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Ready for 2016 Jaguar SUV?

You would agree that when a Jaguar crosses you on a road, everything else ceases to matter. Such is the charisma of this much-coveted brand. So, when the news of on-road testing of Jaguar SUV starts doing rounds, is it possible for motor-lovers to control their emotions? Hear one, hear all – to be released in 2016 Jaguar SUV is being previewed on the international motor show circuit.

Those who have been lucky enough to cast their eyes on this beauty are going gaga about it and why not? It is a muscular show, and contemporary in style, by far Jaguar Chief designed Ian Callum’s best show, some claim. The 2016 Jaguar SUV retains the signature grille, the cat-eye headlights. Of course, the low-slung cabin with coupe like window graphics is there too. What has also been noticed is the thin, horizontal taillights, which lend it the agility and make it do justice to the brand name. However, don’t let this design bowl you over already, for it is heard that it is only indicative, that too only barely!

For all those who are wondering what this brilliant machine is called, well, all we have is some guesses. This SUV 2016 Jaguar is likely to be called the Q-type which brings with it a lot of controversies for obvious reasons. If that is true then chances are Audi and Infiniti are going to give Jaguar loads of grief over the name. It isn’t new to the motor industry, is it? Not too long ago Audi had to pay through the nose to Nissan for using the Q moniker. Now all we need to do is wait and watch how 2016 Jaguar SUV wants to play it in the near future.

There are so many reasons why it is such a big deal that it is hard to put them across in the right order. Most importantly, it is Jaguar’s first ever SUV and the reason for its launch is obvious. We can see that the brand wants to please this ever-growing segment. With this new swanky offering, Jaguar is aiming at pleasing an entirely new target audience – essentially a younger set of customers, with family and well, women too. Which makes it a well-strategised move that comes at a great time, too. It is certainly distinct from the other aggressive, boxy machines that are available in this segment.

For those who like their machines sporty, this  2016 Jaguar SUV is good news for it is a significantly sportier version or so it has been said. It is also going to flaunt an impressively compact cabin and very limited off-road capabilities. Talking about roadholding and on-road performance, they are definitely going to be one of the several highlights of this upcoming 2016 Jaguar SUV. Other crucial features include an aluminum unibody, gasoline and diesel four-cylinder engines though six-cylinder models will also be offered. Though, on one level, all these features and highlights take a backseat. What emerges a winner is the brand Jaguar, which is definitely bigger than all its features put together!

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