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Cadillac Ciel Hybrid Convertible Concept

With a history of excellence in the luxury car market, Cadillac upheld its reputation on revealing the Ciel Hybrid Concept in August 2011. With a most appealing exterior and inviting, comfy interiors, this Cadillac concept model made quite first impression on the automotive world. And yes, the Ciel Hybrid Concept certainly deserves all the attention

Bentley’s Supersized Super SUV: The EXP 9F Concept

Bentley walks into the newly inaugurated ‘Super SUV’ market armed with its EXP 9F Concept. With the ‘F’ representing its Falcon like power, agility and masculinity, the new Bentley mean machine makes a strong yet staggering first impression. What meets the eye is the classic Bentley style matrix grille adorned with round headlights, but before

Tesla Goes Big with Wings! But Will Model X Take Off?

The age old tussle between a practical utility vehicle and a flashy sports car has finally been resolved! The answer to this flabbergasting question was unveiled by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk on February 9, 2012, amidst much hype and hoopla, in the form of the glamorous Model X Electric Crossover. A fairly conventional design modelled

Luxury meets Sensibility, Cadillac Style!

Does the teeming traffic in populous cities get to you?  Has manoeuvring through crowded streets become a constant headache?  Do the highly congested parking spaces infuriate you? The Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept has been designed as an antidote to all these modern day curses. At first sight, Cadillac’s Urban Luxury Concept makes you do a

Weekly Automotive Wrap Up – June 23, 2012 – BMW, New Bentley Speedster, Dodge Dart 2013, Nissan LEAF and More.

BMW Launch of i-Series in Rome. Luxury automaker BMW began its worldwide road show of the BMW i Born Electric Series in Rome this week. The road show will visit 6 cities in the next year including New York in November 2012. The i-Series are low impact environmentally friendly vehicles boasting zero emissions, an all

Jeep SUVs for 2012

We have just produced a new video showcasing the lineup of Jeep SUVs with some fun facts mixed in there about Jeep company. As with all the videos that we do here at, a lot of research went into the Jeep SUV video but we couldn’t include all of our research in the video.

Ford SUVs Video

Check out our latest video on Ford SUVs and Crossovers for 2012 and 2013. We have included images and information about all available models in this segment including the Ford Expedition, Ford Escape and Ford Escape Hybrid, Ford Edge, Ford Expedition, the Ford Explorer and Ford Flex. The video also contains some fun facts about

Audi Announces Release of Audi SQ5 TDI 2013

Audi has released details of the new and revised Q5 model, the Audi SQ5 TDI. It will be available for purchase at dealerships during the first quarter of 2013. The SQ5 TDI comes with a diesel engine and 2 turbochargers and rips a strong 313 horsepower and 479.42 feet of torque. It has a top

Weekly Automotive Wrap – June 14, 2012

This week was a busy week in the automotive world with the luxury car manufacturers soaking up a lot of the media attention, especially follow in the 2012 International Engine of the Year Awards held in Stuttgart, Germany. Mini USA Supports the U.S. Paralympic Team. Following Mini USA’s naming of the U.S. Paralympic Team as

Statistics for Most Fuel Efficient SUV in 2012

  We have compiled data regarding the most fuel efficient SUV from the last 12 months. We have reviewed the fuel efficiency 141 SUVs from car makers across the globe running on standard engines – we ignored hybrid or electric data for the sake of this article (stay tuned for our analysis on hybrid and

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