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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Are you game for a new thrilling ride with Acura RDX 2015?

New is always welcome. Well, with few exceptions. So, when a thing promises to be new and offer something that we haven’t experienced before, we ultimately become extremely excited for it and this holds true for vehicles, specially. It is always a delight to watch out for the new comers with their amazing features and enhanced performance. What also keeps us interested is the fact what experts might have to say for new machines. It is like a world abuzz with rumors, and action and to add to this action, we have the upcoming Acura RDX 2015 that is going to be a magnificent SUV for many reasons. It is said it is going to be a trailblazer for many reasons.

We have also been told that its performance and efficiency are its spotlight points to watch out for! Like we started talking about newness, well, this one has an ultimately new engine, transmission and impressive drive system that is on all the wheels. So, it is expected to be an upgrade of the second gen RDX models. Let us wait and watch what this one is all about!

Details are very important for motor enthusiasts, aren’t they? Well, could we deny that? For the upcoming Acura RDX 2015, we have a lot of praise words. The details are right here and you are sure to join us in praising it. The wheelbase in this one is mightier than before. The track width has also been increased and the centre of gravity has been kept low to offer an enhanced handling and driving experience. Talking about add-on features, the new wheels are a gorgeous 18” and the disc brakes have been changed and made better, too! There is a sturdy anti-lock braking system, which comes with electronic force distribution.

We have also heard that the upcoming 2015 Acura RDX will flaunt a powerful 3.5L, V6 engine that generated 273 hp that is definitely more than what the current model is offering. It seems like an extra bonanza of sorts and we just don’t know how to wait for it, for, there is improved performance and enhanced fuel efficiency. To top it all, there is an impressive six-speed automatic transmission along with levers and the steering wheel too, comes fitted with semiautomatic shifts. Talking about good things, this one truly has a lot of them and the list still goes on and on.

If you are hungry for more, we will not disappoint you. The upcoming Acura RDX 2015 comes with a fantastic economy drive of 8.5 mpg, in urban conditions. It is a stunner of a city crossover that is fitted with turbines, along with I-VTEC valve timing. Considering this feature and many more, it won’t be wrong to say that is sure to thrill all the SUV enthusiasts. The exteriors have been changed for better and the performance is next level, too, the upcoming Acura RDX has got us waiting like how!

OMG is what you’ll scream when you see BMW X6 M 2016

Certain occasions are very well marked in our memories. These occasions stay with us for very long and refuse to fade away. One such special or should we say exceptionally special occasion is going to occur in November 2014. If you have been following the motor world news closely you would know exactly what we mean. And even if you don’t know, here we are, with detailed information about what makes November 2014 so rocking. The thing is there is a fiery motor show that is going to happen in Los Angeles. Now this one is no ordinary show for it is going to witness double BMW premieres. Which two machines are going to make an appearance, you ask? Well, it hasn’t been officially revealed but as always we have our ways of finding out. So, there could be BMXW X5 M and the upcoming BMW X6 M 2016. News has it that these two machines have long been under preparation for the final show and the high performance BMX X6 has never really been revealed so blatantly! Many are saying that the prototype is enough to get people talking and to quench their thirst for something new and extraordinary!

What are the basic distinctive marks between the base model and the new upcoming BMW X6 M, you might be wondering! Well, the list is pretty long, if not endless! There is amazing upgrade in terms of aerodynamics, the grille has been changed and looks absolutely stunning. The air intakes are bigger than before and headlights have been touched, too. All in all one can say that it looks more formidable than before. It is not just the front but the rear of the car has been changed too for it now has a changes bumper, lights and spoilers, too. What has not been touched is the four exhaust pipes but then that is the signature feature of the M range and it is no surprise that it continues to occupy its place.

It is a popular perception that the upcoming BMX X6 M is sure to be lighter than other contenders. It is because very smartly, carbon fiber has been used to ensure its weight is reduced by a good margin. What’s more, there are lightweight alloy wheels that contribute to an enhanced performance of the machine, making it more desirable than before.  And allow us to impress you more; the new one on the block definitely surpasses the older model, by all means. Its dimensions have been increased from 4877 mm to 4910 mm. Now, who can say no to this one?

We are hearing a lot of other great stuff about the upcoming BMW X6 M, which is going to thrill you, for sure. We have heard from credible sources that this one is going to bear a better, improved engine, which is going to deliver no less than 555hp. All those performance-watchers are now waiting with a bated breath to give a glad hand to this ultimate beauty. Aren’t you, too?


