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Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Next-Gen Duster 2017: All Set to Rock

Renault Duster got all the love and appreciation from all over the globe. It is no mystery how many units of this fantabulous machine were sold. It was an epic success – one to remember and inspire. With a million ecstatic Renault Duster owners across the planet, it is not a surprise that the next level avatar is going to strike soon. We will tell you how soon. The Next-Gen Duster 2017 will set out to create history again. This is said, keeping in mind the course that was set seven years ago by the existing model. The upcoming model, we hope with all our might, will carry the baton zooming across the world.

Some speculative renderings of the daring new SUV Duster 2017 have been doing rounds. Must we say what a spectacle this machine is! The brawniness is distinctly there and well, it had better be there. It makes Renault Duster 2017 what it is. The formidable road presence has, however, grown, all because of a wider stance. Other details that caught the eyes of some fortunate spectators were distinguished wheel arches, grand shoulder line and an overall an exaggerated masculine appearance.

From what has been heard and if renderings are to be trusted, the next-level Duster 2017 SUV 2017 is, sure as hell, going to be meaner. The rectangular headlamps will, in all, probability, go missing. The slimmer ones are going to replace them. Add to this, a daring, dark black engine grille and we have ourselves a mind-blowing sight. If you think you have seen much, wait till you set your eyes on the fog-lamp enclosures that have been redesigned and retouched and lend themselves to its enhanced macho look. Like that was possible, we exclaim! Though some are of the view that they are more LED daytime running lights than fog-lamps, in a strict sense of the word.

Let’s move to the rear now, where a lot of action has happened, we hear. The Next-Gen Duster 2017 SUV comes with an evolved rear tailgate and tail-lamps. So, when this one blazes past people, it is going to leave them gaping and breathless. The signature shell shape stays unchanged, thank goodness. So, one can say that even in this new avatar, the spirit stays the same. If anything, it has been built up to crazy levels. And we are loving the sound of it.

Let’s see how the land lies in the face of competitors, mainly Ford EcoSport. Many motor experts believe that touching up the exteriors alone is not going to do the trick. What will actually decide how strong Duster 2017 SUV will stand against Ford EcoSport and other contenders is the cabin. There is a new dashboard, chic upholstery and all that, but will it be enough? Only time will show. Meanwhile, we can pin hopes on this magnificent new edition that is going to be a heady overdose of masculinity, something we totally love.

Get Ready for 2016 Mitsubishi SUV

Motor enthusiasts haven’t heard much from Mitsubishi’s end in a long time. Agreed. When it comes to launching new cars, we can safely state that the company has not given us much to talk about, of late. That is not to question its merit but true enough we have been all ears and no news has hit us since Pajero Sport SUV, which was very well-received. However, on the new offering front, the company is going to delight us. Hold your breath for you will get a satisfying dose of 2016 Mitsubishi SUV, is when it will all unravel in front of the world.

And this grand beginning of a new era starts this very year with the launch of the automatic transmission version of the Pajero Sport. Of course, it will be followed by an amazing trail of new offerings. 2016 Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback happens to be just one of them. It appears to be a strong contender, a magic machine. One thing that you need to bear in mind is that the name Mirage was used for Mitsubishi Lancer Sedan. However, it now refers to the ultra-new compact Hatchback. The news of Mirage hitting the roads has got the car lovers talking enthusiastically. Their eyes are now focused on 2016 Mitsubishi SUVs, we just can’t wait any longer, they say!

Mirage seems to be just one of the gifts in a mammoth package. We will tell you why we say so. A little birdie has revealed that Mitsubishi’s top official have, in deed, spoken about the company’s plans of working on a new business strategy, particularly for Indian markets. This strategy, the details of which are left to our imagination, is going to change the way Indian roads look. There were many takers for Mitsubishi Pajero here and it can be assumed that any new 2016 Mitsubishi SUV is likely to get a glad-hand. That the dealers in Asian markets will get to sell around 5 models by the year 2016 is what has been floating in the air. Most of these models will be imported from ASEAN markets. Clearly, if there is even an iota of truth in what we have heard, the likes of Maruti Celerio, Hyundai i10 in Indian sub-continent are likely to suffer. For, to contest them there is the new 2016 Mitsubishi Mirage which is powered by a 77bhp, 1.2 litre, three-cylinder petrol engine, not to mention the rich look that every Mitsubishi machine boasts of. Wait till we tell you about a manual gearbox and a CVT automation option, too.

