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Acura MDX Gets A Makeover

If you have been a fan of the beautiful 7-seater Acura MDX SUV, then we have some great news for you! The MDX is going under extensive makeover process and it is being said that it is not going to be anything near the old Acura MDX that we know of. Featuring a better engine, stylish looks, loads of new features and a lot more, the MDX is expected to bring in an appreciable rise in the company’s ever growing popularity and sales. A peculiar thing to note is that Acura is still calling this new version a prototype. This means that the car will undergo some more minor changes so that all minor anomalies are removed before the production starts. The new Acura MDX would certainly be worth waiting for!

The features which are being added/changed

The first thing to notice is that Acura will be providing consumers with two different options of models featuring front wheel drives as well as all wheel drives. Earlier, only the SH-AWD Technology (Acura Super Handling All Wheel Drive Technology) was provided with the vehicles. However, the much appreciated SH-AWD Technology isn’t going anywhere, and people can still avail models equipped with the technology. Also, the chassis of the SUV will be made of a different that makes it more rigid as well as lighter. The roofline of the new MDX will be lower and the wheelbase will be longer. This means that the new Acura would feature a much better handling and driving experience and the space in the interior cabin will also be increased, making access to the third row of seats easier and the leg rooms larger. Besides all of these, the interiors will also be furnished with quite a number of futuristic equipment. The SUV will come with a system which will allow you to subscribe to news, information and feeds with the help of your smartphone. Also, there will be other features like SMS messaging, AcuraLink featuring Pandora, SiriusXM, etc. The new MDX will also be much more reliable as it comes with a whole new fleet of safety features. You Acura will come with a Forward Collision Warning, Active Cruise Control, Multi-Angle Rear View Camera with Blind Spot Information, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, etc. Acura indeed has a lot planned for the new Acura MDX!

Tactical Stats

Besides looks and luxuries, the Acura MDX will also with a much improved engine. Customers will get a powerful 3700cc engine which would be capable of delivering over 300 horsepower energy. Working at 6000rpm, the 24 valve SOHC VTEC V6 engine will be enough to take the SUV from rest to 60 miles per hour in no more than 6 seconds! Also, the 6 speed transmission system that replaced the 5 speed system in 2012 will continue to be used. Also, the SUV is expected to give a fuel economy of 15 miles per gallon in city and an impressive 20 miles per gallon on highway. The new Acura MDX is all set to be a perfect family SUV, especially if you have a large one!


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