Get ready for the ultimate object of desire Porsche Cayenne 2017

There is never a dull day in our favorite world of machines. With every crack of the dawn, there is a new piece of story waiting to tickle our appetite for spice. Of course, we are not complaining. It is this spiced up world that we are all so fond of, it is this jazz that keeps us going. Which is exactly the reason why when we heard Porsche Cayenne 2017 is under making to amaze us, we couldn’t contain our excitement and thought of sharing it with everyone who has an ear for great news.

So, if you have been following what the chic car brand has been up to, you will know that the second generation Porsche Cayenne was unveiled in October at the prestigious Paris Motor Show 2014. Those who were present there were of course drooling and wondering at the same time – will the upcoming Porsche Cayenne 2017 be a lot different from what we are expecting it to be.

The deal here is that the air is packed with speculations. There are a lot of rumors doing rounds and it is very difficult to place your hand on one thing and believe that it is true. So, due to the lack of any confirmation, let us just go with the fact that the 2017 is going to be mind blowing. What makes us say that? Well, it is because we have seen signs of magnificence and we are expecting nothing short of a stunner. The first thing that caught our eyes was the all new steering and the S-trim with a hybrid feel. By all means, it appeared to be lighter than all its previous versions and that has got us even more hopeful about the third generation Porsche Cayenne 2017.

Now let us get to know the new machine a little better than we already do. The upcoming Porsche Cayenne 2017 is likely to adhere to the ultimately novel platform set by Volkswagen. And, mind you, it is not the only one here. There are many machines all set to share the platform with this one and all of these are strong contenders we must say.  The Detroit motor show is going to present these to the world as early as January 2015, however, it will be a long wait before these will reach the market. Some of the amazing names that are mentioned in the same breath are SUV by Bentley, Lamborghini Urus and many more like Audi Q7.

Experts are of the view that the redesigned Porsche Cayenne 2017 is expected to sweep everyone off the floor, for it is at least 100 kgs lighter than the model that is running on the roads, not to mention the re-touched front, a grander grille and more defined and macho wheel curves. Even the bonnet has been revamped and it already looks quite a sight, even though there is only so much we know about it!

Let Grandeur be redefined with the upcoming Mercedes Benz GLB

Facts and figures aside, some times one has to rely totally on the gut feeling. Especially in times like these when there is a new update every second. And the motor world is always abuzz with news that is shocking, news that is amazing and news that thrills. What is one to do when there is too much action happening around? What to believe and what not to believe? – that is the question troubling the mind. However, when we say the upcoming Mercedes Benz GLB will get into production by 2019, probably in September, you have no reason to not believe us for there is in deed a strong reason why we are sharing with you this piece of news. Thanks to some credible sources, we are almost as good as certain that this much coveted symbol of status and prestige is going to hit us soon.

Many experts have guessed the noble thought behind the making of the Mercedes GLB 2019. Most of them concur that it is an attempt to make the G-Wagon within the reach of a big population. That is some thing to live by, now, isn’t it! Look around and we will spot machines that are ultimately beautiful and desirable but how many takers do they have? Even the upcoming models by many chic brands are in a category which makes them super wow but not many people can dream of laying their hands on them. When expensive is the key word, it is simply heart-warming if the company has decided to work towards making Mercedes Benz GLB 2019 available for a reasonably sized population if not huge.

What we have also heard is that this new machine is going to fall in to the compact SUV segment and is likely to be a blend of many Mercedes classes. It can’t get any better than that! Imagine the upcoming Mercedes Benz GLB that is not only exorbitantly priced(well, at least for some) but also offers flavours from other creations, too. Could you resist this one, at all? However the catch is we don’t know for sure which other features it is going to put together. What we do know for sure is the fact the interiors and other details are absolutely thrilling! After all, Mercedes GLB 2019 is going to be based on the next-gen Daimler MFA2 model. This too was decided after a lot of to and fro. It started with choosing two distinct body features and ultimately boiled down to the one we just mentioned.

So, when the upcoming Mercedes GLB 2019 strikes, expect a super light machine which is extremely formidable in performance and toughness. What’s more, it has been designed to seat 7 passengers at a time and it gets even more thrilling, since there are no images whatsoever that we can share with you to satisfy your curiosity. However, we are sure that all great things take time and even though this one is making us wait for long, it will be wrht it all!