So, car lovers, here is a what we should learn. If we don’t hear from one of our favourite car manufacturing companies for too long, we shouldn’t assume it is resting or just content with its last offering. In the year 2016 Mitsubishi SUVs, Mirage included, are going to grace the roads. All those who were disappointed or just wondering what the company was up to, here is the answer and an impressive one, at that.

2017 Rolls Royce Worth the Wait

So, it wasn’t just another rumor in the motor world. This one had meat in it. You may have heard it a zillion times and you told yourself – 2017 Rolls Royce SUV– really doesn’t add up. After all, it doesn’t sound like the brand at all. However, the motor industry is anything but predictable. So, you may have imagined that the brand won’t venture into SUVs but get ready to be surprised. The news about Rolls Royce coming up with an uber-luxurious SUV is every bit true. The prestigious brand is working on building this amazing machine which according to Giles Taylor, the design boss, won’t affect the stature of the Rolls Royce Brand.

The idea of 2017 Rolls Royce SUV has got us all curious, all ready. To add fuel to fire, Taylor has stated that he has invested significant energy and time on function and functionality of the new machine. He has clearly mentioned that his intentions were to create a properly functional vehicle – smooth and efficient. He has ruled out any possibilities of giving it a shooting brake. He is very convinced that this one won’t be a crossover with a sloping roof, by any stretch of imagination. No way. This one is going to be just the way an SUV is supposed to be. Sloping roof or not, we are sure it is going to be one hell of a SUV and we have reasons that support our belief.

To add to our excitement, our man Taylor has also talked about the evolution of the interiors in the 2017 Rolls Royce SUV. He has specified that the driving factors will be coolness and modernity without really interfering with the luxurious appearance and the royal aura.

Though, the design crew is still at a very nascent stage, the desirability of the machine has already soared. So much so, that there are predictions that the 2017 Rolls Royce SUV is going to be more ghost family inclined than closer to the Phantom family. Again, relying on predictions and predictions alone, chances are that the Rolls Royce off-roader is going to greet car enthusiasts only towards the late 2017. This tells us its launch is going to be dangerously close to the launch of the upcoming Bentley SUV. This translates into a super exciting time for all of us.

Apart from Rolls Royce SUV, 2017 is going to bring so much more to the roads. It is also suspected that the new 2017 Rolls Royce SUV will be sharing the same platform as the much-awaited seven-seat BMW X7. A sophisticated steel, aluminium and carbonfibre plastic architecture, the BMW promise is no joke, at all. It is likely to set the tone for the future Ghost and prospective 9-series family. However, Rolls Royce is all geared up to meet this challenge. Come 2018, Rolls Royce SUV, a new Phantom and a mystic Ghost are going to conquer the world. Who dares beat that?

Ready for 2016 Jaguar SUV?

You would agree that when a Jaguar crosses you on a road, everything else ceases to matter. Such is the charisma of this much-coveted brand. So, when the news of on-road testing of Jaguar SUV starts doing rounds, is it possible for motor-lovers to control their emotions? Hear one, hear all – to be released in 2016 Jaguar SUV is being previewed on the international motor show circuit.

Those who have been lucky enough to cast their eyes on this beauty are going gaga about it and why not? It is a muscular show, and contemporary in style, by far Jaguar Chief designed Ian Callum’s best show, some claim. The 2016 Jaguar SUV retains the signature grille, the cat-eye headlights. Of course, the low-slung cabin with coupe like window graphics is there too. What has also been noticed is the thin, horizontal taillights, which lend it the agility and make it do justice to the brand name. However, don’t let this design bowl you over already, for it is heard that it is only indicative, that too only barely!

