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BMW Officially Confirms Larger Grille Design

bmw new grille

Leaked image of the upcoming BMW M3 via Instagram.

The new grille design for BMW cars was just leaked through a now-deleted Instagram post. The photo showed the upcoming M3 sporting the new styling. This led BMW to confirm the upgrade.

bmw concept 4

BMW Concept 4

Based on the leaked photo, the automaker is ditching its short but wide front radiator grille styling in favor of a long but thin design similar to the Concept 4. So far, the change has garnered mixed reactions and even Mercedes-Benz ribbed its rival for going into that direction.

Last Halloween, BMW tweeted a picture showing a Mercedes under BMW covers. The post read, “Now every car can dress up as its favorite superhero. @MercedesBenzUSA #HappyHalloween from #BMW.”

Mercedes was quick to respond, “Nice one, @BMWUSA. That’s a really scary costume! Especially that radiator grille…” This was followed by a series of tweets from other users mocking BMW.

It should be noted that BMW already adopted the new grille design in the X7. It didn’t receive a lot of heat from fans because of the crossover’s size. When it was installed on the sedan though, it was a different story.

bmw 328

BMW 328 produced in the late 1930s.

BMW’s new grilled design is supposedly a shout back at cars that it produced back in the 1920s. But then again, the cars it had before had a higher stance and huge engine bay.

Adrian Van Hooydonk, BMW’s design chief, defended the new styling when they introduced the Concept 4. He said they wanted an eye-catching look for their performance coupe that’s why they are making drastic changes to the appearances of their vehicles.

Well, they surely got the attention of everyone by now.

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