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Jaguar F-TYPE Unveiled in Paris

All eyes were on the veiled magnificent beast which was soon to be uncovered for the world to see! It was an anxious moment for Jaguar Cars as its much awaited model was unveiled to the world at Musée Rodin, Paris, during the Paris Motor Show 26th September, 2012. The unveiling ceremony was truly elegant reflecting the elegant nature of the car. Jaguar managed to pull off a great event on  with popular singer Lana Del Rey performing at the unveiling! Indeed, the company knows how to promote their vehicles efficiently!

A brief description about the amazing car

The first thing anyone notices about a vehicle is its looks. The designers, who have done an excellent job, have maintained the traditional Jaguar look and they did not compromise with the car’s looks this time either. One will easily notice the typical Jaguar type front look of the car whilst the interiors are largely influenced by airplanes. The shifter looks just like a joystick, and controls are grouped as per the functions they serve. Going for a drive on a highway in the convertible Jaguar would be an experience that you haven’t had before ever!

Specifications that make it such a beast

The Jaguar F-Type is a two-seater car and comes in three different versions namely F-Type, F-Type S and F-Type V8 S. The base-line and the intermediate versions boast of V6 engines, while the high-end version is equipped with a V8. All of these engines are supercharged and give enormous energy outputs. If a 3000cc engine is okay for you, then both of the V6 models would work fine, but in case your appetite for speed and power isn’t fulfilled by that, the 5000cc engine of the V8 S model certainly would. Jaguar claims that the three models are capable of touching speeds of up to 260, 275 and 300 miles per hour respectively. The acceleration test shows that the base-line model needed 5.1 seconds to reach 60mph, the V6 S needed 4.8 seconds and the V8 S used just 4.2 seconds. No matter how much of a speed-freak you are, the F-Type will satiate your desire to drive faster!

The company has certainly taken a huge leap forward and has given fired a shot across the bows of its competition with the launch of the F-Type in the market. The amazingly powerful engine accompanied by the bold yet elegant looks make it one of the best convertible sports cars on the market. The metallic pouncing jaguar logo shining mightily on the car’s body says it all!

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