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Sporty and Swanky, Get Ready For Upcoming Toyota Supra 2017

There is so much to look forward to in the motor world, every year, that one totally really forgets all about having one favorite. It is not unusual for people to discuss vehicles that are launched in absolutely different segments and yet like one as much as the other. Therefore, no big deal now, is there if you are excited about a compact SUV as much as you will be for a sedan or a multi-utility vehicle. However, things might change a bit with the upcoming Toyota Supra 2017 coming into the scene. This one is a veiled beauty, to a good extent. Why do we say so? Well, for starters we haven’t really heard many people discussing it, much like they would in case of other cars. All we do know about this beauty is enough to get us thinking and imagining more.

So, the first thing that we have heard is that it is going to be a long wait before this one comes our way. Now for those who have been waiting for this one with a bated breath might have to take control of their emotions, because the company says it will only be hitting the roads in 2017. Another important thing that we have come to know about this one is that the upcoming Toyota Supra 2017 is an exact replica of Toyota’s FT-1 concept vehicle. For all those who don’t know, this one was showcased to motor enthusiasts at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit and it was as recent as towards the beginning of this year.

Now interestingly enough, even the model was intriguing enough to have caused some reactions from the people who were present there. It was downright gorgeous and that is not all. The way it stood there, the awe it exuded said a lot about performance too. Which means that there is going to be a lot many takers for the upcoming Toyota Supra 2017 and why not!

What makes the upcoming Toyota Supra 2017 even more desirable is the fact that it will be created hand in hand with the German motor giant BMW. This going to be an ultimately new start for many rocking sports cars. Just to share with you a small background, the two companies got together in the year 2011 and it is because of this understanding that they have that the world will be getting a lot of astonishing machine and that too, without waiting for too long.

Come 2017, Sheer Beauty will be Out on Roads- Upcoming Chevrolet Adra

It is very difficult to say what cuts ice with people. Isn’t it! If companies had known what makes people thrilled about a product or services, then there life would be so much different. There would be no need for dipstick or any surveys because they would know that a certain product would work like magic. For instance, imagine vehicles that we all keep discussing about, so enthusiastically! Have you ever imagined what would it be like if all motor companies knew the kind of response their product will generate! It is totally going to a dream come true for in the motor world, half the time, even the most confident of companies gets a little apprehensive about success of their upcoming vehicle and why not! After all, it is only natural to get the jitters when you have invested so much in a creation that you hope it does well. However, only sometimes, you know deep inside of your heart that a vehicle will perform well. It doesn’t matter what you have heard or you know about it. The company it is coming from might not even matter in these cases, when you just go with the gut feeling. This is why when we saw the upcoming Chevrolet Adra compact SUV being showcased at the Indian Auto Expo, we knew that we could watch out for this one and very happily at that.

Now from whatever little we know about the upcoming Chevrolet Adra, it is going to be on Indian roads in 2017 and not any sooner than that. While that seems like a long wait, we feel that it is going to fuel the anticipation and thus, work in the favor of the vehicle. Who doesn’t want some fumes of rumors before their product enters the marked? Well, if people start to talk about this one even before this is available to be booked then we can safely assume that it will have many takers by the time it is available to be driven home.

Elaborating a little on the design front, the upcoming Chevrolet Adra can be said to be on the Amber platform. So, there are all chances that the Adra compact SUV will also have the company of a compact sedan and hatchback, too! We can also see some competition strengthening up there between the Ford Ecosport not to mention other SUVs that haven’t been launched just yet. The likes of Maruti Suzuki X4 Alpha are going to compete with it though there is no way to tell how much they will succeed.

We would love to throw more light on the details like engine and performance, we know how much you love to hear these great things, however, we have nothing more up our sleeves. All we can add is that a petrol and diesel variant will definitely be available for those who are waiting to watch some magic happen on the road after the upcoming Chevrolet Adra comes our way!

