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Honda’s New Vision XS – 1 SUV Replaces Vezel!

The 2014 Auto Expo held in India a few weeks earlier saw a very large number of new cars and vehicles line up for display. Many companies of all statures brought their vehicles to the event and flaunted them to the Indian markets. Most of them, of course, had the Indian market on their minds while they were planning to bring their models here. One of these well planned models at the 2014 Auto Expo was the Honda Vision XS – 1 Crossover SUV concept. The SUV has been well planned for the Indian markets and roads, and also features some of the most modern accessories and features of the SUV World.

One thing to note about the Honda Vision XS – 1 concept is that although it is quite small and compact, it features a capacity to carry seven passengers at one time. Yes, it features a third row of seats as well! The concept SUV is very literally a living proof of Ford’s capabilities to fit in all that a local market requires in an appropriate amount of compact space. However, contrary to what one may assume, the interior space of the vehicle appears to be quite spacious and comfortable!

The Honda Vision XS – 1 is quite largely compared to one of the company’s previous compact suv concepts, the Honda Vezel. The Vezel concept SUV was not received very well by SUV lovers as critics. However, the Honda Vision XS – 1 concept is clearly a much more emphatic version of the Vezel concept SUV. As far as the looks of the Honda Vision XS – 1 are considered, it can be said to be a much sportier version of the previous Vezel SUV concept. It will be quite worthy of mentioning that the Honda Vezel concept was unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon, and might soon be seen riding the streets of the United States of America.

The technical specifications and features of the car are pretty much unknown to the outside world as the company decided to keep these details to themselves for a while. But as far as the build of the vehicle is considered, one can expect an in line 4 cylinder engines, with a displacement of around 1400cc. The engine would most probably produce a power of around 140 Horse Power and a torque of over 120 Nm. Acceleration statstics of the vehicle are expected to show that it will be capable of going form rest to a speed of 62 miles per hour (100 kilometres per hour) in 10.5 seconds, which is fairly good for a SUV like this one. The top speed is expected to be 120 miles per hour (193 kilometres per hour).

One of the unique things about the car is its doors. The SUV features sliding doors, which are seen only in vans so far. Also, Honda stated quite clearly that the  Honda Vision XS – 1 will feature the new “Exciting H Design!!!” that the company recently introduced. The three exclamation marks in the name stand for ‘High Tech’, ‘High Tension’ and ‘High Touch’.

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