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2016 Bentley will Make you Holler your Heart Out!

2016 Bentley is like a genie bottle right now! No kidding. It is like this mystic world where who-knows-how-many models are in the making, as you read this and we reveal this.

It is actually worth considering what we have been listening to – Bentley is not going to rest any time soon. There are many magnificent machines stuck in the company’s pipeline. This includes a new coupe, two-door and high performance variants of the Mulsanne. There is even a hard-core variant of the formidable Continental GT3-R. However, what has gotten the town talking is something that tops the list of all the upcoming models. It is this 2016 Bentley SUV that has swept some fortunate spectators off their feet, quite literally so!

So far, we have only known this machine as a prototype but from the first look what it appears to be, there are no doubts that it is quite a looker, this one! This upcoming 2016 Bentley SUV is being put through tougher tests to better prove its sturdiness. So, this one is riding closer to the ground and hasn’t disappointed, must we say! There are some revisions in terms of the cooling systems. This one has the most reliable cooling system to keep the engine revving at a speed that you desire. There is no trouble, in deed, in this paradise!

It is noteworthy that, this upcoming 2016 Bentley SUV had already been reviewed at the Geneva Motor Show, back in 2012 and we must remark that its form stays largely the same as the last time. There are alterations, though, in the front end and tailgate that are now smoother and created to pleasantly greet the eyes. They can easily be called in sync with the company’s signature style that we have drooled over, for so many years.

So, many motor enthusiasts, especially those who have always reserved a special place for Bentley in their hearts are delighted. The fact that this 2016 Bentley SUV is as close to the Bentley spirit as possible is a welcome piece of news. After all, everyone wants the Bentley flavour unchanged. They do desire their new vehicle with a twist but when out on the roads, they want their machine to scream Bentley, even from distance. This one serves all these requirements very beautifully, thus, is worthy of all the desirability and furore that it has created!

Let’s take a look at the future course and the competition that is likely to be pitched against it. So motor industry experts are of the view that since it shares much with the ERiding, it will eventually be an answer to the next Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg. While this 2016 Bentley SUV doesn’t have a name yet, there is already a lot on the expectation list like a range of hybrid engines, V8s and W12s. In hushed tones, many are adding that this British beauty can soar to 200 miles per hour in top spec and it is making us breathless!


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