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Monthly Archives: November 2014

An experience like no other – the upcoming Seat Leon X-perience is that and more!

There are some spanking new creations, ones that are absolutely novel and unpretentious. There aren’t any reflections of any inspirations, not even by the craziest imagination. Then there are others, which are inspired by some creation. So though not absolutely original, these creations too, leave a mark and are actually worthy of appreciation. And the similarities we are alluding to, aren’t really external features, in fact, when talking about vehicles, inspiration could be in terms of performance or even in terms of the overall experience that a machine provides. So, if you have heard of the upcoming Seat Leon X-perience, you would know that there are many ways in which people are analyzing its merit, its performance and other features. But one thing is for sure, you are sure to get bowled over by this, irrespective of what some people have to say.

Those who aren’t particularly excited about the upcoming Seat Leon X-perience are explaining their tepid reaction on the grounds of their speculations. They are of the view that Seat Leon experience is quite similar to the one offered by Audi Allroad. However, those who are excited about the new Seat Leon aren’t in the least affected by these words. They don’t care what rumors are flying around as long as there are some new features that are sure to catch their fancy. The ones who are looking forward to this one hitting the road are thrilled by the very thought of all the innovative additions that are expected to make it more desirable. So, be prepared for some generous plastic fancy adornment around the bumpers.

Those who were under the impression that it was on the macho side are in for a huge surprise for the side sills are sure to lend to it, a less-than-macho appearance. There is an added attitude because of the aluminum scuff plates that are places in the façade and the rear of this machine. What is more, the upcoming Seat Leon comes fitted with the high end 5th gen Haldex 4-wheel-drive. For all those who are curious to know more and more about the upcoming Seat Leon X-perience, it comes in two variants, which are going to be available in the UK very soon. So, whilst Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda are busy doing their bit to send out a contender that can set the roads on fire, Seat Leon X-perience is out already, making heads turn!

There are many who are complimenting the upcoming Seat Leon X-perience on its neatness, the chic look that it flaunts and very charmingly, carries off. In fact, there are technological advances that this one offers that cannot be matched by any other contender. Should we talk about the multimedia systems or the brilliant headlamps? There are radar-based safety systems too that make it absolutely tempting. Can you wait to hop in to this family car that is also chic and daring, at the same time. We sure can’t!

The new style icon Fiat 500 2015 is going to take your love to next level

The Fiat 500 isn’t really new to us, is it? For years it has been around and making us drool over it for so many reasons. Especially, because this one is British heartthrob, it has made many entries, each time with some facelift. Since its launch in the year 2007, when there was much furor over what a wonder it was, there have been only great things doing rounds among vehicle lovers. It is definitely the blue eyed boy of the Fiat company and that is why, with uncontrollable excitement, we share with you the news of the upcoming Fiat 500 2015, that is one hundred percent gorgeous and with all the facelift, it is ready to rock our world, yet again!

Fiat 500, when it featured on the cover page of the CAR, the popular motor magazine, took many lives. Now imagine, the upcoming Fiat 500 2015 with all new features and facelift and you can already hear people gasping for more air! The point to keep in mind is that the Fiat Company has, time and again, given us amazing small wonders. However, with the new product, we can see it is not really restricting itself to just small sizes. We have heard that the sales haven’t been too promising for the company of late and we also know that good days are not too far away! Why, the ultimate upcoming Fiat 500 2015 was revealed to the world at the 2014 motor show in Paris and was it a spectacular sight or what!
Most people who set their eyes on this one have been very impressed and are sure that this is going to make the town talk.

So, while largely the looks haven’t really been touched and changed, the space overall stays the same, too! All of this makes sense considering it is one of the more popular babies that fiat has produced and it only made sense to not touch the features that are overall liked by the world. Only those things that really make a machine to die for have been revamped and retouched, like the engine, for instance. Add to it the new trim levels and of course, the awesome interiors that are sure to shake the daylights out of most of us! And we have one more rocking piece of news – this beauty is available in two variants – hatchback as well as convertible and we have never been happier!

Don’t even get us started on the engine of the upcoming Fiat 500 2015 for it sure is the next level contender – at 104 bhp, this TwinAir power house is sort of a first in its league but that is not all. There is also a jazzy TFT digi-display that can be fitted, not to forget the all new range of colors, the chic upholstery and sturdier wheels. Whether you pick a hatchback or convertible, it doesn’t matter how you tame this stylish machine, as long as you get to do it!