Hold your Breath for the Bold and Spacious Fiat Doblo 2015

There is a certain thrill in trying something that you have never tried before or have tried but not so boldly. It takes efforts, yes, there is no denying that but the kind of thrill that one experiences after trying something new is unmatched. Which is why one can very safely say that it is always worth the effort to try something that we have never tried our hands at. This holds true for motor companies, too. In fact by trying their hands at new stuff, they sort of excite the masses in the most amazing way possible and make sure that they have something or the other to look forward to. What else do we really want? We just want someone to keep adding to our wish list and keep sending machines our way that will truly be out of our fancy. Life seems good with just that. This is exactly the reason why when we heard about the upcoming Fiat Doblo 2015, we were extremely thrilled for it is a very different offering from what we have mostly received from Ford and it appears as if it is going to rock our world and very soon.

It is all set to come out and conquer as early as January 2015 or at least that is what we are expecting. Chances are that it will be launched next month and it is totally going to blow our minds away. Why, you ask? Well, we are getting to that immediately, so you don’t have to wait any longer.

So if the experts are to be believed, the upcoming Fiat Doblo 2015 is a confident attempt that has a lot of charm, one that cannot be resisted solely because it is done with so much conviction. It is truly a bold step coming from the company considering it has consciously kept this offering so different from its competitors. It has not tried to play safe through this one. In fact, one can say that not many companies would dare venture into a less travelled road with such confidence and excitement.

It can be assumed that this the upcoming Fiat Diablo 2015 is truly going to make for a touch competition for all those who are out there, waiting to make an impression. Which is why experts are of the view that this beauty of the 263 series is going to prove a tough competition to Volkswagen Caddy and why not! After all, it is priced very sensibly and hence, it is definitely going to make it more popular as compared to other entrants who are going to get launched at the same time. What is also special about this one is the kind of room it offers. It has a huge trunk like rear end which makes it a delight for those who are looking for a dependable loader that is also stylish! If you are one of those people too, then watch out for the upcoming Fiat Doblo 2015.

Upcoming Rolls Royce SUV is a Show Stealer By All Means!

Certain times, it is just the name of the motor brand that gets you excited. You don’t even have to know more like the specifications, the details, the performance bit or the looks and how beautifully they have been engineered. Some times, by just knowing that a beauty is coming from a certain brand that you just can’t help appreciating it, in every way. Why else would the upcoming Rolls Royce SUV cause such a stir in the motor market as well as among the motor enthusiasts who have all their ears pricked up about any news that might come their way in this regard. Which is why we are thinking we will just add some fuel to fire and get your heart racing more than before so that you can prepare better to expect a lot from this one.

So, here is whatever little we know about the upcoming Rolls Royce SUV  so far. We have heard from credible sources that it gets its style from the super beauties that are already running the roads. Yes, we will specify which ones. So, whatever we have heard, its looks can easily be said to be in the same lines as the Phantom, also the Ghost sedans, the high end segment, really. What, however, stays is the fact that all of these looks are put together with the typical features of a SUV and it is being speculated that it is going to be one hell of a beauty. It is being said that it is going to actually give the competitive sedans a run for their money. And like how! What else do you expect from a machine that Rolls Royce has worked so hard to create? It is one vehicle that everyone else is going to clear the road for and gape at, in amazed wonder.

Getting into the details beyond just the looks, what we have heard is that this one is going to have the Bimmer’s technology along with the assistance system, too. This is perhaps the very latest one in the market now and not many vehicles can boast of it which is why it makes the upcoming Rolls Royce SUV so special and so exciting. What’s more, with this technology, you also get the fineness of wood, that too hand-finished and put together with chic leather. Though it is too early to say what the seating will be like, we have our doubts whether it will be a three-row arrangement. Also, a 3-passenger seat is likely to be there, too! This means there will be generous room for family as well as those who hit the road with lot of luggage.

It is not wrong to say that it seems like a perfect mix of plush looks and space! In fact many people are of the view that the upcoming Rolls Royce SUV is going to rule the road, it doesn’t matter how many other beauties decide to try and take the attention away!

