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2015 BMW X6: the Next Generation SUV

2015 is supposedly to be the year of BMW because to make it large in the futuristic SUV segment, the company is all geared up to hit the bull’s eye with its second generation 2015 BMW X6, which is being stipulated as the new version of its 2014 X6. After its arrival is Moscow Motor Show, the vehicle is expected to hit the market soon. To keep the design simple for X6, BMW has kept it roots on new generation X5 model and the dimensions for X6 are also same 4900/ 1980/1700mm – l/w/h. the only change you will notice will be in its wheel base, which is expected to be a little higher. The company has proclaimed that they have reduced the weight of X6 by using light weight materials for its construction. The distinct line of X6 will remain same, but minute design details have the potential to give this 2015 vehicle more aggressive look and feel.

It is quite evident that the increased wheel base will also increase the space inside the car making it more spacious. The only noticeable difference between the current model and the new 2015 BMW X6 model is the latter ones slanted front end along with protruding front grille which is placed vertically in the newly designed X6. In rear also you can find some noticeable changes like bumper appearance, quad pipe exhaust system and light clusters, which are all a welcome relief from rather mundane designing of current version.

The drive unit if 2015 BMW X6 is same as the new generation BMW X5 models. The X6 will be coming with 4.41 liter V8 petrol engine with the ability to generate 450hp and 650lb-ft torque. Apart from petrol engine customer can also look for 6 cylinder 3.0I twin power diesel engine with the ability to produce 285hp and 560lb-ft torque. You can also get your diesel engine supplemented by its six-cylinder of 3.0l three turbo diesel engine of 381hp and torque 740lb-ft for improved and efficient performance dynamics. In addition to its standard diesel and petrol engine, the company has also promised to introduce its hybrid plug in propulsion system for its X6. It is being speculated that the hybrid version of X6 will mostly be based on the 2015 BMW X5 model. The hybrid version of 2015 BMW X6 is expected to be available during 2015 only and not before that.

Other changes in the new design of X6 include its availability in the sports trim level which is named as 2015 BMW X6 M and is expected to be available in the market by late 2014. The sports version is expected to have significant changes from its current model. The front bumper will be replaced by large air ventilator. Also to make the front more appealing for the sports version company will install new grille in the “M” style to make it look unique. With new bumper, roof spoiler and exhaust system with four pipes, the X6 M is sure to be a winner. Go for its because of its upgraded high performance brakes, alloy wheels and modified suspension.

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