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Celebrities and SUVs!

Who doesn’t love a bit of celebrity stalking? We all have our favorites, stars, whose movies we love, whose teams we desperately root for and whose songs are always playing in our head. And crazy as it may seem, if we love a celebrity, we end up loving and aping their style which includes their clothes, shoes, accessories, cars and sometimes home furnishings as well!

And when you talk celebrity cars, the first car that comes to mind is the Cadillac Escalade. Yes, the same car that has starred in several movies, made appearances in music videos and shuttled celebrities from one event to another. Whether it is the luxurious vibe the Cadillac exudes or the awesome style with which it has been crafted, the reason it appeals to so many stars can be anything! Its sportiness combined with supreme comfort is perhaps what draws superhot stars like David Beckham, Kobe Bryant and Anna Kournikova to it.  Legendary stars like Andy Garcia, Teri Hatcher and Dennis Quaid also cruise around in the Cadillac Escalade. And if you thought SUVs were not for fashion heiresses, think again because Paris Hilton chose the Escalade to be her royal chariot!

The name Mercedes-Benz spells class and style. So it comes as no surprise that famous stars like Emma Roberts, Megan Fox, Kanye West and Joel Madden ride in a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon. This chunky car with its edgy style and design is also the chosen ride for Disney stars like Ashley Olsen, Hillary Duff, Ashley Tisdale, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Brenda Song. Its funky charm and exuberance adds a new dimension to their girl-next-door image. And it is not only female starlets who ride in a Meredes-Benz G-Wagon, the ever powerful Terminator of Hollywood; Arnold Schwarzenegger owns this car too. Other celebrities spotted riding this powerful SUV include pop princess Britney Spears, fashionista Nicole Ritchie, The Hills star Audrina Patridge and American superstar Joel Madden.

The next car on the list is as famous as the celebrities who drive it. The Range Rover, owned by over 100 stars in Hollywood alone, is one of the most loved celebrity cars. America’s most loved host and producer, Ryan Seacrest drives it, the sexy and talented Jessica Simpson owns it and Hollywood’s most beautiful Samaritan Angelina Jolie is seen riding in it. Exceptionally popular and infinitely stylish, the Range Rover is a definite winner among celebrities. You don’t believe us? Well, this is a car chosen by the great Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, any car appeals to them should simply be named the car of the century! Other celebs who swear by the class and opulence of a Range Rover are Michael Phelps, Aaron Eckhart, Jeremy Piven, Nicky Hilton and Paris Hilton. The most stylish couple in Britain, David and Victoria Beckham, also drive a Range Rover. And so does 007 Daniel Craig and the feisty Jennifer Lopez. Other Range Rover fans include John Mayer, Katherine Heigl and Keira Knightley.



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