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Check Out The New MG CS Concept Crossover SUV!

The Shanghai Motor Show that was organised recently seemed to have been quite a big platform for all companies to show off their new products and concepts, and MG couldn’t just stay behind! The Birmingham based company unveiled its beautiful MG CS Concept SUV car that is now counted besides the company’s other legendary models like the MG 3, MG 5 and MG 6. Being an off-road compact crossover, MG CS has surely caught a lot of attention at the Shanghai Motor Show, and is said to go under production really soon!

The MG CS seems to have derived influences from the MG 5 platform, and its shape is inspired by the upcoming models that the company plans to produce. The famous octagonal MG logo sits on a very narrow strip of the front grill which emanates from the headlamps of the vehicle. This designing pattern is seen in the MG 3 and MG 5 as well. The main grill sits below the narrow one, and adds to the overall look as well as air intake needs of the vehicle.

SUV makers seem to have been obsessed with adding something different and amazing to their products’ headlamps as was seen in the case of the Mercedes GLA Concept Crossover SUV. Talking of the MG CS concept, you will find multi-faceted ‘shard’ structured headlamps. These headlamps refract the headlights in an array of colours and shapes from the sides of the lights, but the beams coalesce later to form the company’s famous octagonal logo in the front! Pretty cool, right!?

Besides the amazing headlights, MG has also incorporated a number of stylish features in the exteriors of the vehicle, primarily to attract young people. The air vents in the front wings, concave door panels and blacked out A-pillars depict that the SUV draws influence from the amazing Range Rover Sport. Also, the sides of the MG CS look quite unique and add a sporty touch to the vehicle, making it look more aggressive and youthful. Unlike the Icon SUV Concept that the company unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show of 2012, the MG CS Concept looks quite modern and sporty!

Rumours have it that the company has already given a nod to the SUV’s production as the car is expected to hit the markets and the roads in 2015. There are many expectations from the engine that the model would feature, but we estimate that the petrol version would flaunt either a 1500cc or a 2000cc turbo engine and the diesel version would come up with a decent 1900cc engine. The production model of the CS is expected to arrive before the MG 5 SUV, early in the year of 2015 and is expected to carry a price tag of £15,000. It will be worthy to mention here that the company also plans to launch the production version of last year’s MG Icon SUV Concept by 2016. However, it is unclear whether the company will produce and assemble the new SUVs at its Longbridge manufacturing plant, which already produces the MG 6.

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