Upcoming Opel Monza is a Big, Smashing Secret Machine

There are all kinds of secrets in this world. Some are huge, like really too big to be hidden, others are not so huge and therefore, no one really cares about them. Then there are these secrets that are very well guarded, so that they don’t turn in to rumors. However, it doesn’t matter what kind of a secret you are dealing with, if it has got people talking then there is merit in it. After all, it is curiosity that drives the market, actually all kinds of markets. So, like they say all publicity is good publicity, similarly, all kinds of secrets in the motor world, if the masses come to know about them, are good for brands. They create the much needed furore around a product that is not even on the road and yet people are waiting for it with a bated breath. One such vehicle is the upcoming Opel Monza which a lot of people don’t know a lot about. In fact, many are not even familiar with basic specifications of this one but no harm as long as it has gotten people talking and curious and they would do anything to know more about this veiled beauty.

When the upcoming Opel Monza was announced, little did people know about what exactly to expect from this one. Again, thanks to people only talking in hushed tones, they didn’t even know what kind of needs this one will address. Will it be a vehicle for family or for a solo traveler? No one knew what segment this one would fall into. Which is why when it was announced that it would be a SUV, there were many SUV fans who were almost jubilant to know this. They just didn’t know how else to express their excitement about another sturdy and stylish SUV in the motor world.

We have heard that a whopping sum of money has been invested in to this one. The company on a recent visit to Germany, actually specified the kind of investment that it has made into creating the upcoming Opel Monza. There has been a significant expenditure on engine engineering as well as transmission systems too! There are of course going to be significant enhancements in terms of performance, too. The looks, we are expecting, are going to rock our world even though we don’t know much on this front and adding anything based on the rumors we have heard will be wrong.

While even the exact release dates have not been revealed by the company, we have heard that by the end of this decade, we should see the creation out on the roads of the United Kingdom and most parts in Europe. There are still speculations going on whether the upcoming Opel Monza will be available for sale in Australian continent or not but nothing can be said just yet. All we can say it, we are just waiting for it to come our way, already.

Full on Luxury, Full on Adventure, That’s Infiniti QX80 for You!

To keep repeating success is a great thing. However, it needs to have a different flavor, different attitude each time. There have to be some new accomplishments, some new talking points and some new attractions. That is when the miracle of repeating success gets a new charm. So, while a vehicle brand may have a lot of creations to its credit but it needs to work really hard to make sure that it produces a different magic every time. It is not really a pressure game but it is simply important to keep people talking and amazed at the same time. Talking about amazement, here’s presenting the upcoming Infiniti QX80 2015 that is a gorgeous blend of luxury and adventure. For everyone who has a thing for luxury is sure to lose their hearts to this one and for those who never give sports utility vehicle a break will give in to its energy. It is as if this is what the world had been waiting for. So, there, Infiniti QX56 was a hit too but the company has beautifully delivered a machine that is sure to repeat its success saga. Just the thing we were talking about.

What makes the upcoming Infiniti QX80 superb, you ask. Well, from looks to performance, there is everything that you need to sweep you off your feet. Let’s take it one by one. Talking about the engine first – this one comes fitted with an amazing 5.6 liter V-8 engine. It generates around 400 horsepower, making it one hell of a powerhouse. It is just what all of us secretly fantasize about. However, there are experts who don’t forget to mention that this one is likely to feed greedily on power, perhaps more than expected. However, that is a risk most people are willing to take and find out, for there are so many other things to look forward to. If the EPA rankings are to be believed, it is likely to deliver 14 mpg on city roads and approximately 20 mpg if one hits the highway. The cumulative number rests around 16 mpg and it is far from disappointing, considering what other SUVs have to offer, not to forget that this one is a tremendously unique affair.

Let’s move on to the exteriors of the upcoming Infiniti QX80 2015 which have been very tastefully designed to impress and kill! There is a wonderful play of chrome. The frame is extremely stylish and the features, very innovative. What else will you call a feature called backup collision intervention! There are side mirrors that are power-operated and the front lights are jazzy, too – these are carefully chosen Xenon high density!

The upcoming Infiniti QX80 2015 comes fitted with two rows of seats in the back and there is ample room for a family. So, there is all the glamour that you ever wanted, the sturdiness too and there is no reason you should let your excitement rest for this one!


Are You Ready for Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015!