For all those who are wondering what this brilliant machine is called, well, all we have is some guesses. This SUV 2016 Jaguar is likely to be called the Q-type which brings with it a lot of controversies for obvious reasons. If that is true then chances are Audi and Infiniti are going to give Jaguar loads of grief over the name. It isn’t new to the motor industry, is it? Not too long ago Audi had to pay through the nose to Nissan for using the Q moniker. Now all we need to do is wait and watch how 2016 Jaguar SUV wants to play it in the near future.

There are so many reasons why it is such a big deal that it is hard to put them across in the right order. Most importantly, it is Jaguar’s first ever SUV and the reason for its launch is obvious. We can see that the brand wants to please this ever-growing segment. With this new swanky offering, Jaguar is aiming at pleasing an entirely new target audience – essentially a younger set of customers, with family and well, women too. Which makes it a well-strategised move that comes at a great time, too. It is certainly distinct from the other aggressive, boxy machines that are available in this segment.

For those who like their machines sporty, this  2016 Jaguar SUV is good news for it is a significantly sportier version or so it has been said. It is also going to flaunt an impressively compact cabin and very limited off-road capabilities. Talking about roadholding and on-road performance, they are definitely going to be one of the several highlights of this upcoming 2016 Jaguar SUV. Other crucial features include an aluminum unibody, gasoline and diesel four-cylinder engines though six-cylinder models will also be offered. Though, on one level, all these features and highlights take a backseat. What emerges a winner is the brand Jaguar, which is definitely bigger than all its features put together!

Larger than Life 2017 Mini Countryman

Motor lovers owe it big time to Mini. Seriously. A word of huge thanks, Mini, for rocking the 1960s and lending your special touch to retro. You weren’t big but you were great. MINI was like a rage, like a movement, like a belief that no one could shatter then. It stays untouched, unchanged even today. No doubts there. Of course, a lot has changed in terms of ownership, model creation and engineering. But, the word Mini makes our hearts skip a beat, out of sheer appreciation and amazement. So, when the air was heavy with the news of the ultra-advance 2017 Mini Countryman, of course, a zillion heartbeats skyrocketed. Zoom went our engines. But could we have helped it? Wait till you find out more and God knows you’ll race out on the roads, with joy. Quite like everyone who spotted the magnetic and the mysterious SUV 2017 Mini Countryman.

Well, for starters, just know that Mini Australia has announced, rather haughtily, the  pricing for the absolutely gorgeous 2017 Mini Countryman. To add to the thrill, some spy photographers – God bless them – have captured some smashing new shots from the model testing grounds in Germany. It is positively a sight for curious eyes. From what the pictures tell us, it sure makes for a ravishing second-generation machine. To rev up our engines more, on the fortunate roads, some sighted a densely camouflaged 2017 Mini Countryman couldn’t be more awaited is all that can be said. It is easy to see how the British brand is working diligently to give the world a dose of compactness through its new offering. From what was noticed, the test car inherits the body panels from the Countryman that’s running on the roads today. It wears a longer bonnet and grander overhangs. One thing is for sure, it is going to surpass the current 4.1-metre-long model. Magnanimous exteriors also mean that the machine will have a more spacious inside and a generous leg-room in 2017 Mini Countryman come already!

Tip-offs have it that Mini Countryman will largely be based on the UKL platform, something that makes it quite like the five-door Mini hatchbacks, wait a minute, even the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer!

Taking a look at the details, the grille, we were told, appeared significantly larger, so we are guessing some changes have transpired under the bonnet. It is expected that it will delight its takers with a range of three- and four-cylinder turbocharged petrol and diesel variants. Not only that, it will be available in front- and all-wheel-drive layouts.

It is almost like it is not an SUV but a wave of good news, isn’t it? Yes, we know, in your heads you are picturing yourself bringing this pretty baby to life on a butter-smooth road lined with the perfect green trees, some crystal clear ponds and golden fields. Hold your horses or pray for 2017 to be here sooner. Only for the sake of the gorgeous 2017 Mini Countryman!

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