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Chrysler Group Reports Best October Sales in Five Years

Chrysler Group LLC is an automobile giant based in Michigan, USA and owned by Italian manufacturer Fiat. Chrysler manufactures and sells a number of different types of vehicles, and is well known for exporting its vehicles all over the world making it one of the biggest multi-national companies across any industry. The company’s activities and technologies are wide. It designs and produces vehicles and trucks meant for military purposes, as well as having developed efficient technology that incorporates hybrid fuel technology.

The month of October, 2012 proved to be a golden time for the company. Chrysler reported that they recorded the best sales of the last 5 years in the month of October! The storm stricken month of October proved to be devastating for a number of companies as Hurricane Sandy rammed the eastern coast of the country, however, statistics of the Chrysler group depicted a much brighter picture of the company’s best sales since 2007! The company’s sales had never crossed the mark that was set in October, 2007, but the month of October, 2012 proved to be the ‘golden’ October the company was hoping for. Moreover, the sales recorded in the year of 2012 were much higher than the sales recorded in 2011.

Statistics and sales figures:

Chrysler reported a total 10% gain in its sales as compared to the sales that were recorded in October, 2011. Almost all of the featured models recorded better sales. The rise in sales of passenger cars was found to be 18%, while commercial vehicles like trucks recorded a sales gain of 7%. If the sales of the whole year are considered, then Chrysler’s sales rose by a total of 23% this year as compared to the previous year. The percentage increase in the sales of passenger cars alone was an astonishing 43% and trucks saw a percentage sales increase of 15%. 2012 indeed seems to be the golden year for the Chrysler Group!

Let us now talk in the terms of the number of units sold. Chrysler’s total sales for the month of October, 2012 were as high as 126,185 units. The previous year was 114,512 in the same month. The total passenger cars and trucks sold this October were 38,455 and 87,730 respectively. Comparing this data with the October, 2011, we found that the sales increased considerably. The passenger cars and trucks sold in 2011 were limited to 32,582 and 81,930 respectively. Hence, the total sales rose by a total of 11,673 units. Out of these, 5873 were passenger cars and 5800 were commercial vehicles like trucks.

The most popular product of the group, the Ram brand also saw a huge rise in sales. The number of units sold of the particular brand in October this year was 25,609 as compared to 21,836 for the previous year, indicating a percentage rise of 17%. Other popular models also recorded heavy sales, making October 2012, the best October for the company since 2007!

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