Some challenges are worth waiting for, like the Dodge Challenger 2015

When we have to praise something we use adjectives for them. We find all great words for them, superb, amazing and so on and so forth. However, things become slightly different in the motor world. When a machine sets out and it takes our breath away, some times there is so much that we want to say that it makes us speechless. It truly becomes a challenge to praise a vehicle, sometimes, which brings us to the upcoming Dodge Challenger 2015 that lives up to its name, in every sense of the word. There are some crazy adjectives that have been used for it and they are only making the wait a tad more difficult.

Some are crying out aloud about its muscles, some are pleasantly shocked about the attitude it carries, others are just hit by how hot the upcoming Dodge Challenger 2015 is and how its manufacturers have done such a killer job! When we say killer job we truly mean it. So this one is a fierce runner that goes from 0 to 60 mph in roughly about 3 seconds. It is created to click the quarter mile in about 10.8 seconds max and then shoots to almost 200 mph like it is no big deal. Could you believe this one? This sure as hell one runner and imagine we haven’t even shared with you the other details like its efficiency and the engine specifications!
Could some vehicle be so gorgeous as this? Well, sure looks like it is every bit possible. So, are you game to know more to totally lose your heart to this one?

How much do you guess the upcoming Dodge Challenger 2015 eats up every minute? Just a wild guess will do, too! Guess and let us surprise you. This stunner feeds on approximately 1.5 gallons of gasoline every 60 seconds. This figure has shocked many people to the core and it is not even surprising that it surprises them! Aren’t you surprised too? Say no and we will tell you the engine details. Behind the awesome looks and fabulous attitude is the gorgeous 6.2 liter HEMI V8 that creates close to 707 horsepower and an unbelievable 650 lb ft torque that bowls many of us over! That is a lot of power for a machine to produce and we can only imagine how tough it will be to handle it! Do you think you are fit for this one?

We will get one layer closer to the upcoming Dodge Challenger 2015  So, in addition to the great looks and the high powered, incredible engine, it has twin exhausts that also add a crazy, earth shattering roar which is deep and loud and merciless enough to not relent, under any circumstances. And we don’t see any reason to complain. Be excited for the impressive six-speed manual transmission. Or you can go with the ultimate eight-speed TorqueFlite that is automatic. There are so many reasons you must not even question the ferocious Dodge Challenger!

What’s 100% smashing? Definitely the upcoming Chrysler 200!

Every car has a personality, don’t you agree! It is almost like these cars are blokes, each with a set of unique traits! So, imagine what we call the retro era, actually gave us cars that did justice to the retro imagery. Didn’t all the cars that hit us around the rock and roll age look like rock stars, in every sense of the word. The colors were oh-so-vibrant, as was the grille work and the headlights were like total stunners! And it wasn’t just music or fashion that inspired vehicles. There are some that are inspired by human emotions. There are some that are ferocious, some others that are cool and quaint. There are many which are cheerful, merry, blue or even serious. Magnetic, wise and fiery, there have been and there will be vehicles that will be all that and more. Which is exactly the reason why the upcoming Chrysler 200 has made it to our list of top favorites. This one is brimming with life, absolutely youthful and energetic. It is like a high-powered dose of charisma and we just can’t wait to find out more about this one.

The upcoming Chrysler 200 is being considered the company’s proud venture into the midsized sedan segment, which makes it ultimately special, for the company as well as the people who have been waiting with a bated breath. It is beautifully packed with innovative additions, ones that make it stand out and one can safely conclude that make it nothing like another SUVs that are currently present in the market. The most outstanding feature of this miracle-on-wheels is its new transmission. Yes, this one flaunts a 9-speed Automatic gearbox, which makes it more desirable than ever before. In fact, when compared to all the vehicles from yesteryears, this one has an edge over all of them and very effortlessly, at that.

So, the gearbox is ultimate but could you have expected any less than this from the upcoming Chrysler 200, which is the result of two trailblazers Chrysler and Fiat! And trust us, or actually, trust the word that is doing rounds in the motor world, that this one has more features than one that are sure to set it apart in this cut-throat competitive age. Firstly, its engineering is certainly ace and then add to it the price, which is affordable in a never before way. Won’t say much here as it takes away the surprise element out of the story. What’s more, the upcoming Chrysler 200 has to-die-for exteriors, even though there are many who are pointing out a distant similarity between Dodge Dart and this wonder. However, since other features are so distinct and irresistible that one doesn’t mind even if it is safely inspired by some other vehicle.

