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Audi Q8 For Production in 2017!

The popular automobile maker Audi has some nice surprise in line for SUV lovers.  The Q7 has always been a darling among those who are fans of the huge full size SUV. Not only does it deliver flawless performance, it is also immensely luxurious. But if you thought that this is all that the German manufacturer has to offer, then hold on! The Q7 is soon to meet its successor, the mighty Q8, which received the green light from the manufacturer and is expected to conquer the streets no sooner than 2017.

The Audi Q8 will be a full size luxury SUV which will be placed at the top of the Q series which is famous for premium luxurious SUVs. Rumour has it that the Q8 will be a crossover model of the Audi A8 sedan. Audi hopes to make the Q8 popular with the crossover design patterns as it has been one of the most desired designs among consumers. The company also expects to produce and sell over 25000 units per year.

Audi has planned to launch the Q8 in 6 different models, one of which will feature a diesel engine hybridized with electric motors. Two of these six models are V6 petrol engines offering power outputs of 230 and 300 HP respectively. If you want a diesel engine with similar power outputs, then you can go for the V6 TDI engine which produces 250 HP power. For those who want more power, a 4200cc V8 engine is available which is capable of producing a massive power output of 400 HP. If you are one of those who can never get enough of power, then the S version, which is the top model, is perfect for you. The S version features a twin-turbo 4000cc V8 engine, which will empower you with the insane power of over 550 HP! Go for the hybrid model if the convenience of electricity and gasoline is what you want. With such a huge fleet of models lined up for the new Q8, Audi is all set to please a huge bunch of its customers!

As mentioned above, the Q8 is supposed to be the crossover counter part of the A8 sedan, which is one of the best high end sedans that the company manufactures. The Q8’s body would be carved out of steel as well as aluminum. Audi has declared that it will be using 60% steel and 40% aluminum, ensuring that the vehicle would be strong as well as light. If compared to the Q7 in terms of looks, then the Q8 is somewhat more aggressive and bold. It will have sharper features and a sturdier build. However, the traditional Audi looks definitely do no disappear, and the Audi logo shines on the beautiful front grille like always!

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