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2015 BMW X6: the Next Generation SUV

2015 is supposedly to be the year of BMW because to make it large in the futuristic SUV segment, the company is all geared up to hit the bull’s eye with its second generation 2015 BMW X6, which is being stipulated as the new version of its 2014 X6. After its arrival is Moscow Motor

2015 Toyota Prado: A Delight to Drive Cruiser

In 2015 Toyota is all set to hit the SUV market in the beginning with its Toyota Prado, which belongs to its land cruiser range and is produced by the Toyota Motor Corporation. Being an upgraded version of Toyota land Cruiser series, the all new 2015 Toyota Prado is completely redesigned to shed off all

2015 Nissan Terrano: A Great Innovation

If you are in for some innovation in 2015 then you should watch the all new 2015 Nissan Terrano, which in itself is a unique presentation from the car maker in which they have kept its design strikingly similar to Renault Duster but with amazing rear quality. The structure of the car has surely progressed

2015 Porsche Macan: An Ultimate Crossover

2015 Porsche Macan is a new crossover from Porsche, which has got its name from Indonesian language and the word means Tiger. Completely justifying its name, the Macan from Porsche is expected to be the best seller SUV for 2015 because of its powerful packaging and good looks. With the wheel base of 110.5 inches

2014 Nissan Xterra: Power Packed Off Roader

The changing times have made crossover SUVs the most sensible choice for today’s shoppers, but the craze for traditional truck based SUVs it still not over and that becomes clearly evident with the popularity of 2014 Nissan Xterra, which excellently qualifies to become a function over form midsized five seat SUV. The all new 2014

2014 Jeep Wrangler: Old Wine in New Bottle

With 2014 becoming the year of small to midsized SUVS, the emergence of 2014 Jeep Wrangler seems like a welcome relief. To begin with, it is a complete no nonsense vehicle and remains at its best to keep its tradition even when the pavement ends. The classic SUV from Jeep is powerful enough to climb

2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport: Improving Standards

Ever since Hyundai announced its 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, there has been a lot of buzz going around it. The first and the foremost thing that most of the reviewers noticed about Santa Fe Sport is its sharp styling along with the availability of plenty of advanced, standard and optional features. The pleasantly roomy

2014 Nissan Rogue: Fully Redesigned

With all the big names hitting on the small crossover market, the newly launched 2014 Nissan Rogue seems like a newcomer to many. The original model of Rogue is introduced by Nissan way back in 2008 and to make it competitive for 2014 market, Nissan has launched its 2.0 version of Rogue, which can easily

2014 Mitsubishi Outlander: The Underdog

To beat the competition in 2014, Mitsubishi has reintroduced its 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander with extensive redesigning and inclusion of several notable features like improved mileage, third row seat, nice and luxurious interior along with use of advanced technology in several features. Every SUV loves likes to root for an underdog SUV but to an extent

2015 Lincoln Navigator: Refreshing Comeback

Looks like Lincoln is in no mood to take the competition lightly in 2015 and to keep its stake high in the 2015 full size luxury SUVs market, they have come up with their completely restyled and upgraded 2015 Lincoln Navigator to reassert its position in the blooming full size SUV market. The inclusion of

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