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2019 Porsche Pajun: For the Daredevil Motorist

Porsche has never been the one to set any limits in terms of creations and offerings. Why, it has diversified very impressively, especially in the recent years. Addition of some SUVs, luxury sedans and sports cars, ah, you name it and Porsche has offered it. Well, the trailblazer that it has been, there have been many hopes pinned on the upcoming Porsche SUVs. Come 2019, Porsche Pajun will take the excitement of the motorists to another level.

If one observes the recent trends that have been set by Porsche, one catches a lot of additions. There has been a luxurious inclusion of Sedans, macho inclusion of sports cars as well as SUVs. While there are bright chances that this trend of inclusions will continue, there are indications that the expansion into new segments will not carry on at full throttle. There has been news that one of the upcoming Porsche offerings – Pajun is not going to be available for sale any time before 2019. If any thing, Porsche Pajun has only gotten the motorists more excited, as their fingers are now crossed. They are constantly praying that no further delay happens, in this case.

Some insiders have shared a little about the Upcoming Porsche Pajun 2019 and the details are absolutely magnificent. This beauty is going to have a Five-door coupe. Its shape will be inspired from the shape of the Panamera and there are indications of some feature being borrowed from Panamera Sport Turismo Concept car. In fact, it is expected to be positioned as a mini-me Panamera. At the much-awaited launch, Porsche Pajun 2019 is going to feature V6 engines including the 3.0 liter V6 TDI. There are chances of the petrol units touching the 500 hp mark!

Yet another sports sedan, Porsche’s future product, is not going to hit the road any time soon. This too indicates a major hold up from the company’s end. It seems like there have been drastic changes at the company’s end in regard to new Porsche Pajun 2019. The company had initially lined up at least seven different cars, including sports cars, sedans and SUVs. However, due to some unidentified reasons, the internal plan of the company seems to have gone through a major change, which is surprisingly working in favour of Porsche Pajun SUVs launching in 2019. It is as if they know that vehicle enthusiasts want some thing or the other to look forward to. And by delaying the entry of their major products they are serving their excitement and keeping it fuelled, quite strategically. After all, every company in this world can use some attention, some discussion, and heightened anticipation for its products.

Imagine all this excitement comes at the time when Porsche shares with the world its booming sales in the year 2014. The figures that this luxury company has shared are certainly phenomenal. Going by the declared figures, the company has successfully delivered 87,800 cars in the first half of 2014, which is 8% more than what it had done during the same period last year.

Now all eyes are glued on 2019 and what Porsche is going to unleash on the roads.



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