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Jaguar Land Rover Showcase Three New Luxury Models at LA Motor Show

We all drool over any vehicle that carries a metallic pouncing jaguar on its body, don’t we? Well, we might see some more of these beasts driving down our streets soon! This is because Jaguar has unveiled three more of its new products this year at the LA Motor Show, all at once! These three models were the XFR-S, the F-Type and the Range Rover. Standing in a much stronger position than before, Jaguar has certainly given a lot for car freaks to digest at one time!

Jaguar XFR-S

No speed freak can call himself one if he is not aware of the mighty features that the all new Jaguar XFS-R boasts. The company says that the XFR-S is the fastest sedan that it has ever produced. The 5000cc V8 supercharged engine, combined by an 8-speed ZF transmission leaves no doubts about that. The vehicle is capable of approaching a speed of 60 miles an hour within just 4.4 seconds. XFR-S will be launched in 2014, and would be on sale at first in the United States of America. It will come with an amazing 18 speaker music system, and very elegant interiors. What else did you expect? It is a Jaguar after all!

Jaguar F-Type

If you thought that the XFR-S is fast enough, then you might need to hold on to that! The Jaguar F-Type is a stylish 2-seater sports car which features unparalleled fastness and strength. It comes in three models, the higher one of which features the same 5000cc V8 supercharged engine that the XFR-S does. But the F-Type leaves the XFR-S behind in acceleration as it is can touch the 60 miles per hour mark in around 4.2 seconds! The engine is capable of thrusting the vehicle to an adrenaline-gushing top speed of 300 miles per hour! One amazing thing about the F-Type is that it is a convertible. Drive down any street, and eyes are sure to be only on you!

Land Rover Range Rover

The new Land Rover Range Rover is a four wheel drive SUV, and is just as beautiful as the previous models, but way lighter! It comes with a sophisticated aluminium body, which means that there is a loss of over 420kgs in the weight of the model. This means that the vehicle rides with much more stability and the fuel economy is also better. Featuring a 5000cc V8 turbocharged engine as well, the Range Rover can run up to a speed of 140 miles per hour. It takes 5.1 seconds to reach the speed of 60 miles per hour from rest, which is pretty fast for a SUV. The interiors of the vehicle are insanely amazing! What other adjective would you use for a 23 speaker system and twin LCD display?

Jaguar has made a strong and bold move against its competitors by launching these three beasts all at once! Los Angeles must have felt really lucky, for it got to see the unveiling of such mighty vehicles all in one go!

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