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Upcoming Smart Fortwo 2016-The Harbinger Of Change

It is wisely said that to go with the flow is the easiest thing to do! So, no resistance, you just go ahead and do what everyone else around you is doing, what everyone else is preparing for! That is why perhaps, the importance of the one who initiates a change is considered too be

Sporty and Swanky, Get Ready For Upcoming Toyota Supra 2017

There is so much to look forward to in the motor world, every year, that one totally really forgets all about having one favorite. It is not unusual for people to discuss vehicles that are launched in absolutely different segments and yet like one as much as the other. Therefore, no big deal now, is

Come 2017, Sheer Beauty will be Out on Roads- Upcoming Chevrolet Adra

It is very difficult to say what cuts ice with people. Isn’t it! If companies had known what makes people thrilled about a product or services, then there life would be so much different. There would be no need for dipstick or any surveys because they would know that a certain product would work like

Hold your Breath for the Bold and Spacious Fiat Doblo 2015

There is a certain thrill in trying something that you have never tried before or have tried but not so boldly. It takes efforts, yes, there is no denying that but the kind of thrill that one experiences after trying something new is unmatched. Which is why one can very safely say that it is

Upcoming Rolls Royce SUV is a Show Stealer By All Means!

Certain times, it is just the name of the motor brand that gets you excited. You don’t even have to know more like the specifications, the details, the performance bit or the looks and how beautifully they have been engineered. Some times, by just knowing that a beauty is coming from a certain brand that

Upcoming Opel Monza is a Big, Smashing Secret Machine

There are all kinds of secrets in this world. Some are huge, like really too big to be hidden, others are not so huge and therefore, no one really cares about them. Then there are these secrets that are very well guarded, so that they don’t turn in to rumors. However, it doesn’t matter what

Full on Luxury, Full on Adventure, That’s Infiniti QX80 for You!

To keep repeating success is a great thing. However, it needs to have a different flavor, different attitude each time. There have to be some new accomplishments, some new talking points and some new attractions. That is when the miracle of repeating success gets a new charm. So, while a vehicle brand may have a

Are You Ready for Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015!

It is never easy to fill someone else’s shoes. There are so many things that make the task difficult. Firstly, there is already a set of expectations in place and you are required to fulfil them. And in the next step, prove yourself better than the one that was before you. It is no easy

The Smashing New Nissan 370Z Nismo 2015 is On Its Way

There are many things that don’t live up to our fancy, immediately. It takes a while for them to make an impression and win our hearts. And there is no harm, really, is there? In fact, it has been noticed that things that take time to settle in, are actually meant to top our list

Mazda CX-9 All Set to Conquer the Roads in 2016

In the vehicle world, some times one is not enough. In fact, even two is not enough. Some times, too many do the trick, which, actually sounds really great. After all, everyone who watches the motor world closely is always waiting for as many new entries as possible. It won’t be an exaggeration to say

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