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Daily Archives: January 11, 2015

Upcoming Jaguar CX17 has the Makings of an Unforgettable Ride

There are many things that have been cleared with passage of time. It is not easy to point how and when such things transpire but a lot of this has to do with continuous evolution – of needs, wants, psyche, expectations and offerings. That is why when people actually see a huge change in the way automobile world has changed it is fascinating yes, but not surprising really. For, with the advent of technology and new equipment and gadgets coming in, there is so much that has been added to the list of basic comforts. That is the reason why while Jaguar was a brand that most people aspired to own and the number of such people wasn’t high, we can say that today the number of such people has increased to a good extent. We can easily say, therefore, that the upcoming Jaguar CX17 is going to have many takers and all of them should be prepared to be fascinated.

When in the year 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, the upcoming Jaguar CX17 was unveiled for the viewers, it made many hearts skip a beat. It appeared to be very promising and people just couldn’t wait for it to come their way. That is why when people were told it was going to be a long wait, they just couldn’t imagine if that were possible. How do you resist an SUV like this one? It is almost impossible! What we know about it, adds to its charm. So, we do know that it has an aluminum frame which is as stylish as it gets considering it is coming from Jaguar! The company is known for keeping its creations chic and stylish, at all costs!

What else do we know about the upcoming Jaguar CX17, you ask? Well, the headlights have been made slimmer than before. There is a silver panel that has been added along with LED lights. There is boldness to this one that makes for an amazing temptation. What is also a spectacular feature of this one is the fact that the taillights have been fixed on the liftgate. Also, we have heard it offers a ground clearance that measures around 8.3 inches. While this figure might appear to be insignificant to Jaguar lovers considering they pick Jaguar for its ultimate looks and not ground clearance really, it is just a feature that makes you feel good!

 The upcoming Jaguar CX17, we have heard offers a low seating to the passengers. What we have also head is that it also has two seats in the cargo area. These seats are aluminum. Another addition is that of head-up display, multi-screen entertainment system that also allows the front seat passengers to be able to share information with the rear seat passengers. While this feature is considered exciting but not so much when weighed against other features that have been offered with this one. As magnificent as Jaguar is, we don’t think we want to keep waiting for any longer than we have!

SUV lovers are going to be Thrilled with BMW SUVs in 2020

Everyone loves to be surprised. Isn’t it? The joy of running into something that you aren’t, in the least, expecting is tremendous. It is the reason why there is so much emphasis on surprises – from surprise gifts to surprise parties and surprise visits, too! Clearly, there is some charm to get what you aren’t expecting and aren’t even prepared for. Some times, this feeling could be great and you would want to dance out of joy to express it. Some other times, it is so magnanimous that you are bowled over by it to the extent of being speechless. If you follow the motor world closely and qualify to be a vehicle enthusiast then we have a big one up our sleeves. While the whole world loves BMW and is in the awe of this mammoth brand, very few people know what this one is planning to offer on a platter in the next few years. If sources are to be believed, then get ready for as many as 8 upcoming BMW SUVs in 2020! Yes, no less than eight SUVS, that too by BMW are going to hit the road and win you over. We have heard each of these is a masterpiece and like none other in the motor world. Well, not surprising, considering we only expect masterpieces from BMW and it never lets us down!

What kinds are we exactly talking about, you might ask! Well, your curiosity is understandable. After all, who wouldn’t be thrilled about the upcoming BMW SUVs in 2020! There has got to be some buzz in this case especially because this one is known for its fantastic offerings. Each one of its beauties have made us drool and left us wanting for more. That is why it is not even surprising for us if you can’t hold your excitement! Well, get ready to see the company’s X1 to the more fun and sporty X7 with seven seats coming out on the road in a brand new avatar.

The company has made up its mind to make sure that this range offers everything that can take your breath away. Why else would there be as many as eight upcoming BMW SUVs in 2020! No car company just plans such a release out of no reason. Well, clearly it is a very well-thought out move and who can complain. After all, it has really got out excitement to skyrocket and we would do anything to set our eyes on what could possibly be waiting for us in another 5 years.

Among the upcoming BMW SUVs in 2020 is the sturdier BMW X2 variant, one that is sure to sweep everyone off their feet. Them there is also the new variants of BMW X3 and BMW X4 too, not to mention the spanking new X6 which is also all set to be revealed to the world in Moscow sometime soon! What can we say, all of this has made our wait very tough and we just can’t wait for 2020 to be here already!

Watch out for Upcoming Hyundai 2015 SUV

Every market follows a trend. Talk about clothes, shoes, jewelry, food and furniture. It is as if we wait for a new rage to emerge and take over so that there is sort of uniformity in the way things look. Since time immemorial, the trend of following a rage has been prevalent in our lives. That is the reason what we followed in school as a world apart from what struck us when we reached college. The interesting part about trends is that one trend in a specific stream has far reaching effects! It doesn’t stay in one place or limited to one specific field! Which is why it isn’t wrong to say that Hyundai is keeping up with the ever-increasing craze for SUVs with its new creation. What we do know about the upcoming Hyundai 2015 SUV is that it is definitely very, very close to what Duster looks like! And we are saying this only because we have seen the concept and we are not even depending upon any rumors. For sure, its size too is similar to Duster, too! Wait till we tell you something more about it and add fuel to your curiosity!

