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Nissan Resonance Concept Car

Since Nissan has released so many new as well as concept crossover SUV models over the past few years, it seems like the company is on a SUV spree. And if you were thinking that Nissan must now have been running out of ideas for designing and making new crossover SUVs, then you’re wrong! It

Nissan Takes On the Future

Fuel cell development is generating a lot of buzz in the automobile market. This technology involves generation of electricity by hydrogen and oxygen, with water as the only emission. Fuel cell technology could be a major breakthrough in the field of electric and hybrid vehicles. Nissan has collaborated with automobile giants like Ford and Daimler

Nissan On Sale: Leaf Prices Drop by $6,400

There has been a lot of speculation about the future of Nissan Leaf. Sales did not look good in 2012 and this did not bode well for the future of EVs in America. However, it looks like Nissan has taken a brazen step in order to boost sales and increase Leaf popularity. During the North

Mercedes-Benz Will Bring All-New SUV to Alabama Plant

Luxury auto brand Mercedes-Benz has big plans for the next decade. Recently, at a Daimler Group Annual Press Conference in Stuttgart, the company’s CEO Dieter Zetsche laid out the brand’s aggressive plan to introduce 13 new models over the next eight years. All of these vehicles will be completely new to the brand, with no

A Happy New Year for Audi India – It Sold 737 Vehicles in January 2013!

2013 has begun on a brilliant note for Audi India. It is reported to have sold a whopping total of 737 cars all over India in just the 30 days of January itself. This German luxury car manufacturer, which officially entered the Indian market in March 2007, has been steadily expanding its consumer base, thus

New Acrua NSX Concept Car

Several years have passed since the original Acura NSX was taken out of production and the US and Hong Kong market where it was sold. Honda now has plans of bringing the NSX back and it is surely going to be better than it ever was! Honda released a concept version of the NSX before,

Acura MDX Gets A Makeover

If you have been a fan of the beautiful 7-seater Acura MDX SUV, then we have some great news for you! The MDX is going under extensive makeover process and it is being said that it is not going to be anything near the old Acura MDX that we know of. Featuring a better engine,

Greatest Cars In Hollywood

Did you ever want wonder how the coolest and wackiest vehicles in movies and television stood up when put through a normal car review? Well…this infographic says it all! Credit goes to the creative minds at Created by AutoInsurance.US  

SUV Brand Jeep Touches All Time High!

The year 2012 was the golden period for Jeep, as the company broke its lifetime best sales records. Before 2012, the company used to look behind to 1999 when it sold 675,494 units. The year’s end provided the company with the boost that it needed before the expansion processes that it plans to carry out

Rolls Royce and Bentley to Get in an SUV Fight!

Yes, it’s true! We will soon be blessed with SUVs made and designed by two of the world’s classiest car makers – Rolls Royce and Bentley. Both of these brands are always counted among the best car makers of the world, but haven’t really contributed much to the SUV world. They usually produce luxury or

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