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The swanky new Volkswagen Passat is an absolute winner!

There are some things that need not be reiterated because they are right there, staring us directly into our eyes. As you must have noticed, there are some vehicles that needn’t be introduced with fancy words and phrases. These vehicles are effortless winners, which are designed with such finesse that a look at them will

The all new Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2015 is an attention magnet!

They say that one can do anything but never hide their intention. It is ultimately true, especially so in case of vehicles. This wonderful, ever lively world of cars is always buzzing with new news stories and additions and inventions. And behind every new step that is taken, every strategy that is ever charted, there

Get ready to be awe-struck with the new Vauxhall Corsa 2015

Most people believe that no idea is original, not any more. They feel we are, in today’s world, only recycling old inspiring ideas in the fields of art, advertising and even fashion. Though, this is where we would like to add that motor industry isn’t any different. That is not to say that there are

Bated breath guaranteed for the new Ford Mondeo is not going to be long

They say good things take time; good things do not come easy and make us wait. But again towards the end of it, it is all worth the anticipation and all the anxiety that the wait causes. It holds true for many good things in life, and vehicles are just one of those things. As

The new Renault Espace is ready to strike, with looks and performance

There is nothing like new things in our life, isn’t it? The excitement, the anticipation, the thrill that they fill our hearts with, is simply unmatched. Be it a new house, a new relationship or a new machine. Talking about new machines, we have heard Renault has got something up its sleeve and this something

Amazement at its zenith with the upcoming Zenos 2015

Appreciation is a very tricky thing. Some times, it is so difficult to appreciate some thing. You look at it from different angles, perspectives, and still are doubtful whether you like a certain thing or not. Some times, it grows with time. It takes its own sweet time to settle and find its place in

Are you game for a new thrilling ride with Acura RDX 2015?

New is always welcome. Well, with few exceptions. So, when a thing promises to be new and offer something that we haven’t experienced before, we ultimately become extremely excited for it and this holds true for vehicles, specially. It is always a delight to watch out for the new comers with their amazing features and

OMG is what you’ll scream when you see BMW X6 M 2016

Certain occasions are very well marked in our memories. These occasions stay with us for very long and refuse to fade away. One such special or should we say exceptionally special occasion is going to occur in November 2014. If you have been following the motor world news closely you would know exactly what we

Get ready for the ultimate object of desire Porsche Cayenne 2017

There is never a dull day in our favorite world of machines. With every crack of the dawn, there is a new piece of story waiting to tickle our appetite for spice. Of course, we are not complaining. It is this spiced up world that we are all so fond of, it is this jazz

Let Grandeur be redefined with the upcoming Mercedes Benz GLB

Facts and figures aside, some times one has to rely totally on the gut feeling. Especially in times like these when there is a new update every second. And the motor world is always abuzz with news that is shocking, news that is amazing and news that thrills. What is one to do when there

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