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Ford Motor Company Reports Significant Cuts to Energy Use

On June 15, 2012, the Ford Motor Company released its 13th annual Sustainability Report. The report, titled “Blueprint for Sustainability: Accelerating Ahead”, highlighted Ford’s achievements over the past 12 months in various social, economic and environmental issues. The report outlines significant efforts by Ford in a number of areas including reducing carbon emissions by 8%

Statistics for Most Fuel Efficient SUV in 2012

  We have compiled data regarding the most fuel efficient SUV from the last 12 months. We have reviewed the fuel efficiency 141 SUVs from car makers across the globe running on standard engines – we ignored hybrid or electric data for the sake of this article (stay tuned for our analysis on hybrid and

Mazda Demio Launch Signifies Big Win for Japanese Government

On May 30, Mazda launched an upgrade to the Mazda Demio (the Demio is known as the zippy Mazda 2 in overseas markets).  The upgrade features sportier look with the addition of a rear spoiler, however, the real news is the enhanced fuel efficiency. In Japan, Japanese car makers have a real incentive to increase

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