What do you think is the name of the upcoming Hyundai 2015 SUV? Well, you might safely guess it would be some thing like iX25 or the likes, but well, you are wrong for the company is going to steer clear of any of those names. It has decided to have a name that fits the conventions, something that isn’t anywhere close to the i-series so that people don’t confuse it with i20 or expect it to be anything similar to the previous offerings. Well, the fear of the company is quite understood as it just wants to make sure that its offering is considered a league apart from whatever else it has offered in the past. What do we possibly know about this upcoming Hyundai 2015 SUV is on your mind right now, right? Well, we won’t say we know it all but we sure do enough to throw some light on the kind of look it sports and the new additions.

We would begin with the headlamps that are fairly sharp , ones that you can not miss also because they beautiful go with its grille, which is chrome and hence stands out! There are other design features too like the rising window line which makes for an interesting element, one that is sure to excite people also because we hadn’t expected it coming our way! There are also the wraparound tail lamps, too that are an addition worth mentioning.

The engine of the upcoming Hyundai 2015 SUV is going to be the same as the one that comes fixed in Hyundai Verna. Gearbox, as we have heard is going to be the same as the Verna, as well. There is a lot that we are going to not share with you because surprises are good, especially if they come from the vehicle world!

Upcoming Volvo XC90-Sure to Sweep You off your Feet!

Time changes and how quickly! Wouldn’t we all agree? When it comes to motor world in particular, the trends and the offerings evolve so quickly, sometimes over night that one has to try so hard to catch up with things and move along. So, one day you wake up and see the trend is around a specific feature and the next day, you wake up you realize what you were obsessing over is long gone and what is here to stay is some other new trend. So, those who have been following the motor world for long would know that over the years, Volvo has definitely evolved. It is one brand that has definitely surprised everyone with the way it has treaded the path to change! Why else would we be so surprised when we look ten years back and find Volvo launching XC90 and still stick with the same beauty today, except drastically changed and for good! The upcoming Volvo XC90 has come a long way, hasn’t it? You would agree if you have seen its journey that started off a decade ago. Today, it has come a long way off and we are not surprised that it is absolutely mind blowing the way it is today!

The upcoming Volvo XC90 is a world apart from the one that was launched in 2002 and it is primarily something that is affected by a lot of factors. The world was a different place ten years ago. It has fast evolved in the past decade in terms of demands, technology and offerings! What was considered an innovative addition, today can be called a basic requirement or a feature. Which is why, even the older version of XC90 was very popular because it was befitting what the people wanted back then. However, if one were to take in to consideration how come the company has managed to maintain its product’s popularity, it is almost a miracle because it still has one engine variant, a 3.2 liter l-6 that is accompanied by six speed automatic. It is something that surprises a lot of people and impresses them at the same time!

No one knows what works wonders really! The price too was around $40,000 for the previous version but the upcoming Volvo XC90 one is going to be far from it! And it won’t appear to be unreasonable is all we can say. It won’t be a price that would make you wonder why on earth it is so high! In fact, if anything it will make you feel pretty good about it. Come to think of it, there is a reason why the upcoming Volvo XC90 has stirred the market with its announcement. If a vehicle that has already sold more than 55,000 units without any major additions except some serious facelift, then there has got to be something to it! Well, all we can say is let’s wait for the Volvo XC 90 to hit the road and find out!

Twelve years, a new owner (China-based Geely automotive), and just one major face-lift later, the Volvo XC90 is still here, having sold more than 550,000 units worldwide. There’s just one engine option now, a 3.2-liter I-6 that makes all of 240 hp and is mated to a six-speed automatic. The base price sits at a shade over $40,000 including destination. But all that’s about to change for the 2016 model year.

Upcoming Smart Fortwo 2016-The Harbinger Of Change

It is wisely said that to go with the flow is the easiest thing to do! So, no resistance, you just go ahead and do what everyone else around you is doing, what everyone else is preparing for! That is why perhaps, the importance of the one who initiates a change is considered too be really high. When a brand or a product brings in change it establishes itself as daring, as not scared of changes, not worries about challenges and that, in turn, establishes a winner, a clear one that can’t be defeated. In the fickle motor world, while everyone else goes by the popular trends and makes sure that they are not very different from what the public demands, there has emerged in front of us, the upcoming Smart Fortwo 2016. It had always been the different one, no doubt but this time, it is very daring too! It has taken the micro car segment by a storm and we are sure it is going to win a lot of hearts when it does hit the roads in 2016.

There were times when people would not take Smart Fortwo very seriously. In fact there still are people who feel that the upcoming Smart Fortwo 2016 isn’t serious business also because the car has had the reputation of exuding quirkiness and unapologetic different looks. It isn’t any thing like your regular beauties, you would definitely agree! Wouldn’t you?  However, isn’t that half the charm of this unique beauty? Isn’t it great that there is one vehicle that makes sure we don’t get bored with the same old looks, same old offerings. It is, we feel, very nice if there comes by a vehicle that is like a whiff of fresh air, isn’t scared to be different and allows room for more possibilities with its unconventional attitude!

The upcoming Smart Fortwo 2016, we can safely tell you, has a lot of new additions that are worthy of mentioning here. So, by all means, expect new powertrains that are going to be fitted into this beauty! Also make sure that you are well prepared for its stronger and sturdier frame. It is definitely a great move, one that is going to add to the list of people who dare to be impressed with this one!

From what we have heard from credible news sources, the upcoming Smart Fortwo 2016 is going to delight Europe with a variant fitted with two engines. What about the rest of the world you ask? Well, honestly, the company has kept mum about any dates or releases in the rest of the world. So far, only Europe is going to receive this spectacular creation. What we have also heard though is the fact that there is going to be an innovative six-speed dual clutch automatic that will be fitted with this beauty! This sounds very promising especially in terms of performance, which is sure to get enhanced immensely with the help of this new addition. All we are now looking forward to is the year 2016!


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