Moving on to interiors, it is like a whiff of fresh air from inside. Add to this the grand 108 inch wheelbase along with the magnificence of the 2.4 liter MultiAir 2 Tigershark Inline Four! Suddenly the transmission seems like a small thing, making our wait, even tougher!

The swanky new Volkswagen Passat is an absolute winner!

There are some things that need not be reiterated because they are right there, staring us directly into our eyes. As you must have noticed, there are some vehicles that needn’t be introduced with fancy words and phrases. These vehicles are effortless winners, which are designed with such finesse that a look at them will tell you all you need to know about them. When talking about vehicles, Volkswagen has always been a league apart from its contenders, in ters of offerings and performance, not to mention the subtle attitude that each one of them exudes. There is no debating the fact that it has given the world some of the most stunning machines that have etched their excellence in our heads. Now, adding to that long list the upcoming SUV Volkswagen Passat that is packed with many inspiring features. Let’s get to know it better to be able to appreciate it more.

So, the first and the most important feature of the upcoming Volkswagen Passat is a midsize sedan, which offers a front wheel drive and an experience that is truly unmatched. For all those who don’t know it already, the Passat is leading the midsize sedan segment owing to its fantastic fuel efficiency and the generous legroom that its rear seat offers. This beauty is available in as many as four variants which gives its fans a choice to pick one that befits their specific requirements. Did we tell you that each variant comes with a number of trims? Well, certainly, however, it is the sport model that doesn’t come with a trim. All in all, there are a lot of options in terms of the wonderful Passat experience and you can have your pick with this motor wonder.

What else does the SUV upcoming Volkswagen Passat promise, you must be wondering! Well, it has an ultimately new diesel engine that comes with 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, also fitted with a 5-speed transmission. All this gets even better and irresistible when we move on to the pricing. This one is priced very intelligently – it is affordable but it also maintains its exclusivity. So, anyone setting their hands on this Volkswagen creation is not going to feel ordinary by any stretch of imagination. With the approximate fuel economy around 30 mpg city/44 that is offered specially on the highway, this one is bound to make anyone in it, supremely wow. If you thought that was all, allow us to add a range of 814 miles. In fact, the brand new TDI variant comes packed with increased horsepower, too. Do you still think you can resist it? If yes, then think again!

There are a number of big and small changes that have taken place. For instance, the upcoming Volkswagen SUV Passat has a rearview camera, ultimate sound system that too with no less than 8 speakers! There is also an additional satellite radio along with intelligent rain-sensing wipers. We can easily go on and on about the upcoming Volkswagen Passat, but we want you to find out for yourself!

The all new Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2015 is an attention magnet!

They say that one can do anything but never hide their intention. It is ultimately true, especially so in case of vehicles. This wonderful, ever lively world of cars is always buzzing with new news stories and additions and inventions. And behind every new step that is taken, every strategy that is ever charted, there lies an intention or many intentions. It is to impress sometimes. On others, it is to increase sales or make a mark and appear to be better than a contender. However, when we talk about the upcoming Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2015, the intention is purely to take our breath away and we are not even exaggerating. Agreed that we have always been fond of Volkswagen and the variety of SUVs it has amazed us with but hold on, the best is yet to come! Don’t believe our word? Get to know the new Volkswagen better and you will find yourself nodding your head in agreement with us.

So, as experts are calling it, the upcoming Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2015 is a magnificent new member of the company’s soft roader cluster that includes the likes of Passat Alltrack. Revealed at the prestigious Paris Motor Show 2014, people are already making a big deal out of this one and why not! It has all the features that one can possibly ask for and even before this one begins to sell in the UK in the year 2015, it is likely to be talked about more than any other contender in the same segment. It is definitely, definitely a four-wheel drive for it is going to hit the UK market first which has actually make the Volkswagen followers a tad jealous and it is quite justifiable. Everyone’s eyes are set on the road waiting for the upcoming Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2015.

What are the new features to watch out for in the new machine, you must be wondering! Well, there are a lot of them and the list goes on and on and on. It is enough to get you all ecxcited but we will only let you have a peek here to tease you. Let us begin with the ground clearance. The new Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2015, has 20mm more in the name of  ground clearance than the previous model. We have heard that the suspension has been changed too and there are new aluminum touch lends itself beautifully to the facade and the back of the car. Wait, did we mention the plastic wrapping that graces this one, making it more graceful ? Talking about the car cabin, it is definitely re touched in a unique way. Moving on to the wheels, this one has alloy wheels and a radiator grille to make it exceptionally desirable. What the Volkswagen lovers are looking forward to is the four-motion all-wheel drive system as well as the electronic clutch. It comes with a lot of electronic systems and a world of promise. It is just a matter of time before we find out!