Vroom goes the Heart for the VW Crossblue 2016

The heart has its own reasons and beliefs. Won’t you agree? That is the reason why, it is difficult to change the way you feel about certain vehicles. So, while you may not even react to certain launches, there are others who make you gaga just with the news. And it is not a new emotion at all. All of us have experienced the ecstasy of anticipating what a certain machine is going to throw our way. This varies from vehicle to vehicle. That is why when we heard certain good things about the upcoming VW Crossblue 2016; we just couldn’t stop ourselves from updating you about some of its many charms. So, are you ready to know more?

Let us start with some clarity about what category does the upcoming VW Crossblue 2016 fall into? Well, it is no ordinary SUV if that is what you had in mind. It is a league apart from other mid-size SUVs that many think are its contenders but in reality they are nowhere close to it. Why do we say so, you ask?

We have a lot of reasons for making such tall claims about this new machine which is the result of a lot of intelligent investment of money and hard work, few millions give and take, but the rough estimation is around $900 million. And that is just the amount that has been investment in research and development. Looks like the company has learnt its lesson from the sales slump that occurred the last year and hit the company really hard! It was like an unexpected turn on a smooth road and probably, they never saw it coming. However, when the storm arrived, it was already too late to really correct the figures of the last year but yes, it wasn’t too late to start planning ahead. As a result of which we got the upcoming VW Crossblue 2016.

If everything goes as planned and anticipated by the company, then there are expectations of the new SUV to lead the US market as soon as 2018.  To some it appears to be an unrealistic expectation, considering how fickle the motor market can be. There is no sure shot formula of finding out what will really change the game for a new entrant. As a person who religiously follows the latest motor trends, we are sure; you agree that all strategy and investment aside, the upcoming VW Crossblue 2016 might still not make a cut. But those who have been following the updates about this one since last year when it was revealed at NAIAS, have strong reasons for thie trust in this one!

Experts are of the view that it will fall somewhere between Tiguan and Tuareg models. There are also many speculations regarding its dimensions. We have heard that the machine that will be launched will be almost like the concept that we all have seen – somewhere around 196.3 inches in length, 79.3 inches in width and 68.2 inches in height. Dimensions put together with fabulous performance has gotten many hearts racing. And we are not even surprised!

Can’t wait to Explore the Many Faces of Ford Explorer 2016

There are two things that keep the motor world running – constant rumors and constant arrivals. So, on any given day, you will find either one of them keeping the town abuzz. If you are reading this, most certainly you came looking for either some scoop or some solid, definite story. Well, how about we give you both? No, really. So, hold your breath for we have some information from Ford – the company that has never disappointed us in terms of looks and performance, too. Here is what we know. The upcoming Ford Explorer 2016 prototype continues to be in a testing phase. It has had two effects – firstly, it has caused a lot of frustration, for it has been a long wait. Secondly and most importantly, it has added fuel to the fire that was already burning furiously. Simply put, it has gotten people more excited. And now, their anticipation has skyrocketed and there is no controlling it. Well, from the brand’s perspective, it is good news, for sure!

While 2016 might seem a little too far away, 2015 is right here, knocking at our door and it has some pretty great things lined up for us. So, along with the upcoming SUV Ford Explorer 2016, there will be some other amazing advancements. Though all eyes are fixed on what the company is planning on throwing our way, we sort of know and have heard from experts and credible sources, that it is all in good taste. Not deviating from the main creation in point, let us get to know more about it, before we indulge in detailed analysis. They say, its look is totally inspired by the Edge! Some are agreeing with it while others are calling it a stretch of imagination. Then, other changes that have been made are obvious in the façade of the car. It proudly flaunts an ultimately new grille. From distance, it has been noticed that the bumper has been lowered and there are more air inlets than there were before. Certainly, a league ahead of the previous beauties launched by the company, we must say! That’s not all, the headlights though are very close to the conventional norms, add to its charm which is further enhanced with the LED fog lamps that grace its magnificent presence. A beauty, indeed! What do you think?

We had also heard that the upcoming Ford Explorer 2016 is to have an expansive glass covering towards the back end. There are many speculations about the interiors just yet but since we never disappoint you, we will tell you that many changes are expected. They are sure to make this crazy hottie look different from other contenders on the road! It is all aluminum now so it is going to be lighter than before. Its performance is sure to sweep many feet off the floor and like that wasn’t enough, the company has announced it will be revamped in the coming years! Too much to handle for now. Just send the upcoming Ford Explorer 2016 our way, already!


