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Daily Archives: October 21, 2018

2019 Peugeot 508 GT is Slow but Sexy

2019 peugeot 508 gt

The 2019 Peugeot 508 GT may not be winning any races when pitted against other cars along the 225 hp bracket but its sexy look makes up for its dismal performance.

The new 508 GT carries a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine. The unit produces 225 hp and it is paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The setup propels the car from 0 to 62 mph in 7.4 seconds.

0-62 mph Run is More Than 8 Seconds

The numbers of the 508 GT definitely look promising on paper but the testing done by the Dutch publication AutoTopNL seems to disagree with the official figures. When the source took the car for a test drive, it was discovered that its 0 to 62 mph acceleration actually goes more than 8 seconds.

For its €45,600 starting price in Germany, the 508 GT’s performance certainly looks bad compared to other 255 hp cars and other GT-badged vehicles. The slow sprint of the auto was attributed to its transmission. There appeared to be lags in between its shifts.

Examining the Peugeot 508 GT’s Styling

Nevertheless, the attractive design of the 508 GT is its selling point. The body of the car features clean surfaces with beautifully sculpted corners, which are almost free of creases. In addition, the chequered look of the front grille, narrow headlamps with fangs and wide single vent below the front bumper provide a luxurious and sporty combination to the vehicle. Meanwhile, going to the rear shows an amazing layout of its taillights, which is reminiscent of Audi’s styling.

The interior of the 508 GT is a stand out too. The small steering wheel, digital displays, and aluminum accents on the dashboard and panels are visually stimulating. Lastly, its seats are covered in high-end leather with premium stitching.

Overall, the Peugeot 508 GT presents an ideal choice for customers who have more preference in aesthetics over performance.

Aston Martin Hypercar Based on 003 Will Be Called the Valhalla

aston martin hypercar

After the confirmation that a mid-engined Aston Martin hypercar is in the works, we finally have a name for its production version. The car is currently known for its codename “003” but new reports and documents reveal that it will be called the “Valhalla” when it rolls out in the market.

According to Australia’s Drive, The Valhalla is a follow up to the Valkyrie (codenamed “001”) and Valkyrie AMR Pro (codenamed “002”). Therefore, it will inherit many features from its older siblings. Among them are the hybrid electric propulsion system and carbon-fiber-intensive architecture.

The name Valhalla just makes sense because of its association with the Valkyries in Norse mythology. For those who are unfamiliar with the story, the Valkyries are tasked with escorting fallen warriors in the afterlife who are on their way to Valhalla.

A trademark application made by Aston Martin with the World Intellectual Property Organization also made references to the Valhalla. The document filed on October 12, 2018, associated the trademarked name to the 003.

Although information about the Valhalla is quite scarce as of the moment, the source claimed the hypercar will be limited to 500 units only. The deliveries of the vehicles will start in late 2021.

The Valhalla will unlikely get a naturally-aspirated V12 engine. Instead, the Aston Martin hypercar will get its power from a turbocharged V6. The combustion unit is expected to be paired with an electric system to deliver a mild-hybrid powertrain.

The mild-hybrid setup means the electric motor will only serve as a boost to the acceleration of the car.

Full Self-Driving Option Removed From Tesla’s Configurator


Prior to October 19, Tesla still had an item listed as “Full Self-Driving Capability” on its online configurator. It was offered as an option for its buyers. However, after that date, the feature was no longer among the choices.

According to reports, the Full Self-Driving option has been removed from the electric vehicle maker’s configurator indefinitely. The feature added $3,000 to $5,000 to the cars it was fitted on.

What was unusual about the option though was that Tesla didn’t have the technology yet. The company only promised that the feature will only be activated once the system was ready. For short, it was a pre-order scheme ensuring those who purchased the add-on that they will be the first to get it when it rolled out.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk addressed the issue in one of his Tweets saying, “Also available off menu for a week. Was causing too much confusion.”

We’re wondering why it took Tesla so long to realize that selling the Full Self-Driving feature before they even had the technology would be confusing for customers. The option has been in their configurator since 2016. Therefore, many people have already been baited into buying the non-existent item.

In fact, some buyers who paid for the feature were livid. A number of them even sued the company. They alleged that they were deceived into purchasing a feature that didn’t exist.

Despite that, Tesla continues to assure their buyers that they are still developing the Full Self-Driving system. But the company failed to give a timeframe for its release.

So far, there are no talks about a possible refund for the complaining customers. And, for sure, the removal of the feature in the configurator just added to the worries of the people who already paid for it.

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