Get ready to be awe-struck with the new Vauxhall Corsa 2015

Most people believe that no idea is original, not any more. They feel we are, in today’s world, only recycling old inspiring ideas in the fields of art, advertising and even fashion. Though, this is where we would like to add that motor industry isn’t any different. That is not to say that there are no innovations. That would be so wrong. Of course, there are innovations every single day, there are new ideas and concepts every season. However, at the same time, there is a reflection from some old beauty from yesteryears that one cannot miss. Look around and you are sure to agree. Take a look at the new Vauxhall Corsa 2015 and you are going to know what we mean, exactly. It brings to life some beautiful memories in a refreshing new way. Could you really say no to that?

Some experts have said volumes about how great the new creation looks just because of the amazing reflection of features that we are already familiar with. Let’s take a close look at the new Vauxhall Corsa 2015 to find out what is new, yet with a hint of familiarity. We will begin with the windows.  When you do set your eyes on them, you will scream – Yes, you are right! Those sure do look like we have seen them before. However, there is a new element too! There is a denseness added to this one. Well, the three-door variant sure has that feature we just mentioned. Now for those of you who haven’t really followed this machine and its lineage, the upcoming Vauxhall 2015 is the awesome fourth gen creation. And it won’t be wrong to say that it is not essentially been recreated. Hell, no! This one is just in a new avatar, one that is absolutely mind blowing because of the subtle additions here and there, while retaining the old charm. This, some strongly feel might do the trick for the company.

Upon closely following this machine, we see that the façade has definitely been re-touched. So, expect a magnificent and utility-centric crash structure. The company claims that this feature sure is the star! Moving on, there is a clear indication of the suspension pick up points being new though the roof and the floor appearance doesn’t seem to have changed much. In fact, it is almost similar to the way it was in the previous model. Also, watch out for a unique grille and headlights that are LED and shaped as a hoity-toity’s eye-brows, lending it the attitude that can make many dizzy!

The new dimensions and appearance, despite the hints from the old model, is flattering and one could say it is almost like a perfect blend of the old and the new. Did we also tell you that in the upcoming Vauxhall Corsa 2015, there is an electric power steering, an upgrade from the hydraulic old Corsa. It is, however, part of a very big move that the company has attempted and we are eager to know how well it is picked!

Bated breath guaranteed for the new Ford Mondeo is not going to be long

They say good things take time; good things do not come easy and make us wait. But again towards the end of it, it is all worth the anticipation and all the anxiety that the wait causes. It holds true for many good things in life, and vehicles are just one of those things. As motor enthusiasts, we are sure you have had your share of waiting and biting nails. In fact, earlier, you had to wait for months at end and browse through newspapers to see advertisements and announcements. Today, it is so easy to know which beauty will come sliding down your way. Thanks to this technology driven age, you are constantly updated and informed about every single move in the motor world. Even if you miss out something, we give you the scoop and get you all excited. So here is another one, especially to get your hearts racing. The new Ford Mondeo 2015 is here to sweep us off our feet. It is loaded with newness – new features, new additions and modifications of the previous ones. It looks good already and we know we don’t have to wait for too long for this one!

The upcoming Ford Mondeo is going to be the company’s foray into the large Car segment. It is technically a debut creation in that regard. Also, it has a lot of new additions like the Sync 2 infotainment and well that is just one of the many amazing things that this one promises. It also comes with high end handling technology and they are saying its safety looks impeccable too. What makes us say that? We will tell you – the sturdy rear seatbelts that this machine flaunts. In fact, many enthusiasts are going to the extent of saying the new upcoming Ford Mondeo is a wonderful new rage that matches the insanity the world has about BMW 3-series. While some might feel it is an exaggeration, there are plenty of us who believe it is true. And we can’t but wait for Ford to send its new wonder machine our way!

There is a lot more we know about this machine than anyone else would probably know. So, we are going to share some dope with you. There is news of a new 1litre capacity Eco-boost turbo petrol engine that qualifies for a petrol-electric hybrid one. There are also twin-turbo charged 2litre one with 207 bhp that sounds ultra interesting to us.

