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A Closer Look at the Cadillac Urban Luxury Hybrid

While the Cadillac brand-name has always been associated with opulent luxury in automobiles, the Urban Luxury Hybrid Hatchback Concept represents an intelligently crafted amalgamation of extravagance with economy. First revealed at the 2010 L.A. Motor Show, this Concept car created quite an uproar in the motor world, and with good reason too.

The Urban Luxury Concept from Cadillac

The Question Still Remains Whether The Urban Luxury Concept from Cadillac will hit Production 2014.


The Urban Luxury Hybrid is undoubtedly a deviation from Cadillac’s trademark lavish, long, snaking automobiles that epitomize fancy indulgence; its vital stats are a surprisingly diminutive 151 x 68.1 x 51 inches with a wheel base a little over 97 inches. This Concept Car targets the urban audiences that value compact exteriors and good mileage over all else. There is, nonetheless, an attention to detail and concern for passenger comfort that is easily evident from its unique design. With the Cadillac characteristic bold grille-front and a stylish hatchback stance, the Urban Luxury Hybrid is easy on the eye, body and hopefully pocket as well.

The internal engineering of the Urban Luxury Hybrid is such that it relies on a 1.0 liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine that is supported by electric assist technology and dual-clutch transition. The car also boasts a unique engine start-stop function alongside break energy regeneration which saves energy and fuel. This Concept is illustrative of Cadillac’s commitment to eco-friendliness and consumer affordability. But while the energy-efficiency of the vehicle is commendable, it is the innovative interiors that have won the car much attention.

The fascinating insides of this Caddie make it a treat to travel within. The two, powerful scissor-doors open into a spacious interior that seats four, with ample leg-space and frontal recline-ability. Twin skylights and a sturdy windscreen add to the sense of spaciousness which when combined with its state-of-the-art digital technology, make for a truly luxurious motor experience. High-tech touch controls have been installed in the Concept car to minimize the room used up by physical controls thereby creating an expanded and more convenient steering space for the driver. If this is not enough, then the comfy seats, ultra-mod interiors with beautiful colors and the hoard of compartments and accessories that enhance exclusivity, shall surely impress one.

Talking in terms of the production viability, the Urban Luxury Hybrid can definitely be brought into manufacturing with the scissor doors being the only question on feasibility. However, official sources have remained mum regarding the production plans, though it has been showcased on their website. Judging by the extent of ripples the Concept car has made in the automobile market, if up for sale, it is likely to get a good response. Moreover, the Urban Luxury Hybrid shall probably make an impression in the Asian and European Markets as well. But it is now all dependant on Cadillac and GM officials, who will ascertain whether to turn their Concept into a production model or not. As stated by the Cadillac Brand Champion Clay Dean, the Urban Luxury Hybrid “has a small exterior footprint, but is roomy inside”, which resonates with the needs of all urban consumers. All car-lovers hope to hear from the Cadillac team regarding its production soon!

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