly working in favour of Porsche Pajun SUVs launching in 2019. It is as if they know that vehicle enthusiasts want some thing or the other to look forward to. And by delaying the entry of their major products they are serving their excitement and keeping it fuelled, quite strategically. After all, every company in this world can use some attention, some discussion, and heightened anticipation for its products.

Imagine all this excitement comes at the time when Porsche shares with the world its booming sales in the year 2014. The figures that this luxury company has shared are certainly phenomenal. Going by the declared figures, the company has successfully delivered 87,800 cars in the first half of 2014, which is 8% more than what it had done during the same period last year.

Now all eyes are glued on 2019 and what Porsche is going to unleash on the roads.



Fiery Decade To Close With a BMW SUV Boom

BMW sure knows how to keep its fans interested, and thoroughly so! There has been a crazy wave of rumors, all fueled by some revelations from BMW.

SUV lovers, hold your hearts and be prepared for the hottest tip-off ever from the motor world. If what we have heard is true then by the end of this very decade, yes, BMW is going to roll out as many as 8 SUVs – each distinct, each one a precious piece of work, exclusively for its enthusiasts. Fingers crossed, if all goes well, BMW SUVs in 2020 are going to totally sweep us off our feet.

So, here is the deal.

The offerings will range from the compact front-drive X1 to a more macho X8 variant of the grand seven-seat X7 SUV, the production of which has been confirmed, already. The new X1, too, is going to give way to a more sporting X2 variant. It will be available in both front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive format. For this one, we won’t have to wait for too long. News is already out that this one will be hitting us forcefully the coming year, giving us more reasons to look forward to 2015, a year that has already promised us much! Add to all that, the upcoming BMW SUVs, and you have yourself a racing heart, in thrill and pure anticipation.

Excitingly enough, BMW is all set to launch new avatars of the very popular X3 and X4, which are not new to the motor world. They have already done their bit. They have driven people crazy, they have upped the style quotient, they have ruled the roads and left a mark. The new kid on the block is BMW X6, one of the upcoming BMW SUVs, which was revealed at the prestigious Moscow Motor Show this August. It made hearts skip a beat, it got the palpitation rising and the spectators can’t wait for it to hit the market. Good news – it will be available for sale in the U.K. coming December. See, your wait just got slashed to some months.

Moving on, the BMW X7 is the new reason to look forward to 2016. A big fat birdie told us that this magnanimous seven-seat SUV, based on an extended version of the X5, is likely to go into production at a Spartanburg plant in North America. But that is going to happen only in 2016. Yeah, we know. That seems far, very far away. However, with so many BMW SUVs coming in 2020, you sure can turn your eyes to a different offering. And what we also know is, it is going to be worth your wait, for it is a well-intended, high-powered answer to the Mercedes-Benz GL.

You can imagine what a gorgeous machine it is going to be!

That’s not all, for there is BMW X8, inspired by X7, though still unconfirmed but we are hoping for this one to happen. News is that most of these BMW SUVs 2020 will be up for sale in America, Russia, China and the Middle East. True BMW lovers, start gearing up now!

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