What else does the new Ford Mondeo have? Well, a lot of room is definitely on the cards and from the looks of it, an added dash of luxury is there too! There is a feature for steering column adjustment along with a dashboard that looks seemingly neat and well organized than before. There are mixed opinions despite all this but one thing is for sure. Accused of not being so fresh, this one by Ford is sure to get attention when it hits the roads next year!


The new Renault Espace is ready to strike, with looks and performance

There is nothing like new things in our life, isn’t it? The excitement, the anticipation, the thrill that they fill our hearts with, is simply unmatched. Be it a new house, a new relationship or a new machine. Talking about new machines, we have heard Renault has got something up its sleeve and this something is a notch above what we have seen of late. It seems like an over promise to many and we get it. How would you know how great a machine is, till you know its features, its looks better? That is exactly the reason why you are reading this. So, just for your pleasure, here is presenting the upcoming Renault Espace 2015 – it is chic, it is a driving pleasure that you would call exemplary and it is not going to keep you waiting for long!

For all those who had thought this one is a MPV, there is quite the revelation here. The new Renault Espace is more likely to be a crossover than any other kind of machine. It is made to be a people’s machine, with definitely many enticing features. There are experts who are saying in hushed tones that its performance is going to get the town talking. What we have heard in all loudness is the fact that UK seems pretty disappointed on the new Renault Espace 2015 front. Why? Well, from what we have heard and if all of it is to be believed, Renault Espace is not going to hit the UK markets, not just yet. It seems to be the company’s decision and we are far from knowing why at all. There are people wo are of the view that it is because of the current fiscal situation. Whatever be the reason, yes, we do get the disappointment and all we can do is feel lucky that we know this stunner even before it is out on the roads.

How well do we know the upcoming Renault Espace 2015 is a question that has been asked way too many times, for us to ignore it. We have got to say that from the three new photos released by the French, it appears to be quite the looker! Paris Motor Show is where it will be unveiled but those three photos have been such a teaser that there are a lot of speculations already about how popular this one is going to get. It is certainly grand, loaded with new features. It is a perfect blend of a confident, assertive design and close to the concept design that was unveiled earlier at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This is expected to be either a five or a seven seater and only one model is going to be available at a time. It comes fitted with innovative interiors that allow passengers to be as comfortable as they please.  So, this one is comfort, design and performance, rolled in to one! What more could we ask for?

Amazement at its zenith with the upcoming Zenos 2015

Appreciation is a very tricky thing. Some times, it is so difficult to appreciate some thing. You look at it from different angles, perspectives, and still are doubtful whether you like a certain thing or not. Some times, it grows with time. It takes its own sweet time to settle and find its place in your heart. And then there are times when it just pours out of you. There are some pieces of art that make it your first reaction. It doesn’t matter whether you know the details or not but you are simply bowled over. The upcoming Zenos 2015 is one such creation. It is sure to get all the adjectives and exclamations flowing out of your mouth. No kidding there and wait till you find out how much it costs. You are only going to fall helplessly in love with this one!

So, what is it that is so fascinating about the new upcoming Zenos 2015 that we just can’t stop talking about it? We will tell you our reasoning. The word is out in the street that this one has redefined what affordable luxury means. It is a two seater, agreed but then do not forget that it is a sports car albeit in the mid-engine category. It is a creation that has been brought to life keeping in mind the money angle but without compromising on the engineering that is involved. All in all we can safely call this a humungous wonder that many of us can definitely own!

Money, money and money! That is all we have been repeating. Want to know exactly how much! Well, it is around £24,995 which is indeed not bad at all for the kind of features you are getting. Consider, along with what it is worth, the  200bhp, in addition to its capacity to go 0-62mph in roughly 4.5sec and you will realize that the upcoming Zenos 2015 is indeed irresistible. And that is not all. There is a new aluminum chassis and carbonfibre that has been recycled. Surprised? Well, don’t be! Like we have been repeating, this one is no plush drive. It is wonderful with its own limitations and capacities. So, while it has no doors and well, limited protection from harsh weather conditions, it is not going to disappoint you for it is truly a wonderful and thoughtful machine in its own rights.

The fact that the upcoming Zenos 2015 is the brainchild of two trailblazers makes it extra-special to many people who admire new and daring ideas. You will be surprised that the brilliant duo who conceptualized Zenos, first kept a figure in their mind, finalized it and then started working towards creating a machine that will fit the figure they had decided. This is an unheard story, right? So, all the bucks went into high-end engineering at places where it was truly needed and not unnecessary luxury, so to say. Well, from where we are looking at it, this one stands out, certainly because of its background story and its affordability. What do you say?


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