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Audi’s Latest Innovation – The Audi Q2 SUV!

You have to admit that the term ‘Audi Q2’ brings to mind a picture of an SUV slightly smaller and less costly than the Audi Q3. Well…surprisingly, the Q2 turns these assumptions on their head. Audi has introduced a completely new concept that has not yet been introduced by the car manufacturing world with the Audi Q2.  It is not a simple SUV, but a coupé style convertible crossover instead. This implies that it has the mixed features of a crossover, convertible and a coupé altogether!

Audi surprised the automobile world with this innovative and unique idea at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. Production of the vehicle has not yet started. It is expected to be launched to market in 2015. Audi has planned to produce 2-seater models of the Q2 first. Following this initial launch, Audi has reported that it will then consider designing a 4-seater version.

Some features of the Q2 include the central area of the roof of the car which can be opened. Also, you will find yourself at quite a height from the road due to its crossover like construction. To add to all this, the Q2 features the dual-mode hybrid driving concept! The looks of the Q2 as illustrated in the CAD prints can be described in one word – smart! The build of the car seems to be quite sturdy and the looks are very stylish. Moreover, the car looks much cooler when the roof top is removed. Being a 2-seater car, it is smaller as compared to the Audi Q3 and other SUVs. The interiors is also expected to be magnificent and luxurious. Audi has always been delivering great looks and royal interiors, the Q2 is expected to bring just the same, and even more!

The Audi Q2 will feature a unique frame made out of a special new alloy which is obtained by mixing aluminum, carbon fiber and glass fiber in definite proportions. This unique feature will allow the car to weigh as low as 1300kg. As a result, Audi will be able to plant a small engine in the car, which will provide the same thrust as a big engine in a heavier car. The engine is supposed to be a 1500cc engine with 3 cylinders. The most interesting part about this engine is that Audi has never used such a small engine in any of its cars before.

Another impressive feature is the dual-mode hybrid driving concept. The car accelerates to a speed of 34 miles per hour only on the thrust provided by an electric motor. After this, both the electric motor and petrol powered engine work together to accelerate the car to a speed of 80 miles per hour. After the 80 mph mark, the Q2 will run mostly on the engine, using a little extra boost from the electric motor.

Audi is certainly all set to make its mark in the automobile industry. A company’s top officials also revealed that more models with names like Q4, Q6, etc. will be designed on the concept of a coupé style convertible crossover!

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