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3 Important Things You Should Know About The 2019 Skoda Kodiaq GT

The 2019 Skoda Kodiaq GT will be exclusive to the Chinese market but it’s worth taking note what the Czech company changed to make this a perfect fit for the auto industry’s largest market. The Kodiaq GT is destined to be the brand’s flagship product in China but even with the GT badge, it produces

Top 3 Things We Will Get From The 2020 Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo

The Porsche Taycan all-electric model will have several versions, one of which is certainly going to be an estate or wagon and it will be called the Sport Turismo. What separates the Sport Turismo from the sedan model are the bigger boot capacity, more practical features and more space. There are a lot of expectations for the

Cars With Driver-Assist Tech Cost More To Repair

Remember those driver-assist tech options that you oh-so willingly agreed to when you bought your car? Well, it looks like they are going to cost you more in terms of repair and maintenance. A study by the AAA found out that the average cost of repairing those fancy cameras and sensors was about twice that

Production of Tesla Model Y To Start In 2020

I can’t tell if you’re serious or not. That seems…oddly specific, especially being 10 months from now. — Ryan McCaffrey (@DMC_Ryan) May 24, 2018 But consider it real. We could unveil Model Y anytime from late this year to mid next year, so March 15 is about right. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 24, 2018

Tesla Increases Price of Mid-Range Model 3 By $1,000

Tesla increased the price of its recently announced mid-range Model 3 by $1,000, bringing the new total to $47,200 from $46,200. This is not a major price hike, but it’s unusual to increase the price of a car only a few days after it goes on sale. The long-range dual-motor Model 3 will still start

Aston Martin Hypercar Based on 003 Will Be Called the Valhalla

After the confirmation that a mid-engined Aston Martin hypercar is in the works, we finally have a name for its production version. The car is currently known for its codename “003” but new reports and documents reveal that it will be called the “Valhalla” when it rolls out in the market. According to Australia’s Drive, The

Full Self-Driving Option Removed From Tesla’s Configurator

Prior to October 19, Tesla still had an item listed as “Full Self-Driving Capability” on its online configurator. It was offered as an option for its buyers. However, after that date, the feature was no longer among the choices. According to reports, the Full Self-Driving option has been removed from the electric vehicle maker’s configurator indefinitely. The

First-Ever 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition on Sale

The first ever Final Edition model of the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution with a US0001 serial number is still up for grabs. Only 1,600 units of the car were created, so this surely is a good catch for collectors. According to Road & Track, the same Evo was auctioned in late 2015. The car was

Entry-Level Tesla Model 3 Gets a Cheaper Version

The Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle is now being offered at a lower price, thanks to the introduction of a new cheaper variant. According to CNN, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made the announcement last week. The controversial boss of the American car brand said that the Model 3 will now start at $45,000. The cost is

Ford GT Production Limit Increased to 1,350 Units

The initial plan for the Ford GT is that it will only be available in 1,000 samples. That’s to keep the exclusivity of the supercar in check. However, Ford Motor Company recently announced that they are expanding the production line of the GT to 1,350 cars. The giant American automaker also said that they will be rolling

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