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Facelift Of 2019 Audi TTS Leaked

audi tts facelift (1) audi tts facelift (2)

We all know that Audi has been working on an upgraded version of the TT RS, but we were not sure that there will be some tweaks on the lower trim levels too. The leaked images from Autoblog of the mid-level Audi TTS showed that it will get revised front and rear fascias. Does it mean that we’ll see a whole new look for the lower trim TTS?

Up front, the most recognizable difference is the new grille insert. It now houses a mesh of oval-shaped openings instead of the multitude of slates we have seen in the regular models. Another element that has been changed is the addition of large silver scoops, which blend to the silver chin spoiler, to the outboard grilles.

At the back, the Audi TTS now have a pair of vents placed below the taillights. The crease that separates the bumper section now blends into the edges of the vents and the rear diffuser has been restyled, though it remains to have the same size as the current model. To add more shape to the car and better emphasize the changes in the diffuser section, Audi also added new silver accents. These also create a more unified and dynamic look as they blend with the silver-accented front fascia.

The leaked photos are official images from Audi, which gives us a slight hint when we will see the launching of this upgraded Audi TTS. Perhaps, during an auto show this fall? Based on what we have seen on the leaked photos, everything is superficial for now, which means we’re not expecting any earth-shattering changes for the interior and the powertrains.

Just like the TT RS we have seen testing, there’s a good chance that Audi will give this TTS a few more horsepower. Of course, any tweaks mean an increase in price and probably, availability? Let’s find out soon.


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