It is never easy to fill someone else’s shoes. There are so many things that make the task difficult. Firstly, there is already a set of expectations in place and you are required to fulfil them. And in the next step, prove yourself better than the one that was before you. It is no easy job at all. That’s exactly what makes the upcoming Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 such a killer creation. Despite the loud longing for the Freelander that just made an exit, this one seems very confident, full of life and every bit worthy of the praise it is expected to get or should we say is already getting!

The company is very clear about one thing – the upcoming Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 is the more evolved new model to all extents, rejecting all scope for any possible comparisons with any previous models. However, in the vehicle world always abuzz with some news stories or other, it is really not possible to finish all conversations. And to top it all, the price slot it fits, where it is positioned, even the size, are all suggesting that it could very well be called a Landie Avatar. However, there is no word on this front from the company or from experts. So we can safely assume that this will be it till the brand new Defender hits the road. The speculations suggest that this should be sometime in the year 2016.

What makes the upcoming Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 such smashing news? Well, for starters there is more room than you might need. So, this one is a proud seven-seater. It is clearly something that you want to lay your hands on for a long weekend, that too with family and all their stuff. So, there is a clear demarcation in terms of chicness and elegance and all. These traits aren’t what this one might brag about. It is a practical machine that brings a lot of attitude and ease of travel to the plate, clearly the one for expedition lovers and adventurers. Of course, there is a large population of those who just love Land Rover for everything that it stands for.

Moving inside the cabin, the upcoming Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 easily qualifies for a generous machine. As far as the dashboard is concerned, it looks quite familiar, no intimidating additions there, for sure. There sits a touchscreen in the midsection, and all control panels have been placed in the center, too. Again, nothing too jazzy one would say. Simple button-operated, which doesn’t take away from the aesthetics of the interiors, at all. In fact, it is actually a car with a very impressive cabin, the upholstery has been tastefully chosen, in terms of material. It is all leather which makes it very classy. If needed, the back seats can be slid back for convenience and more leg room. The third row, too, stays ensconced for situations when you might need more seats. All in all, it is the vehicle to choose if you want to have room for attitude as well as family!


The Smashing New Nissan 370Z Nismo 2015 is On Its Way

There are many things that don’t live up to our fancy, immediately. It takes a while for them to make an impression and win our hearts. And there is no harm, really, is there? In fact, it has been noticed that things that take time to settle in, are actually meant to top our list for long. Enough being said about things, let us get to the point. We are talking about a vehicle that comes from Nissan, the company that is known for its chic products. And, then this creation that we are talking about in particular has been around for a while and one can say that the responses were far from tepid but still not so enthusiastic as one would have imagined, from a SUV of this stature. So when it hit the roads in 2013, there were very few who were going gaga about it. But the tables are going to turn. The upcoming Nissan 370Z Nismo 2015 is all set now, with more features that have been added to it and it is certain to change the game.

What’s new? Well, should we say plenty! For starters, prepare yourself for more comfy and well-placed seats, and a sound that has been brought down a couple of notches to pamper your ears when this thing comes to life. Moving on, the styling has changed too and you can say to a good extent. It has an impressive facade, very starkly different from the 2013 version. The wheels are absolutely stunning, too. The shine is hard to miss as is to miss the new feature of daytime lights. Indeed, the upcoming Nissan 370Z Nismo 2015 is one helluva ride and this time, it is going to get many a heart racing. While there are people who are still maintaining that look-wise the previous version was better, we’d say it is strictly subjective, quite like other things under the sun. The common emotion is that GT racer rear and the alloys are totally mesmerizing. Again, some are of the view that these add on features are not really the spotlight for this one but at the same time, the upcoming Nissan 370Z 2015 looks neater and meaner and a total treat for the eyes.

If you thought that the new look serves aesthetic purpose alone, then think again. The engineers at Nissan claim that the distinct tail and the new facade have been crafted to add definitive energy to the frame, overall. It won’t be wrong to say that this thinking does come in to play and very beautifully at that in the upcoming Nissan 370Z 2015 which also flaunts a smoother drive on rough journeys. Once again, all the force comes with very low noise and adds to the charms of this one. For everyone who wants to conquer with speed without announcing it to the world, this is the machine to go with-Nissan 370Z Nismo 2015.

