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Come 2017, Sheer Beauty will be Out on Roads- Upcoming Chevrolet Adra

It is very difficult to say what cuts ice with people. Isn’t it! If companies had known what makes people thrilled about a product or services, then there life would be so much different. There would be no need for dipstick or any surveys because they would know that a certain product would work like magic. For instance, imagine vehicles that we all keep discussing about, so enthusiastically! Have you ever imagined what would it be like if all motor companies knew the kind of response their product will generate! It is totally going to a dream come true for in the motor world, half the time, even the most confident of companies gets a little apprehensive about success of their upcoming vehicle and why not! After all, it is only natural to get the jitters when you have invested so much in a creation that you hope it does well. However, only sometimes, you know deep inside of your heart that a vehicle will perform well. It doesn’t matter what you have heard or you know about it. The company it is coming from might not even matter in these cases, when you just go with the gut feeling. This is why when we saw the upcoming Chevrolet Adra compact SUV being showcased at the Indian Auto Expo, we knew that we could watch out for this one and very happily at that.

Now from whatever little we know about the upcoming Chevrolet Adra, it is going to be on Indian roads in 2017 and not any sooner than that. While that seems like a long wait, we feel that it is going to fuel the anticipation and thus, work in the favor of the vehicle. Who doesn’t want some fumes of rumors before their product enters the marked? Well, if people start to talk about this one even before this is available to be booked then we can safely assume that it will have many takers by the time it is available to be driven home.

Elaborating a little on the design front, the upcoming Chevrolet Adra can be said to be on the Amber platform. So, there are all chances that the Adra compact SUV will also have the company of a compact sedan and hatchback, too! We can also see some competition strengthening up there between the Ford Ecosport not to mention other SUVs that haven’t been launched just yet. The likes of Maruti Suzuki X4 Alpha are going to compete with it though there is no way to tell how much they will succeed.

We would love to throw more light on the details like engine and performance, we know how much you love to hear these great things, however, we have nothing more up our sleeves. All we can add is that a petrol and diesel variant will definitely be available for those who are waiting to watch some magic happen on the road after the upcoming Chevrolet Adra comes our way!

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