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Cadillac Ciel Hybrid Convertible Concept

With a history of excellence in the luxury car market, Cadillac upheld its reputation on revealing the Ciel Hybrid Concept in August 2011. With a most appealing exterior and inviting, comfy interiors, this Cadillac concept model made quite first impression on the automotive world. And yes, the Ciel Hybrid Concept certainly deserves all the attention it’s getting – read on and you’ll know why!

Image of the Cadillac Ciel Hyrbid Concept

Cadillac's Tradition of Excellence has evolved into the Cadillac Ciel Hybrid Concept.

Equipped with a twin turbo 3.6 liter V6 Engine boasting 425 horsepower, Ciel is also supported by a hybrid system using lithium-ion batteries. Cadillac claims that its unique system shall allow for pure electric driving at low speeds. Such state-of-the-art technology, when coupled with an ultra-luxurious interior and beautiful design, takes us back to the glorious ‘Land-Yachts’ of the past which were Cadillac’s specialty.

The Ciel Hybrid Concept is distinctly retro-styled with vestigial fins and ‘suicide doors’ at both the front and rear end that epitomize vintage glamour. The car’s color, however, has been specially developed in a unique burgundy-plum shade called Cabernet. Moreover, the headlights and taillights in their strong vertical frames, complement its powerful stance and give Ciel a distinctive modern look that is completely exclusive in its novelty. Thus, by bringing both old and new elements in such graceful harmony, Cadillac seems to be making a statement. This is corroborated by the statement of Cadillac’s global design director – Clay Dean – that “The Ciel recalls that heritage, while suggesting where the brand can go in the future”.

The icing on the cake with regard to Cadillac’s Ciel Hybrid Concept is its fabulous insides that exemplify opulence in all possible ways. The car’s open top, four individual bucket-seats and fully automated clamshell doors are supplemented by exciting niceties like aromatherapy controls, pull-out blankets and several cleverly placed drawers and compartments. The extravagance is known to be inspired by the beautiful, open roads of California with the convertible having been designed in Cadillac’s studio at North Hollywood. The interiors were probably envisioned with the notion of rivaling contemporary motor luxury brands such as Bentley and Rolls Royce. The attempt is undoubtedly a success with the Ciel Hybrid Concept making a bold statement in all its magnificent glory.

The French nomenclature of ‘Ciel’ meaning ‘sky’ reminds one that this is to be a grand-touring car, replete with an open-top and sturdy yet stylish appeal. The concept car does not have a top, but were it go into production, Cadillac would have to accommodate some nature of retractable top in order to avoid hampering sales. The Cadillac officials, when questioned, have so far been cryptic about the status of the car’s production; they continually reinforce that a concept car may not necessarily be approved for production and sale. However, Ciel designer Niki Smart admitted that “This (Ciel Hybrid Concept) is achievable, it is not a fantasy.” Noncommittal about its pricing, Smart grudgingly nodded a rather vague ‘maybe’ for a suggested price bracket of $100,000 – $150,000. Well, all we can do is wait and watch to see if this spectacular Ciel Hybrid Concept shall make it all the way to production or not!

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