Mazda CX-9 All Set to Conquer the Roads in 2016

In the vehicle world, some times one is not enough. In fact, even two is not enough. Some times, too many do the trick, which, actually sounds really great. After all, everyone who watches the motor world closely is always waiting for as many new entries as possible. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that their calendars are all marked according to when a certain favorite is going to hit the road, what are its variants and what it is priced at. It is so thrilling to just wait with a bated breath when one after the other, thrill rolls your way. But what would you say if a company is on a new car spree? What company exactly are we talking about, you must be wondering. Well, it is none other than Mazda that is ready with not one or two but five brand new creations that are going to be out soon. Among them is the upcoming Mazda CX-9 2016 that has already seen two redesign phases and is now going to take just some more time to come your way.

What is it about the upcoming Mazda CX-9 2016 that has gotten people so interested? Well, it is like serving a familiar dish to them only with more garnishing. So whatever little we know about this one, we are producing it right here. It is mainly targeted at the US market and while it may disappoint many, it is not as if other countries won’t ever get to savor its magic. But exactly how long that will take is hard to tell. The new creation by Mazda, it is said is going to be fixed with a changed and more evolved drive unit. This is just about it however, for there is very little known about the exteriors of the upcoming Mazda CX-9 2016. There is definitely more light that we can throw on the engine of this new magic machine. It is said that while currently the model running on the roads is fixed with Ford V6 engine, this one is going to give that a miss. There is definitely a chance that the six-cylinder engine is going to find place in place of the four-cylinder turbo petrol engine.

What we have also heard is that it will have impressive fuel efficiency, something that many people consider and expect from a car of this age and time. After all, when there are new generation engines, it is only normal that there will come a certain level of fuel economy with them, certainly more than what is available with the engines that are already there. There is some more news on the new Mazda CX-9 SUV. So, news has it that there will be a variant of the same that will have the V6 engine at the core. It could be a diesel one, something that has never happened before. Which is what makes Mazda CX-9 worth waiting for.



Upcoming Lexus RX 350: The New Age Smashing Machine!

All great things take time and mostly, it is worth the wait. When it comes to the motor world, something or the other keeps the new stories flowing. With each crack of the dawn there is a new entrant by some company or the other. This keeps the watchers busy but at the same time, it is also like adding fuel to fire. Some times when you are anticipating something really mind-blowing and you know you have to wait for a year before it actually comes your way, then it gets a tad difficult. For instance, let’s talk about the upcoming Lexus RX 350 which is absolutely magnificent or so we have heard from the insiders. It is one of the many heart throbs of the coming years and we just cannot wait to know more about it or better still, see it in action in front of our eyes.

There are speculations in the market that the upcoming Lexus RX350 is one of the many models that are due sometime in the next year which means there won’t be such a long time waiting. However, there are many competing models that are gearing up for a show time around the same period which means there is going to be some crazy attention-seeking game. However, we have heard that this one is going to be a world apart from others that are planning on entering a direct competition. It is a redesign for sure and a very intelligent one at that. We have also found out that it is going to be lighter, most certainly, as compared to previous models. And when talking in terms of interiors of Lexus RX 350, this one is a total catch, too. What’s more, there are rumours of this one being a super plush seven-seater variant, produced exclusively by the company for those who have a thing for luxury.

Moving on and revealing more, the upcoming Lexus RX 350 is going to be equipped with 3 rows of comfortable seats. It is not even here yet but it has been heard that it is going to be the benchmark for other models whose construction is underway. Well, that isquite some accomplishment for an upcoming car, for Lexus RX 350 is not even here but such is the confidence of the company in its performance and efficiency that it is all set to inspire.

We are sure that’s quite some information for those who have been waiting for this one, watching out for news every single day. While many are of the view that it will be on the same lines as the Highlander by Toyota, there are experts who are saying that the upcoming Lexus RX 350 2016 is going to be a new preparation altogether, a new trip in every sense of the word. If you have doubts, consider the capacity of this generous machine which can accommodate seven passengers at a time, a complete hit for those who travel with family. Expect additions like aluminum hood and rejigged tailgates in Lexus RX 350, just to make the wait tougher!


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