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2016 Lexus TX: Key to Lexus Fortune

To take on the futuristic SUV segment and also prove its mantle in the field, Lexus is planning to come up with the improved and completely new model of 2016 Lexus TX, which will not only sort the issues the company has been facing from customer’s end but will also strengthen their foothold in the futuristic crossover segment. There will be no denying in saying that the 2016 Lexus TX holds major fortunes for Lexus if they wish to stay in the highly competitive crossover market. There have been a lot of expectation from Lexus TX from both its producers and buyers because Lexus has promised that they will bring the first of its kind futuristic SUV in the market, thus making buyers keep their hopes high. So far the company has refused to divulge to many details about the 2016 Lexus TX but you can surely expect some really good things to come up with this. Speculations are high that Lexus has been planning to use the base of Toyota Highlander as a platform for Lexus TX, which means the car will be more spacious from inside.

The luxurious interiors of Lexus TX are expected to be taken from architecture of Lexus IS and Toyota Camry and are also expected to remain available in both FWD and RWD versions. Lexus is also planning to use the latest available technology to make the 2016 Lexus TX secure and safe from inside. Use of advanced technology will ensure to give drivers better operating option. The remodeling of Lexus TX will be modern and rejuvenated to maintain the interest of the buyers in their luxury vehicle for a long time. This has also been seen as a desperate attempt from the car maker so that they can make Lexus TX linger on the minds of the buyers for long time, which will also inflate their sales figures in the long run. Going by its standards, Lexus will surely not make any compromise with the luxury and comfort of their 2016 Lexus TX.

Even though the car maker has not made any official announcement about the tech specs of 2016 Lexus TX it has been highly speculated that the car will feature nothing less than a 3.5L V6 petrol engine with the ability to generate 290 horsepower effortlessly. The same engine is expected to provide atleast 267 pound feet torque, which is being considered some serious arrangement under its hood.

Like all the other specifications, Lexus ahs kept TX’s inner details and prices undisclosed till date and it is quite clear that the 2016 Lexus TX will not hit the market anytime before late 2016 or early 2017, thus giving its producers a lot o time to decide what will be the best available option for their promising futuristic SUV. The company is leaving no stone unturned to implement ideas that can make it the best available futuristic SUV in the market. However, whether the Lexus TX will manage to answer all the questions pertaining to a best available futuristic SUV can only be confirmed with time.

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