Here’s to Toyota Land Cruiser 2016 – Truly the Unmatched Machine

Who could ever complain about anything that Toyota has offered to us, so far? Really, think hard. Haven’t we all loved absolutely everything from the looks to performance. You name it and Toyota has presented a better version of our imagination almost all the time. So, if you really are a great fan of the trailblazing motor company, we have got news that is going to rock your world, for sure. No rumors, we have some solid news. All those who thought that the present model is some serious vehicle phenomenon, wait till you hear about the upcoming Toyota Land Cruiser 2016. It has been said that it is going to turn all those quiet who ever thought that there weren’t going to be any more pieces that could match the current model.

When talking about the fans of Toyota Land Cruiser, well they do have a point. One can’t deny that. They certainly do have a point. It is actually quite understandable that a vehicle that has existed for almost six decades appears to be unmatched. And the six decades that have gone by were those that established its performance. These were the years of a formidable road presence and hence, winning of trust. However, wait till the upcoming Toyota Land Cruiser 2016 makes an entrance, it is sure to change the perception that many people have and win their hearts eventually. Come on, it has got the town abuzz with all kinds of possibilities and that is why we love this one so much. So, imagine, there is no official confirmation in this regard but there are so many news stories floating around! One is bound to think that there has to be some potential in the one that is about to come up. It sure must be packed with some potential. While one portion of motor lovers is wondering if it will be a Land Cruiser, others are betting on it being more in the lines of Land Cruiser Prado. Who knows? And it is this ‘who knows’ part that we like the best, don’t we?

The scene, the experts believe, isn’t going to be the same every where in the world, even though the vehicle is extremely popular. What is being said is that the hybrid versions might be the rage right now, it doesn’t hold true for America. So, majority of American populations still would go with large capacity engines and not really prefer hybrid creations. This has certainly affected the excitement of many in the country. However, let us stay thrilled about the upcoming Toyota Land Cruiser 2016! While the present model might be ruling the hearts as well as the roads, it is not going to really cast its shadow on the one that is coming up. It is going to be powered with 5.7 L V8 engine with specifications of 381 hp and 401 pound-feet of torque. We needn’t say any more beyond this. Let the beauty do the talk!


Clear the Way for the Ultimate Chevrolet Suburban Z71 2015

This isn’t the first one coming from Chevrolet. America’s sweetheart has been the world’s favorite, too. Since the 1950s, most people have been its fan and we aren’t even falling short of reasons. It is no surprise that this success saga of Chevrolet continues, unaffected and untouched. Not too long ago, actually, only recently in 2013 Chevrolet had unveiled its grand models and they surprised people.  Now, the one thing noteworthy about this company is that it is not scared to get inspired from its own awesome creations. It doesn’t appear to be too modest to many people, but it takes a lot for a motor company to recreate a model that it created almost eight decades ago. However, Chevrolet is a tad different from every other motor company. It has dared to tread in to the area where few wander. So, hold your heart for the upcoming Chevrolet Suburban Z71 is going to exude a lot of the familiar charm found in previous creations.

Chevrolet followers all over the world would agree that it has been an industry trailblazer. That is exactly what it has been. So, while the upcoming Chevrolet Suburban Z71 may have surprised people with its appearance, there are many SUVs that have been remodeled for better driving experience and appearance. If you don’t believe us, here are the names that you could look up to check the veracity of news. As many as four SUVs which are Chevrolet Suburban, 2015 Tahoe , 2015 GMC Yukon and 2015 Yukon XL  have been given a facelift and the inspiring model is Chevrolet Silverado.

No surprise, for many people are heard whispering that there is nothing about the remodeling exercise is concerned. Even the upcoming Chevrolet Suburban 2015  is actually the oldest beauty of the auto world and has been redesigned for modern times! This is how much revival means to Chevrolet. It would keep the world charmed by serving the same old popular dish but by garnering it differently. So, it knows the target audience very beautifully. It knows that constant new engagements and additions need to be made in case it wants to keep the town abuzz with its news. And on this front, it doesn’t really matter whether what is being said is good or not! Really! As they say any publicity is good publicity! As long as there are rumors, talks, controversies, news and scoop, how does it matter what is the point in question.

So, we have heard that the upcoming Chevrolet Suburban is a well-built SUV, which has a huge storage capacity. What’s more, it is being said that considering the towing capacity it flaunts, chances are it has no equal contenders in the market, well, not just yet! While there are experts who are criticizing this one on the grounds of appearance and interiors, there are many who are rather excited about its arrival. It has a fierce front, amazing lights and a huge population of fans who are waiting for it with a bated breath.

The Oh-so-awesome Opel Mokka 2015 Well Redefine Driving Pleasure

Not many people have a great memory considering the speed at which our lives run. However, we can’t say so for the motor enthusiasts. For them remembering stuff from their favorite world is no big deal. In fact, it is like proving their love. So, all you motor lovers, try and go back in time. You don’t have to venture too far ago, just about two years back; Opel had presented to the world a new SUV model. Many people referred it to as a sub-compact SUV, and well, it bowled over quite a few of them. Some even went to the extent of saying that it over-delivered. In short, it didn’t only meet their expectations; it was much, much better than that! Now the upcoming Opel Mokka 2015 is on its way to us and though it is not yet out, it is giving way to a lot of rumors. Yes, it had the same old charm but it is its all new avatar. Let us find out what makes it different from its original model.

Now, one thing is for sure, for the upcoming Opel Mokka 2015, it would almost have been a risk-free stride. And why do we say that, you ask! Well, clearly, it is because the previous one sold a lot of models. It was obvious that it was well received by the masses. Therefore, it was not much of a guess to know that as long the performance and appearance is mind blowing, who minds a new vehicle that too from a top class motor company. Moreover, we have heard some many promising things about the new avatar of the Opel Mokka 2015. So, we have heard that it still has the dynamism, the flow, and the careful contours that are well liked and give it a plush touch. Another big change is the new engine. No wonder, it is with this new addition that the model was presented at the Paris Motor Show 2014.

It is important to remember that the available version came fixed with the following engines – petrol, diesel and LPG. However, tables have turned. We have heard that the new ultimate engine – 1.6 CDTI will enhance the driving experience and hence increase the desirability of the upcoming Opel Mokka. We have also heard many people are calling the new engine a whisper engine. This intriguing name is enough to add that extra flame to this fire. Since a vehicle is truly just as good as the engine it has, other factors aside, some great facts about the engine could do immense good to the sales of any vehicle. It is a great talking point because, while looks do matter, no one wants to drive an SUV that gives them the same old driving experience. Interestingly, the new Opel Mokka has an aluminum engine. It is so amazing that one can hit 100 km/hr from 0 in about 9 seconds and that is enough to get us excited about the new wonder motor!


Are you Ready to Hail the King of SUVs – Lamborghini Urus 2017

It has been correctly said that beauty is subjective. So, everyone present under the sun can pick a thing, call it beautiful whereas others might just choose to disagree and have their own favorites. That is how it should be. That is the reason why motor world keeps us all so excited. There are a zillion creations every year and there are a zillion reviews and appreciations. There is rampant discarding too but again that is the most understandable thing. However, there is one thing that everyone will agree with. The latest trend in the motor world is that of the SUVs. The undoubtedly are the in thing of our age. Every company has launched its SUV contender to have a fiery presence and take up a big portion of the market. So, is it any surprise if the upcoming Lamborghini Urus 2017 is going to hit the roads? Wasn’t it the most obvious course to take, even for an ultimately plush and desirable company like Lamborghini? Well, from where we look at it, it makes total sense. And what the heck, it is super duper exciting too, to hold our breath for the new machine that is soon going to be all set and ready to soar- Lamborghini Urus 2017!

The news we just shared was not simply a piece of news. It is an announcement of a competition in the already crowded world of the SUVs. So take in to consideration the furor that has already been created by Cadillac Escalade, Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover and now add to it, the craziness that the upcoming Lamborghini Urus 2017 is going to add just by its presence. It is as if the luxury car market wasn’t exciting enough, that this one had to come and make it even more so! That is not all. We must never rule out the possibility of beauties from the likes of Jaguar and Bentley joining the spotlight. It is definitely the most thrilling time for the motor world. It is raining SUVs and we can’t complain, at all. While there are many who are discarding the rumors of this upcoming Lamborghini SUV coming as soon as 2017, we have learnt from many credible sources that its production is going to tee off, for sure, in 2017!

Getting to know the upcoming Lamborghini Urus 2017 a little bit more, its design was first revealed in Beijing in the year 2012. From that moment on, the creative designers have not stopped putting their minds to work. They are trying every possible look for this one to turn it into a lethal heartthrob! The concept designs have given the experts a good idea however; one can’t really assume that the real thing is going to be an exact version of the concept. It has never happened before. And things could change at the eleventh hour. Either way, the lighter, more chic SUV by Lamborghini seems really exciting and we want to take a look at it sooner than 2017!

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